Q. I heard that you can now watch YouTube in 4K on the Apple TV device. But I tried to do it this morning and I couldn’t. What’s up with that? How come I can’t get  YouTube in 4K?! — George, New Rochelle, New York. 

Calm down, George. You heard right, well, partially right. YouTube in 4K is coming to the Apple TV 4K device, but it’s not there yet. Let me explain.

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Apple this week unveiled several new features at its annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) including support (finally) for 4K programming on the Apple TV 4K.

It has been somewhat ironic (and frustrating) that a product named Apple TV 4K didn’t actually permit watching the massively popular video service in 4K. YouTube offers a large amount of programming in the format, including some eye-popping travel videos.

Apple’s new YouTube 4K feature was widely covered by the trade press, but many publications failed to emphasize that it won’t be added until this fall, leaving the impression that it was already available. Which it’s not.

The company did not offer an exact launch date for YouTube in 4K so we’ll have to keep our eyes and report back here when it’s officially added.

By the way, Apple also revealed this week that it will add multiuser support for gaming on the Apple TV 4K as well as HomeKit camera feeds (home security product) and picture-in-picture.

But, again, not until this fall.

George, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann