DIRECTV, AT&T TV Raise Monthly Prices For New Customers


Despite accelerating customer defections, AT&T today raised the first-year monthly price for new subscribers to DIRECTV and AT&T TV. The company, however, has not raised monthly fees for its live streaming service, AT&T TV Now, nor for DIRECTV and AT&T TV’s existing customers.

New subscribers to DIRECTV now must pay $59.99 a month for the first year of its Select plan (155 channels), compared to $49.99 previously; $69.99 a month for the first year of its Choice plan (185 channels), compared to $59.99 a month previously; $79.99 a month for the Xtra plan compared to $69.99 previously; and $84.99 a month for the first year of its Ultimate package (250 channels), compared to $74.99 a month previously.

DIRECTV’s plans, which come with promotional freebies such as free NFL Sunday Ticket, require a two-year agreement. Starting month 13, the monthly rate goes to $85 a month for Select; $115 a month for Choice; $131 for Xtra; and $142 for Ultimate. AT&T did not raise the second-year prices for either DIRECTV or AT&T TV.

(Note: The monthly prices do not include miscellaneous fees such as taxes, the Regional Sports Channel fee, or equipment fees.)

AT&T has also raised the first-year price for AT&T TV, the company’s new Internet-based streaming service that’s designed to ultimately replace DIRECTV.

AT&T TV’s Entertainment plan has increased from $49.99 a month to $59.99 a month in the first year of the two-year agreement; the Choice plan has risen from $54.99 a month in year one to $64.99 a month; the Xtra package is now $74.99 a month in year one, compared to $64.99 a month previously; the Ultimate plan goes from $69.99 a month to $79.99 a month in year one.

AT&T last February lowered the first-year prices for new DIRECTV and U-verse customers by $10 a month in each plan. Today’s price increase removes that reduction for DIRECTV. (AT&T is no longer taking new orders for U-verse.) There was no corresponding price decrease for AT&T TV in February.

The telco today unveiled the new prices at its web site, and the web site, without a formal announcement.

AT&T has struggled to attract and keep subscribers to both U-verse and DIRECTV since assuming control over the latter in 2015. The two services have combined for a net loss of seven million subscribers in the five years since AT&T officially purchased DIRECTV.

AT&T has not revealed subscriber numbers for AT&T TV, which went nationwide last March after a trial in select markets during 2019.

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— Phillip Swann

14 comments on “DIRECTV, AT&T TV Raise Monthly Prices For New Customers”

  1. yes I have DirecTV and they told me my bill was only going to be $69 and they’re raising my bill from $69 up to $186 every time I turn around I am not going to pay them they are thieves and crooks they just want your money

  2. That’s a lie! It’s not just new subscribers. I am a current DirecTV customer and my bill has gone up from $169 to $189 a month and I had no idea why my bill has gone up again, until now! Thank goodness my 2 yr contract is over in Dec. I may even end it a couple months earlier and pay the $40 to do so!! I will never use anything AT&T again!!

    1. Prices for existing subs have not increased. If you have a 2 year contract, they go up starting in month 13. That’s not new.

  3. I’m not a new customer and it when I sign up they told me my bill was going to be less money and now it’s up to $186 I don’t think so if it keeps going up they can come and get the box and shove it where doesn’t shine

  4. why are you keep emailing me will you kindly please stop DirecTV is nothing but thieves and a crook they just want people with money by

  5. I dont know why anyone would want DTV? Ive had it for 20yrs now and its worse than its ever been!!! Its getting to be as bad as Spectrum and I thought Id never say that! The sun goes behind a cloud and no tv! It rains and no tv! Im about to find another company if thus continues!!!

  6. You are Correct, DirecTV Customer Service is HORRIBLE.

    But, your problems are NOT Customer Service, you have something wrong with your Hardware.

    Sounds like maybe the Dish has a problem. The sun behind a cloud will NOT stop the Signal Have you always had Rain Fade ? Maybe that is related to your Dish problem.
    Could be a BAD Dish, Cable, spliter, receiver, etc. ?
    Where do you live ?

  7. ending my service early. bill went from 69.00 to 160. beginning in July. customer service pits. redirected 5x last call I made. one number given was ” no longer in service”

    1. AT&T “LIKES doing that”

      If they DON’T treat customers BADLY,
      they would NOT get such HIGH Ratings for POOR Service.

  8. I fired Comcast 20 yrs ago for terrible customer service, and poor video quality. I chose DirectTV to replace them and have DirecTV today. When ATT bought Direct the customer service went to hell, the same way ATT ruined the Bell operating companies, in my case Bellsouth. Today it takes ATT 5 days for on site response to a dead telephone line, dead DSL, or a dead DirecTV LNA. ATT does not answer service calls on weekends. Yup. that’s right. Call the trouble number on weekends and the robot says they are closed.
    DirecTV rates keep going up, so do Taxes and the mandatory local channel fee and the Sports Fee we are forced to pay. I can get local channels over the air and don’t watch sports, but am forced to pay these charges. We pay $150 for many dozens of channels, but only watch 10. Its a rip off for sure. But that’s the way all the TV providers are.

    There is no real competition for either CATV or Satellite, TV in my area. Its ATT or Comcast. The same 2 only provide internet service in my area. 2 terribly run companies that donate to the communist Black Lives Matter, and are behind the liberal destruction of the family unit, are pro abortion, and for the Marxist destruction of the country. Yes, we pay for TV services, and the money goes to these Marxist groups.

    I have avoided making any changes in my ATT services and subscriptions because of the telephone sales reps adding services and plans without your knowledge, then finding them on your bill, and taking months to get the charges cancelled. My wife was a 37 yr employee of Bell then ATT and she knows of the tricks the ATT sales people pull on unsuspecting customers.

    Long gone are the days when the Bell system responded to trouble calls the same day, when you called you spoke to an American not a Pakastani, and no one ever added services and charges you didn’t ask for. The charges were regulated by the state PSC, and the service was top notch.

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