Q. I’m freaking out because I tried to log in to Netflix and they had the message saying they couldn’t find my user name or password. Is it possible that someone hijacked my account and they are using it now under my user name, but using my credit card? Please help me. — Lori, Albany, New York. 

Lori, calm down. This happens occasionally and it’s usually not the work of some evil hacker in Denmark.

For starters, I recommend that you try logging in to your account by using a different app or the Netflix web site. It’s possible that the app you are using is corrupt, meaning it’s no longer working properly.

Also, make sure you are typing in the correct user name and password. I hope I don’t sound condescending by saying that because we all type in the wrong information from time to time, particularly when we are anxious. You might even have a trusted friend type in your user name and password, just to be sure.

If those steps didn’t work, go to Netflix.com/loginhelp and select “I don’t remember my e-mail or phone.’ (If you do not see this option, recovery by billing information is not available in your region.)

Then, enter the first and last name on your account, as well as the credit or debit card number you have on file with Netflix. Then, select Find Account.

Your account should then appear on screen. If it doesn’t, Netflix advises that you contact them for immediate assistance. You can chat online with Netflix by scrolling down at the end of this page.

Lori, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann