Q. I have HBO through Hulu on my Roku and I am supposed to get HBO Max, too. But I can’t seem to find the extra programming that everyone is talking about on HBO Max like Friends. What am I missing here? — Christi, Taos, New Mexico. 

Christi, welcome to the confusing world of HBO Max.

As you know, you can watch the regular HBO channel on your Hulu app. And your subscription to HBO through Hulu gives you access to HBO Max as well.

But this is where it gets complicated.

You can’t watch HBO Max on Hulu. That’s right. You have to download the HBO Max app which a separate app from Hulu.

And, as you probably guessed by now, the HBO Max app is not available on Roku. (Or Amazon’s Fire TV, either.) So there’s no way for you to watch HBO Max unless you use a different streaming device such as Apple TV, Android TVs and iPhones and iPads. (To see the complete list, click here.)

If you do use one of those supported devices, you can then access HBO Max using your Hulu user name and password.

By the way, this is also the case for YouTube TV subscribers. While the live streaming service supports HBO Max, you can only watch it by downloading the HBO Max app, not by using the YouTube TV app.

HBO Max has an abundance of programming, including the traditional HBO lineup, and popular non-HBO titles such as Friends, Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory (pictured above) and Turner Classic Movies.

But until these types of technical obstacles are overcome, I suspect many viewers will choose instead to invest in more reliable streaming services.

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— Phillip Swann