Q. I’m the kind of guy that if something isn’t in 4K, I don’t want to watch it. So will HBO Max be in 4K? Will they have any shows in 4K? And if they are in 4K, will it be 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range)? — Bob, Prince Frederick, Maryland. 

Bob, as you know, HBO Max is scheduled to launch tomorrow (May 27) with a catalog of HBO’s regular programming coupled with non-HBO fare such as Friends and The Big Bang Theory.  The cost is $14.99 a month, although you can still get it for $11.99 a month if you act fast. )

But will any of HBO Max’s lineup be available in 4K?

Not likely. Not at launch anyway.

For starters, AT&T has not been a enthusiastic supporter of 4K. The company’s AT&T TV Now does not offer 4K (although AT&T promised it would when it launched) nor does AT&T TV or HBO Now. (If you’re confused by so many AT&T-owned TV services sounding alike, you’re not alone.)

DIRECTV, also owned by AT&T, does offer 4K, but it did so prior to its purchase to AT&T in 2015.

When asked a month ago if HBO Max would offer 4K, AT&T offered a vague promise that it would be available at some point.

“4K HDR is a part of the HBO Max product roadmap but we don’t have any additional information to share at this time,” a company spokesperson told Reviewed.com.

That is very similar to what AT&T said when asked whether AT&T TV Now (originally known as DIRECTV Now) would have 4K programming. In fact, the company said in 2017 that 4K would be added in early 2018, but it never was, and it’s still not there today.

So don’t hold your breath for 4K on HBO Max. It might happen someday. But then again, it might not.

Update: HBO Max is not available in 4K at launch. 

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— Phillip Swann