Is Charter Spectrum Raising Prices?


Q, I heard that Charter is raising its prices again. Is that possible? It seems like it was just last month when my prices went up. — Tom, Chincoteague, Virginia. 

Tom, I’m afraid you heard right. Charter Spectrum is raising monthly prices again on select programming packages and the dreaded ‘broadcast TV’ fee, according to multiple news reports. 

The cable operator says most subscribers will see the higher prices in next month’s bills. The broadcast TV fee will jump from $13.50 to $16.45 while the Gold, Select and Silver video plans will rise by $1.50 a month.

Charter last implemented across-the-board price hikes last October in most markets. But for consumers still struggling thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, this latest increase might sting more than usual.

The cable operator, as usual, blames the rising cost of acquiring programming, and there’s no doubt that programmers are increasing their carriage fees. But Charter, like most pay TV operators, continues to lose customers with rising prices cited by defecting subscribers as the primary reason

In a statement released to NPR, Charter suggested it might offer rebates for the loss of live sports during the pandemic shutdown to offset the higher prices. However, the cable operator offers no specifics such as dates or amounts.

“Programmers annually raise programming fees to deliver the same content, leading to higher costs across the entire industry. The increase we are passing through to viewers is a direct result of these rising programming costs. Similarly, we will pass through any rebates we receive from the loss of live sports during COVID-19,” the company said.

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— Phillip Swann


3 comments on “Is Charter Spectrum Raising Prices?”

  1. When is the FCC going to put “CAPS” on the Programmers ?

    and ELIMINATE “Broadcast TV Fees”

    The point of the FCC WAS to Protect the Consumer from “GOUGING”
    Sounds like the FCC Changed Course and decided to SCREW the Consumer
    What Happened ?

    Loosing Customers is NO Way to “MAKE” MONEY
    Look at AT&T

  2. It was congress that past cable broadcast act, I believe passed in 1993 that allowed television stations to charge cable operators, to pay retransmission fees to local stations. Also gave the big four networks NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX the upper hand to carry additional programing channels at additional cost ,for the right to carry their broadcast OTA networks. This is one reason cable became so expensive.
    This did not give subscribers any options of choice.
    The OTA Broadcasters NAB has a lot of influence over Washington DC politicians.

    Paul McCabe
    Milwaukee Wi

  3. Congress should CORRECT this Error.

    The Local channels make their Money from the Commercials.
    They always did and NO one was Paying DOUBLE.
    Just like the Antenna Customers do TODAY

    Now the LOCALS Collect from the Commercials and
    ALSO Get PAID from the poor Cable customers.

    They should NOT be allowed to DOUBLE DIP.

    SAME as ANY Cable channel.
    They Collect from One or the Other, NOT BOTH

    IF we are FORCED to watch commercials, NO Charge for the Channel
    NO Commercials, it could charge a “modest” fee for the show.

    Cable prices would go Down

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