Q. I want to get Fox Sports Arizona without getting cable or satellite and a two-year contract. I was thinking of getting Hulu, but how do I know if I will get Fox Sports Arizona and the Diamondbacks in my lineup. Will it be available in my area? — Ted, Gilbert, Arizona. 

Ted, this is a common question for consumers interested in subscribing to a live streaming service such as Hulu Live, AT&T TV Now, Sling TV or YouTube TV. If you sign up, which local channels will you get? Depending upon your zip code, the answer is not always what you think. Plus, the live streaming services don’t all carry every local network affiliate, or regional sports channel.

Hulu Live, which offers almost 70 channels for $54.99 a month, does happen to carry Fox Sports Arizona (and Fox Sports Arizona Plus) in the Gilbert, Arizona area so you can watch the Arizona Diamondbacks games among other local pro and college sports.

The streamer also carries the four major network affiliates in the Phoenix area as well as Telemundo Phoenix.

You can see the list of Phoenix-based local channels available on Hulu Live by entering your zip code on this Hulu page. In fact, anyone can check which local channels you would get by inputting your zip code on that page.

Other live streaming services offer similar local lineup pages.

Here’s Sling TV’s local page.

YouTube TV’s local page.

AT&T TV Now’s local page. 

FuboTV’s local page.

Ted, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann