Disney+ next month (October 2020) plans to add 48 new TV shows and movies to its lineup, including the premiere of a hugely popular Disney original.

The new titles will include the season two premiere of The Mandalorian (pictured above), the Disney original Star Wars series created by Jon Favreau (Swingers, Iron Man). The second installment will follow The Mandalorian and the Child as they continue their journey through a dangerous galaxy after the collapse of the Galactic Empire.

The first season of Mandalorian proved to be a big hit for Disney+, helping the relatively new streaming service generate more than 50 million paying subscribers in less than a year. Rottentomatoes.com, which tracks critical reviews, gave season one of The Mandalorian a score of 93 out of a possible 100 based on 34 reviews.

“Action-packed and expertly-crafted — if at times a bit too withholding — The Mandalorian is a welcome addition to the Star Wars universe that benefits greatly from the cuteness of its cargo,” the site states,. summarizing the reviews.

Also notable on Disney+ next month: The first four episodes of The Right Stuff, a dramatic series based on Tom Wolfe’s non-fiction book about the Mercury astronauts. (The book was first adapted in 1983 as a theatrical movie starring Ed Harris, Scott Glenn and Dennis Quaid.)

Here is the complete list of new titles coming in October 2020 to Disney+:

October 1

October 2
Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Cheaper By the Dozen 2
The Simpsons, season 31
Secrets of the Zoo: Down Under, season one
Mr. Holland’s Opus

Zenimation Extended Edition
Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, episode 102 – “Happy Birthday, Gino!”
One Day at Disney, episode 144 – “Pablo Rufino, Ride Show Technician”
Weird But True, episode 308 – “Our Solar System”

October 9
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Oil Spill of the Century
Wild Portugal
The Right Stuff, episodes 101-102 – “Sierra Hotel” and “Goodies.”

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, episode 103 – “Betty and the Beast”
One Day At Disney | Episode 145 – “Gabriela Clark: Creative Print Marketing”
Weird But True, episode 309 – “Cooking”

October 16
Disney Junior the Rocketeer, season 1
Drain, season 3)
Lost on Everest
Marvel’s Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United
Clouds, premiere

Meet the Chimps, Premiere
The Right Stuff, episode 103 – “Single Combat Warrior”
Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, episode 104 – “Meet the Mandrills”
One Day At Disney, episode 146 – “Alfredo Ayala: R&D Imagineer”
Weird But True, episode 310 – “Explorers”

October 23
Gathering Storm, season 1
India From Above, season 1
Marvel’s Super Hero Adventures, shorts, season 4
Pompeii: Secrets of the Dead
Ultimate Viking Sword

Once Upon a Snowman, premiere
The Big Fib, episodes 116-130
The Right Stuff, episode 104 – “Advent”
Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, episode 105 – “Aardvark Love!”
One Day At Disney, episode 147 – “Jason Benetti, Play-by-Play Commentator”
Weird But True, episode 311 – “Scuba Diving”

October 30
Disney the Owl House, season 1
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
X-Ray Earth, season 1
The Mandalorian, season 2 premiere
The Right Stuff, episode 105 – “The Kona Kai Seance”

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, episode 106 – “Peri’s Prickly Pregnancy”
One Day At Disney, episode 148 – “Dana Amendola: Disney Theatrical Productions”
Weird But True, episode 312 – “Camping”

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