Major League Baseball has decided to charge $59.99 for the 2020 edition of MLB.TV, which will feature a 60-game shorten season.

Earlier this year, MLB.TV was offering the 2020 season for $121.99, which was $3 more than last season. However, in March, the league suspended play due to the Coronavirus outbreak, leaving early subscribers uncertain how to get refunds or credits.

At its web site, MLB.TV still does not offer a refund policy for subscribers who paid the $121.99 prior to play being stopped. However, some early subscribers have reported receiving full refunds when they request them via e-mail or telephone.

Update: MLB TV Finally Issues 2020 Refund Plan

For $59.99, a MLB.TV subscriber can watch every 2020 out-of-market game on the 60-game schedule on 400 supported devices, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, computers, smart phones and tablets, among others.

In addition to the $59.99 plan, you can subscribe to a single team’s games for $49.99. However, local blackouts still apply, meaning you can only watch a team outside your market.

Despite calls for eliminating blackouts because of the Coronavirus outbreak, MLB.TV’s blackout policy will not change from 2019:

“All live games streamed within any MLB.TV product and available through the MLB App and any other location or device where MLB.TV is sold or available are subject to local and national blackouts. If a game is blacked out in an area, it is not available for live game viewing through MLB.TV. If you are an MLB.TV subscriber within an area subject to blackout, the applicable game will be available as an archived game approximately 90 minutes after the conclusion of the game,” the league states at MLB.TV.

MLB.TV is offering a three-day free trial. However, you will be charged if you do not cancel prior to day four.

“Please note this is a 3-day free trial of MLB.TV Yearly. You may cancel this trial any time during the 3-day window and will still have access to MLB.TV for the full 3 days. If you do not cancel, you will be billed on the 4th day for the full Yearly subscription price,” the site states.

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— Phillip Swann