AT&T executives have said repeatedly they believe AT&T TV represents the future while DIRECTV represents the past. AT&T TV, an Internet-based service that comes with an AT&T-supplied set-top, offers fewer channels than DIRECTV but at a slightly lower price. But more importantly, according to AT&T, AT&T TV doesn’t require a dish or satellite receiver. That means that you can watch AT&T TV anywhere you have a decent Internet connection. In contrast, DIRECTV has been unavailable to millions of Americans over the years because the dish requires an unobstructed view of the Southern sky to capture the signals.

I published an article last week detailing some of the pros and cons of replacing DIRECTV with AT&T TV, and not surprisingly, it generated a large number of comments from DIRECTV and AT&T subscribers here and in e-mails to yours truly. The responses were mixed with many noting that the Internet isn’t available to millions of rural Americans, making AT&T TV worthless to them. But some echoed AT&T’s view that streaming will soon replace satellite so why not begin the transition.

I thought it would be interesting to post some of the more interesting comments here. As we watch the industry (and the two services), evolve, the customer comments might offer some guidance to how it will play out. – The new site for movie lovers.

Doesn’t See Much Improvement
“Seems like the only advantage ATT has is if you’re restricted from having a dish or obscured line of site. Price? Barely negligible, price per channel actually higher with ATT. Portability? Only if you want to Chromecast…at least when it was DTVNOW, not sure if ATT app has cast personally. DTV is more portable for RV folks especially if fast Internet isn’t available where they stop. An inexpensive android box loaded with DTV app eliminates the Chromecast issue and connects to any HDMI tv…even hotels. Can’t Chromecast ATT in a hotel unless you bring a personal Hotspot or have a laptop to create a virtual router.

Have had various ATT products over the years and either been disappointed and/or abandoned by ATT when they lost interest just like they have and are doing now since acquiring DTV…hello DTVNOW, now ATT TV, and splitting from DTV. Anyone remember ATT Broadband TV ATTBI back in the 90’s/early 00’s?” — ‘db2ning.’

Streaming Is the Future
“We are definitely moving towards streaming but you don’t lose any channels on AT&T vs directv except for the music choice channels and infomercial channels which is a plus. Btw AT&T is primarily a wireless company. So no matter what happens with TV AT&T is not going anywhere. N definitely not going anywhere with internet. In fact internet cus are growing faster than any company out there. Do your research! N customer service isn’t what it use to be bc of outsourcing jobs to foreign countries! Blame your previous government!! (Coming from a long time ATT EMPLOYEE) — ‘Daniel.’

AT&T TV Has Limitations
“Also you can only have 3 stream on AT&T tv playing at one time until like dtv you can have up to 8 on a genie 2.” — ‘Adam.’

Switched to Different AT&T Service
“Canceled my DirecTv which I had for 5 months less than the 2 year contract, paid the penalty no prob then I switched to the monthly AT&T TV Now service, $80/mo including my sports package and that is all we needed…local news and sports. We have the top tier COX internet service so hardly any dropped streaming even if we have 10 people using the internet at the same time….AT&T TV Now, Netflix….Amazon Prime….all we need.” — ‘Edzel.’

Not Happy With AT&T
“Cancelled DirecTV. Then they tell me Internet will go from $80 to $116 a month since I was no longer a bundle. Went to YouTube TV and very happy. Called AT&T Internet and told them I was going to Xfinity on the first day they raise my price. My 1GB AT&Tfiber is now $70/month.” — ‘Kelvin.’

Loyal to DIRECTV
“I love DTV and not switching!” — ‘Joanne Konders.’

Doesn’t Like AT&T
“I’ve had experience with AT&T ‘s previous effort here “DirecTV Now”. It was awful. The interface, the controls, the cloud “DVR” – all just utter garbage. Compare it to YouTube TV or Hulu and you’ll see how streaming is supposed to be done. Trust AT&T to make an absolute hash of anything it touches. Also, those that choose streaming over cable/satellite – be careful about bandwidth consumption and any limits your Internet provider has. Some of these streaming services are buggy and sometimes you are streaming even if you think you’re not. 1 TB from Comcast sounds like a lot – until you hit that in less than a month because something was streaming away all day, all night, every day. Generally, I despise AT&T pricing and customer service. We’ll have a little discussion in late October. I will tell them I’m getting ready to leave and they will either offer me (again) a fantastic discount on DirecTV for the next year or I’ll kick them to the curb. Either answer is fine and I think they can tell it in my voice.” — ‘Severian.’

Loves AT&T TV, But…
“I love AT&T TV but for no NFL or NFL RedZone. I’m forced to go back to SlingTV that does have these in the plan plus Sports package for $10 extra.” — ‘Carroll E, Gant, Jr.’

Afraid of AT&T
“If you are currently enrolled in a tangled AT&T wireless/directv plan and want to royally F your billing up — go ahead and swap from DTV to AttTv.” — ‘Carl.’

AT&T TV Isn’t User Friendly
“We’ve been on AT&T TV since spring. Compared to Uverse and TIVO, it’s like going back in time. It isn’t user friendly and lacks sophistication. Free HBO for a year and lower cost make it appealing for one year. We’ll probably buy out and cut the cord in 2021.” — ‘Don.’

Has Problems With AT&T & Internet
“The problem still is that millions of full time RVers and people in rural areas of the country have been totally screwed by AT&T. Talking with a customer service agent is like talking to a brick wall. I would not have anything that was attached to AT&T due to their business practices. They have totally screwed a huge part of the American public. DirecTV was the best TV service on earth and AT&T single handedly destroyed that. I had their internet service at our winter home and the internet was so bad you could not watch TV…” — ‘Jimmie E. Elkins.’

AT&T Is Terrible
“The answer is no. AT&T is terrible. We have Directv for thr NFL Sunday ticket. My daughter had U-verse, they forced her to AT&T tv. She has had nothing but trouble. Currently, Vizio tv are not able to broadcast AT&T TV. We have had Directv for 25 years and love it. The customer service went down hill when AT&T bought them out, but still have a satisfactory experience. But AT&T TV is nothing but ovepriced, poorly serviced experience. She is locked into for 2 years. She is using You Tube TV and finds the channel selection and quality much better.” — ‘Alison.’

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— Phillip Swann