AT&T has announced that it will add two diversity-oriented channels to DIRECTV and its two streaming services, AT&T TV and AT&T TV Now.

The channels are the Black News Channel and Cleo TV.

“AT&T is committed to delivering programming that meets our customers’ diverse needs,” Rod Thurn, AT&T’s executive Vice President and chief content officer, said in a press release. “We continue to build on our content offering and are very pleased to launch Black News Channel and Cleo TV.”

The Black News Channel, which launched last February, delivers 24/7 news on issues of interest to Black Americans. Beginning tomorrow, BNC will be available on DIRECTV’s channel 342. AT&T did not offer a launch date for AT&T TV and AT&T TV Now.

Cleo TV is a lifestyle and entertainment network that offer scripted and unscripted programming for millennial and Gen X women of color. AT&T said the channel will be added to DIRECTV and the two streaming services by the end of the year.

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— Phillip Swann