DIRECTV, Comcast and Dish have lowered the price of their 2020 MLB Extra Innings plans by roughly 58 percent with three weeks left in the season.

The new price is $37.50, compared to $90 at the start of the abbreviated season. Each team now has approximately 20 to 25 games left in the regular season which ends on Sunday, September 27. (The three pay TV providers cut their prices a week ago when there were roughly 25-30 games left in the season.)

MLB.TV, the league’s online package of out-of-market games, has also cut its price. The new price is now $24.99, compared to $59.99 at the start of the shortened season. The streaming plan also includes a single-team option for $19.99.

DIRECTV, Dish and Comcast all include MLB.TV for free in its Extra Innings offer.

In March, DIRECTV was selling the 2020 Extra Innings plan for $183, which was $5.10 more than last season. However, in March, the league suspended play due to the Coronavirus outbreak, leading to the abbreviated season which began in late July.

Comcast and Dish had yet to set 2020 prices when the season was postponed in March.

Despite calls for eliminating blackouts because of the Coronavirus outbreak, the blackout policy for MLB.TV and Extra Innings has not changed from 2019. You can not watch your home team’s games in market. To do so, you would need a subscription to a pay TV service that carries the regional sports channel that carries your home team, or invest in a VPN service which some have deemed unethical or perhaps even illegal.

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— Phillip Swann