Q. I read your story about DIRECTV offering a free preview of the Sunday Ticket this coming Sunday. But what about the streaming Sunday Ticket? I checked my eligibility and I am eligible to get it without DIRECTV. — Dave, Santa Monica, California. 

Dave, before I answer your question, let me offer some background on the online edition of the NFL Sunday Ticket, and who’s eligible to subscribe.

DIRECTV, which has the exclusive rights to the Sunday Ticket, sells one version to its satellite TV customers, and one version online. The online edition, which costs the same (basic plan starts at $293), is available to some non-DIRECTV subscribers. They include four categories: university students, people who can prove they can’t get DIRECTV at their residences, people who live in select multi-dwelling units (apartments, etc.), and people who live in select metropolitan areas.

That last qualifier — people who live in select metropolitan areas — includes non-DIRECTV subscribers in 29 select markets. Not every person is eligible in those 29 markets, but many are. You can check your eligibility here, and you can see more details about eligibility in those markets here. 

If you fall into one of the four categories, you are eligible to subscribe to the streaming Sunday Ticket even if you don’t have DIRECTV. Yes, you can watch all Sunday afternoon out-of-market NFL games without a satellite TV dish. (See this article for more information about the Sunday Ticket.)

And this is how you can get a free preview:

Go to the Sunday Ticket streaming page, and check your eligibility by inputting your address. If you are eligible, sign up for either the basic plan ($293), or the Max plan ($395). After you do, the games will be available to you this Sunday. But if you cancel within the seven days after your initial order, you will not be billed. This is essentially a seven-day free trial. (Note: The free trial is only available to people who are eligible to subscribe.)

The seven-day free trial continues throughout the season so you can hold off on subscribing now if you want. That might be a good idea considering an Coronavirus outbreak could delay the season at any time. You might want to see how the first few weeks proceed before signing up.

But it’s up to you. Either way, you can get a free preview.

By the way, DIRECTV also offers a free preview of its satellite Sunday Ticket.

Dave, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann