Has AT&T Kept Its Promise to DIRECTV Subscribers?


Q. I’ve had DIRECTV for a long time and I remember when AT&T took it over that they made a bunch of promises. Curious if they actually kept those promises. Can you look them up and see? — Teresa, Dunkirk, Maryland. 

Teresa, you have a great memory. On July 24, 2015, the day AT&T completed its acquisition of DIRECTV, it posted a statement that promised both DIRECTV and U-verse customers that it would adhere to certain policies under the new company.

At the time, there was considerable discussion on social media sites that AT&T would dramatically alter the way both TV services had operated in recent years.

So, nearly five years later, has AT&T kept its promises? Let’s look back at some of the more salient pledges from that July 24, 2015 statement. I will offer a few comments under each one, but I would like to get your thoughts as well in the Comments section below. (Note: AT&T’s promises/questions are in bold below while its answers are in italics.)

Why is AT&T buying DIRECTV?
“So we can offer millions of people more choices for video entertainment on any screen from almost anywhere, any time. Think about TV everywhere, any time and on any screen, and the value and convenience of simple, integrated packages of TV, mobile and Internet services. No one else can deliver what we can. We’ll now be able to meet consumers’ future entertainment preferences, whether they want traditional TV service with premier programming, their favorite content on a mobile device, or on-demand video streamed over the Internet to any screen.”

For DIRECTV customers, I would submit that AT&T has largely fulfilled this objective. The satcaster allows subscribers to watch most of their favorite channels on multiple devices, including televisions and smart phones. Of course, there is nothing particularly novel about this feature as it’s available on nearly every pay TV service.

Will my existing TV services (DIRECTV or AT&T U-verse) change as a result of this acquisition?
“No, your existing services will not change.”

That is a very broad question, but there’s little doubt that DIRECTV and U-verse have both changed considerably over the five years, and not for the good.

By all measures, the satcaster’s customer service has declined dramatically. DIRECTV has also ceased to provide new technology innovations, and its one-time status as a sports leader has diminished due to AT&T refusing to carry several new sports channels. (AT&T did recently finally agree to carry SportsNet LA, six years after its launch.)

AT&T’s new approach has contributed to DIRECTV losing several million subscribers since the 2015 purchase.

As for U-verse, in 2018, AT&T eliminated its web site which enabled subscribers to stream their channels and make programming and billing changes. In addition, the company is no longer taking new orders for U-verse, a strong suggestion that the service’s days are numbered.

Will my TV channel lineup change?
“No, we will not make changes to your TV channel lineup as a result of this acquisition.”

Over a five-year period, there will always be some changes to a channel lineup. But I would say there’s been relatively little disruption. The biggest change has been AT&T’s decision to be tougher in carriage negotiations with the networks which has led to some short-term blackouts.

Will this deal cause my current TV package prices to go up or down?
“We will not increase prices as a result of this acquisition. We are committed to giving customers the best value and service. In fact, in the coming weeks we will introduce new offers featuring greater value and convenience, and new levels of integration – across our TV, mobile and Internet services.”

This is the biggest whopper. AT&T has raised prices every January for both DIRECTV and U-verse since the 2015 acquisition of the former. The company could argue the price hikes are necessary due to escalating programming costs. But AT&T knew that the costs were rising when it bought DIRECTV.

The company could contend that prices did not rise “as a result of this acquisition,” meaning the purchase itself did not contribute to the increases. But the company certainly left the impression with many subscribers that prices were not going up for any reason.

Will I get to keep NFL Sunday ticket on DIRECTV?
“Yes, NFL Sunday Ticket will continue through DIRECTV. You will continue to get every out-of-market NFL game, every Sunday afternoon, on any screen — TV, mobile devices or PCs.”

AT&T has kept this promise despite recurring news reports that the NFL might opt out of its exclusive agreement with DIRECTV. The current deal is set to expire after the 2022 season.

Will DIRECTV customers get access to special TV content on AT&T wireless phones now?
“We look forward to delivering more video content options over multiple screens, including wireless devices, tablets, laptops and computers. We will share updates on new services as soon as we have them.”

AT&T has dabbled with mobile-only TV services, such as AT&T Watch, but there has been nothing ‘special’ for DIRECTV customers.

Will my U-verse TV service eventually be replaced with DIRECTV service?
“U-verse TV customers can keep their award winning U-verse TV services.”

U-verse is still in business so promise kept. So far.

Bottom line: I would give AT&T a mixed grade for keeping the promises made on July 24, 2015. DIRECTV and U-verse retain the same look and feel of five years ago, but both services have suffered from AT&T’s strategy of investing more time and money in new streaming services, such as AT&T TV, AT&T TV Now and HBO Max. The company clearly believes that streaming is the future, which continues to perplex observers as to why it bought DIRECTV in the first place.

And as for its pricing pledge, well, the company has raised prices five times since the acquisition. ‘Nuff said.

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— Phillip Swann

73 comments on “Has AT&T Kept Its Promise to DIRECTV Subscribers?”

  1. You nailed it. Prices went up, channels mostly unchanged but customer service is just awful. I had to call last week and cancel a genie mini. I talked very slowly and repeated myself several times so they didn’t cancel my entire service.

    I feel for those Filipino workers but I need someone who speaks English first.

    1. Complete agree I wanted a list of all the channels I receive NEVER AGAIN 3 hours later and 4 transfers later found US representative of Direct TV saidif I want to speak to reps in the United States after the menu stops state disconnect they send you to the retention department here all us reps try to save you from leaving DirecTV always go there

    2. I had the same experience as you. Directv once had the best customer service I ever dealt with. Now, I dread calling them.

    3. Richard Watson – att sent out a card stating my equipment was outdated. There will be no change in cost of service. I updated my equip and the service went up 33% Seven months later I switched to an honest provider, for my old service cost. Very happy with them. Att charged me $150 early termination fee after 19 yrs service and $133 for a month that I had no service.There should be a class action suit against them. Yes, they did turn me for collection.

      1. When are we going to start a Class Action Suit ?


        But get a Honest Lawyer.

        DON’T count on Ajit Pai (FCC IDIOT) for any help

    4. I loved Direct tv before the take over, it was a great company, now AT&T has made it horrible and the prices are way too high and poor service. AT&T should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Other services have raised their prices yearly also. As for Sports Net LA i didn’t think they could get it until recently. They added ACC Network, others have not.
    My picture quality has not suffered and they are still the leader in Sports Programming. They certainly are not perfect and customer service leaves much to be desired but I must say they have pretty much kept their promise.

  3. Bottom Line: AT&T has Decreased the Value of DirecTV.
    July 24, 2015 kinda reminds me of 911, NOT a fun day in History
    Over 6 Million customers (so far) will testify to that.

    Prices went UP, Customer Service has all but Disappeared,
    Programming has NOT changed for the Better.
    The WEB “sites” are very difficult, if NOT impossible to use.

    DirecTV “USED” to have a site where you could “Easily”
    LOOK at what channels were in each package.
    I can’t find it anymore.
    How is a customer to know what is in his Package ?????

    Kinda like having a car with-OUT a speedometer.
    How fast am I going.
    You AIN’T going to get it out of India or the Philippines.
    AT&T likes to keep you guessing,

    Remember DirecTV “USED” to ADD channels to your package.
    There has been very little changes since 7-24-15

    Will my TV channel lineup change?
    “No, we will not make changes to your TV channel lineup as a result of this acquisition.”

    If AT&T would ADD channels to it’s popular package
    the “SELECT” package, (a Totally NON-sports Package)
    it might keep customers. There are Millions of customers
    who HATE Paying for channels they NEVER Watch (SPORTS)
    and subscribe to the “SELECT” Package

    It took the Corona-Virus to get AT&T to ADD channels
    (Temporally) that SHOULD have been there in the first place.

    DESTINATION AMERICA, DIY, FYI, GSN, Lifetime Movie Channel,
    OWN, Science Channel, SUNDANCE, Travel Channel,
    Great American Country, THE REAL WEATHER CHANNEL.

    These Channels are NON sports channels
    and SHOULD be in the “SELECT” Package.

    Another BIG Mistake is AT&T Charging “some Customers”,
    especially their OLD customers for HD (High Definition)
    Very few customers Don’t have HD TV’S
    That is like AT&T MILKED the EXTRA Charge for Touch Tone
    WAY past it’s introduction period on the Phone bill.

    As for U-Verse, it was always the WORSE idea for TV distribution EVER.
    Finally AT&T admits it does NOT work well.
    STUFFING HIGH Definition TV, HIGH Speed Internet and (2 Phone Lines)
    on an OLD kinda twisted pair of wires does NOT cut it.
    The (1 Pair) wire was designed for a single phone line.

    AT&T claim that customers will be able to Watch TV on a Postage Stamp.
    That idea was tried by Qualcomm when they First came out with the CELL Phone.
    They abandon that idea soon after launch. NO one was interested.

    AT&T has dabbled with mobile-only TV services, such as AT&T Watch,
    but there has been nothing ‘special’ for DIRECTV customers.

    It would be interesting to know how many viewers watch TV on their cell phones.
    It uses UP Data like a Hurricane, is hard or impossible to see the picture,
    and gives you Arm Cramps holding the Cell phone.

    Makes people Ignore each other, and can cause BAD accidents or DEATH.
    Trying to look at your CELL TV and walking into an OPEN man Hole,
    walking into a Tree or getting Run Over by a Bus.
    WHY would anyone want to give up their BIG screen TV for this Painful TV experience ?

    Anyone have a DATE when AT&T will give us BACK our GOLD Standard TV service.
    (Date when they will sell DTV to someone who knows what the customer wants)

    AND WHEN the Customer Service will come BACK to the USA or Canada
    with “ENGLISH Speaking” Reps

    1. If you have att cell service AND you went ahead and got DirecTV anyway? Well, it’s your own damn fault. Att did to DirecTV what they did to their cell service but with all the stupid games of billing and out sourcing their customer service to freaking Saturn.

      1. Den,

        I had DirecTV WAY before at&t Bought them.
        The GOOD OLD Days. WAS the GOLD Standard of TV.

        I had never heard any comments about the CELL service before your comments.
        NOT surprised it also went South.
        WHY do the poor fools keep at&t CELL service ????
        ANY other CELL provider is Light Years AHEAD of at&t in Service.

        I do know from past personal experiences
        the at&t LAND LINE division also WENT to Saturn.
        Call (800) 288-2020 This IS the number Printed on at&t’s LAND LINE Bills.
        You will get a division of at&t that knows NOTHING about LAND LINES.

    2. I watch on my phone when I am away from home and they ruined that by not allowing you to access your DVR. They prefer to back burner Directv instead of selling it. Instead they push their own set top crappy service.

  4. AT&T is not now and never has been a customer centric enterprise. Anyone who does business with them is doing so at their own risk. AT&T in my opinion,
    is number one at exploiting customers, contractors and employees.

    1. I’m being charged for a sports fee,, I do not watch sports I hate sports but yet I pay for it every month and extra $10 on top of my bill,, I’ve been promised that my rates will not go up and they’ve gone up three times since I come on board….

      1. Change to the “SELECT PACKAGE” it has NO sports and NO SPORTS FEE

        Normally you will NOT get these channels:

        DESTINATION AMERICA, DIY, FYI, GSN, Lifetime Movie Channel,
        OWN, Science Channel, SUNDANCE, Travel Channel,
        Great American Country, THE REAL WEATHER CHANNEL.

        These channels are in the “HIGHER Packages” that include Sports and the Sports FEE

        But you WILL get most of NON sports channels.
        about 155 including Music Channels.

        Note: Right now DirecTV has ADDED ALL Non sports channels in the “SELECT Package”
        as a courtesy because of the corona virus

    2. I agree. Years ago I got rid of my land line because of AT&T. When I herd they were buying Direct Tv I hoped for the best but expected the worst and AT&T didn’t disappoint on that. Prices went up. There was no grace period on your bill. Direct tv worked with us bc our due date was way off from my payday and they were happy to help. AT&T couldn’t shut you off fast enough. Literally on the due date at midnight there went all my programming. Tried to call and talk to someone and not to be rude but I couldn’t understand anything they were saying. I think they said they were in India. I felt bad, because I finally had to say that I was sorry that I couldn’t understand them. Very disappointed. One good point I guess, is that our dish was shut off for over a week and no one in the house even noticed until football. I was able to find places to stream the games and now instead of paying around $400 a month for AT&T I can use places online and get all I need for a little over $100 and I can do better than that as soon as I decide who I want to do the streaming thru.

    1. What about the 4K lie. Only certain things on certain channels and of course the pay per view movies. I was told long time ago most channels would be 4K, another lie.
      Customer since 1996, and they don’t care. No loyalty to me!!!

    2. No.. They have NOT. I NEVER received my At&t $100 gift card when I signed up. The price they quote for your service is always HIGHER. As soon as my contract is UP, I’m cutting the cord…permanently!

