Despite accelerating customer defections, AT&T today raised the first-year monthly price for new subscribers to DIRECTV and AT&T TV. The company, however, has not raised monthly fees for its live streaming service, AT&T TV Now, nor for DIRECTV and AT&T TV’s existing customers.

New subscribers to DIRECTV now must pay $59.99 a month for the first year of its Select plan (155 channels), compared to $49.99 previously; $69.99 a month for the first year of its Choice plan (185 channels), compared to $59.99 a month previously; $79.99 a month for the Xtra plan compared to $69.99 previously; and $84.99 a month for the first year of its Ultimate package (250 channels), compared to $74.99 a month previously.

DIRECTV’s plans, which come with promotional freebies such as free NFL Sunday Ticket, require a two-year agreement. Starting month 13, the monthly rate goes to $85 a month for Select; $115 a month for Choice; $131 for Xtra; and $142 for Ultimate. AT&T did not raise the second-year prices for either DIRECTV or AT&T TV.

(Note: The monthly prices do not include miscellaneous fees such as taxes, the Regional Sports Channel fee, or equipment fees.)

AT&T has also raised the first-year price for AT&T TV, the company’s new Internet-based streaming service that’s designed to ultimately replace DIRECTV.

AT&T TV’s Entertainment plan has increased from $49.99 a month to $59.99 a month in the first year of the two-year agreement; the Choice plan has risen from $54.99 a month in year one to $64.99 a month; the Xtra package is now $74.99 a month in year one, compared to $64.99 a month previously; the Ultimate plan goes from $69.99 a month to $79.99 a month in year one.

AT&T last February lowered the first-year prices for new DIRECTV and U-verse customers by $10 a month in each plan. Today’s price increase removes that reduction for DIRECTV. (AT&T is no longer taking new orders for U-verse.) There was no corresponding price decrease for AT&T TV in February.

The telco today unveiled the new prices at its web site, and the web site, without a formal announcement.

AT&T has struggled to attract and keep subscribers to both U-verse and DIRECTV since assuming control over the latter in 2015. The two services have combined for a net loss of seven million subscribers in the five years since AT&T officially purchased DIRECTV.

AT&T has not revealed subscriber numbers for AT&T TV, which went nationwide last March after a trial in select markets during 2019.

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— Phillip Swann