Sling TV is now giving Showtime, Starz and Epix for free for 30 days to new customers if they sign up for the service’s base package.

The live streaming service owned by Dish has two base programming packages starting at $30 a month. Blue features more than 50 channels including live network feeds in select markets as well as several Fox channels. Sling’s Orange plan includes ESPN and more than 30 cable networks.

The three premium channels would normally cost $24 a month if they were purchased as a bundle in addition to a base plan. (Showtime is $10 a month; Starz is $9 a month and Epix is $5 a month.) If a new Sling TV customer does not cancel any or all of the three services after the 30 days, they will be charged those monthly rates.

The free offer, which Sling is calling a ‘Premium Pass,’ also extends to existing Sling customers who are within 30 days of their bill due date.

“Summer blockbusters have a change of location this year – our living rooms. Instead of the traditional Friday night at the movies, Sling TV is giving new and existing customers the option to make every night movie night with its new Premium Pass,” the streamer says at its web site.

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Pictured: Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, which is now available on Starz.

— Phillip Swann