Disney+ this week plans to add nine new TV shows and movies to its streaming lineup, including five originals.

The new titles will include Artemis Fowl (pictured above), a Disney+ original movie which stars Ferdia Shaw as the descendant of a long line of criminal masterminds who must save his kidnapped father, played by Colin Farrell. The cast also includes Judi Dench and Josh Gad.

Artemis Fowl was originally slated to debut in movie theaters this year, but was shuttled to Disney+ due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Kenneth Branagh, who directed the film, explains it like this:

“Hopefully a satisfying account of how a guy who does not know about magic or the workings and secret business practices of his father, has to go through a story that puts to him the idea: does he think being villainous is good? A criminal? All of these sort of grownup things that the story is forcing him to embrace,” he tells Total Film.

Also notable this week: Episode 107 of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, a Disney+ original docuseries on the making of the show.

Here is the complete list of new titles coming this week to Disney+:

Friday, June 12
Mighty Med (S1-2)
The Liberty Story
The Story of the Animated Drawing
Walt & El Grupo

Disney+ Originals
Artemis Fowl
It’s a Dog’s Life with Bill Farmer Episode 105 – “The Surfing Corgi & Bee Dogs”
Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian Episode 107 – “Score”
Disney Family Sundays Episode 132 – “Winnie the Pooh: Bag Toss”
One Day at Disney Episode 128 – “Scot Drake: Imagineering Creative

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— Phillip Swann