DIRECTV tomorrow is scheduled to offer three different sporting events in 4K, including two college football games and a major golf tournament.

Starting the 4K day will be a college football doubleheader: Houston at Baylor and Tulsa at Oklahoma State. Both games are scheduled to start at noon ET. The Houston-Baylor game will be on DIRECTV’s channel 105 while the Tulsa-Oklahoma State matchup will be on channel 106.

The Tulsa-Oklahoma State will be produced by ESPN which normally does a live 4K event in ‘native 4K,’ meaning it will be produced on site in 4K as well as transmitted to pay TV providers in the format. Videophiles say that native 4K offers a more realistic and vivid picture than an upgraded 4K, which is what Fox does for live events.

Fox, which will produce the Houston-Baylor game, broadcasts the game on site in 1080p and then upgrades it to 4K for the transmission to pay TV providers. While an upgraded 4K picture is usually better than 1080p or 1080i, it can sometimes lack the detail and richness of color in a native 4K broadcast.

(Note: The Tulsa-Oklahoma State game will be available in high-def on ESPN while the Houston-Baylor game will be in HD on Fox.)

Update: The Houston-Baylor game was postponed late Friday due to Coronavirus concerns.)

DIRECTV tomorrow will also offer 4K coverage of the U.S. Open golf tournament from the Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, New York. The 4K broadcast, which will be on DIRECTV’s channel 104, will include play on three ‘featured holes’ each day of the tournament. The three holes will be the par-4 6th, the par-3 10th and the par-4 17th.

It’s unclear when the 4K golf broadcast will begin. You can consult your DIRECTV guide for more details. (Note: DIRECTV will also offer alternative high-def feeds in its channel 900s.)

Comcast is also providing 4K coverage of the featured holes of the U.S. Open, and might offer the two college football games as well tomorrow. As of Friday, the cable operator’s on-screen guide did not have updated information so consult your Comcast guide tomorrow for more.

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— Phillip Swann