Recent news reports have said AT&T is considering selling DIRECTV to a private equity firm such as Apollo Global Management, or perhaps to Dish, its longtime satellite rival.

It’s difficult to say how a relatively unknown investor company such as Apollo would fare as DIRECTV’s parent. But Dish has a long, successful, and controversial, history as the nation’s second largest satcaster. Therefore, the possibility that it could buy DIRECTV has generated mixed feelings among both DIRECTV and Dish subscribers.

Over the last year, I have written several stories about the likelihood that Dish and DIRECTV will combine forces, and they have elicited some fascinating opinions from satellite customers.

Some say Dish’s vast experience in the industry — and its maverick chairman, Charlie Ergen —  makes it the right company to return DIRECTV to its glory days. But others say Dish’s tendency to engage in lengthy carriage disputes could make subscribing to DIRECTV a frustrating experience.

Here are some of the highlights of the customer comments regarding Dish buying DIRECTV.

“I am ambivalent about a Dish/DirecTV merger. Both are lousy companies. I see Dish improving their channel options but at DirecTV pricing! There is no way this will be a customer win in the long term. Case in point…when AT&T bought DirecTV and destroyed a fairly decent company. Charlie Ergen (Dish’s chairman) will just corner more of the market, dig his hills in with negotiations, and the customer will still be on the losing end. My next stop, once I am out from my 2 year contract…HULU hear I come!” — ‘CMD’

Dish Wouldn’t Help
“As a former Dish Network Subscriber of 14 years I can honestly say that they would not help Improve Direct TV if they were to purchase the company. All Dish Network has done is drive away customers by raising the prices they charge and dropping the channels due to disputes with companies such as Sinclair Media, Comcast, and other channel providers.” — ‘Rich R.’

Doesn’t Like Dish Or DIRECTV
“If Direct merge with or dish buys it on think it will be any better. Both of them are really nor that great I’ve had or used Most of all of them. And they all a total rip off. My theory on the whole thing, they all are going under. It’s a time and season for everything and I
think this about to be over. It’s. to much streaming and other things up and
It’s probably on the way out.” — ‘Della.’

Dish Should Stay Out
“I had DirecTV when it was a stand alone company and the service/programming was just okay. After the company was bought by AT&T, the service went in the toilet, programming was a joke and the price skyrocketed, As a customer that left DirecTV in favor of Dish network, the idea of another merger is infuriating! If AT&T doesn’t want DirecTV…just let it go! Dish network shouldn’t get involved with DirecTV.” — ‘Denise Simpson.’

Loves Dish
“I dropped DTV in favor of Dish due to the terrible foreign customer service of DTV. I couldn’t be happier.” — ‘John Green.’

Merger Could Make Things Worse
“Except for sports, I rarely watch network TV, so an antenna does me no good. Pricing the alternative options, streaming ala carte, finding what I want in this that and the other streaming services, I find im going to pay more for less plus streaming is still nowhere near as dependable as satellite or cable.If I could have the best of Direct..(all the channels with much less loss of… combined with the service and pricing of Dish… WIN!, However i’m afraid what I’ll get is the worst of both…. NO MERGER PLEASE.” — ‘Thom Koshinsky.’

Dish Isn’t As Good As It Used to Be
“A DISH customer for 15 years, I have appreciated the English-speaking customer service and gratitude to faithful customers in the form of loyalty discounts. However, things drastically changed in the past year. Dish tripled my rate and ceased offering any discounts. Covid excuses aside, paying $80-100 for an insanely-named “Top 120” plus $12 for locals can no longer be justified….The fear is once everybody jumps on board, the streaming services will become arrogant and greedy like cable…but it is great to finally have real choices while it lasts.” — ‘Cloris Babb Ling.’

Wants Ergen Running DIRECTV
“At least if Dish took over Charlie Ergen knows the business inside and out. I’d vote for that sale.” — ‘Marti Bowland.’

Dish Is Fair, But…
“Please don’t merge Directv with Dish. Dish is fair with their customers. Directv is not . They over charge you. If you are forced to move to another location, They charge you extra more to move the service. I love my Dish.” — ‘Brenda Adams.’

Hopes Dish Buys DIRECTV
“I can’t stand Direct TV! It’s horrible…hoping Dish buys them out. Although I understand Comcast is more reasonable in price. They stated originally no commercials
What a joke! We were supposed to have been given a remote like Dish has where you can talk into it to locate the stay. I have never received one . Do NOT GET DIRECT…IT’S HORRIBLE. OUR TV WAS OUT AN ENTIRE NIGHT DUE TO TECHNICAL ISSUES. NOT RESOLVED FOR THE ENTIRE NIGHT!!! I REPEAT DO NOT GO WITH DIRECT TV!!!!!!” — ‘Sharon Corley.’

Satellite Radio Set the Precedent
“XM Radio and Sirius Radio were in a similar situation. They merged and it worked out. It should work for DTV and Dish.” — ‘Jimmy Wayson.’

Dish Might Restore Customer Service
“Maybe we can get Customer Service back if Dish takes Directv. I would bet customer service is the root cause of subscriber loss for DirecTv . I’ll love my Directv but hate dealing with CS. I would leave DT if I weren’t under contract because of a stupid program upgrade.” — ‘Rick Riley.’

Both Suck!
“I have had Direct tv for quite awhile and I love it. No matter what kind of weather it works. I had Dish before and they suck. One drop of rain and it goes out on you. Please don’t sell it to Dish.” — ‘Debra Flynn.’

Might Stay With DIRECTV Under Dish
“I have been a DirecTV customer since 1996, two years after it first hit the market. It had the best and most reliable customer service available. When at&t bought it all that went to hell and the bill skyrocketed. Things that were standard became a new tier package. If Dish buys DiresTv maybe I’ll change my mind about leaving them.” — ‘Christopher Eugene Love.’

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— Phillip Swann