    1. If you live out in the country with no other options other than satellite internet, look into viasat internet. Good satellite internet from what I have heard from directv customers. I’m a directv technician.

  5. They have lied about everything to keep our business. That’s why I’m getting another provider.

  6. We received no notification that ATT had purchase DirecTV. The first notification came when I received a late payment notice from ATT for Cable TV service. I almost ignored it because I didn’t subscribe to Uverse TV. Heck, that isn’t even available in my neighborhood. Fortunately I called the service number (good luck finding that on their website, by the way). After much arguing about the fact that ATT doesn’t provide my cable service they finally informed me that ATT purchased DirecTV. After more arguing, they dropped the late fees. Then the billing problems started. Even though ATT was now my cable provider, they didn’t change my account number, so it didn’t occur to me that there would be a problem with the direct payment from my bank account. After more arguing and refusing to pay late fees, they fixed the communication problem with my bank…that they caused. Then the DVR quit working. After three separate visits from technicians (for which I had to take a half day off of work each time and they tried to charge me $100 each time) where they would get things working for the next 12 hours before it crashed again, one of the tech’s figured out that my grandfathered DTV channel package that I had for 20 years and was guaranteed to keep was causing the problem. Turns out the channel package was so old that it confused the system and rendered the DVR useless. I had to threaten to leave DirecTV to get them to admit that I shouldn’t have to pay for $300 worth of tech visits for a problem that they created. I had to threaten again to get them to come up with a channel package that was sorta similar to the one that turned my DVR into a brick. The result: a slightly crappier channel package for more money. I should be grateful though because I still get all of those awesome shopping and church channels.

    All of this comes with the most horrific customer service ever. DirecTV was fantastic. The support phone number was prominently displayed on their webpage. Whenever I called, they would review my previous history, call me by name and (horrors!) be helpful. ATT, on the other hand…Just try to find the customer service number on the website. It can only be found in microprint on your invoice. Then the support personnel have no access to records of your previous service calls, so you have to go through the service history over and over. Then they don’t believe your side of the story until you threaten to end your service at which point you are placed on hold for a half hour while they move the service call up the foodchain to someone that has the authority to actually look at your service record. Then if there is a dispute on the fees you are charged by the service department, there is another half hour wait while they send you to the billing department where you start the process again. This is repeated with every call to the service center. Lather, rinse, repeat. It took me 6 months of weekly calls to resolve the issues in the first paragraph. I probably had to repeat the service history 20 times. They never remembered promising to waive service fees.

    Why do I stay, you ask? It is the only service available at my house. Not my neighborhood. My house. All my neighbors have choices except for me because I have the honor of being just beyond end of the cable line. Fiber optic for internet? Oh no. That would cost ATT too much to extend because there just aren’t enough customers. Fix the faulty junction box a block away. Let’s see…. No.

  7. We live in Washington state and have had the east coast feed for 15 years now it’s coming to an end. Which is bull .. the excuse is congress…figured.

    1. We live in Virginia and started out with NY and LA channels. Even with DTV, we had to pay extra for local channels. We did get accustomed to having the West and East Coast channels and used them. And then they disappeared. Our cost was not reduced. In fact, as others have stated, our bill went up when AT&T installed wonderful new equipment — which WOULDN’T increase our bill, they said. We submitted an address change for the account at a rental cabin so the bill would come to our house. AT&T determined we were moving the service, and so began a six-month battle to get the $200 charge off the bill. Before we learned to go directly to the Loyalty Department, we also experienced hours of transfers, repeated explanations, and difficulty understanding the CSRs.

  8. This is so wrong since AT&T toke over my bill keeps going up every 3 months, I was only paying $120.00 now I pay $180- $236. I have to call and ask for discounts.

  9. DirecTV pricing and customer service was soooo much better before AT&T took them over. Since the buyout, DirecTV has significantly diminished in the aforementioned areas. The service hasn’t been as good either. Seems like DirecTV’s reception was much better before the merge of the two providers.

  10. Directv was very customer oriented, very negotiatetable. Since Att have acquired Directv, prices have climbed dramatically, can never get to speak to an American etc, etc.
    I‘Ve cut the cord with AT&T phone. Next step in the near future is to do the same with Directv.
    I simply cannot afford them any longer…
    What a joke they are😡

  11. I have had Direct-Tv for about 15 years. The customer service is terrible. It takes forever to replace equipment. The signal is weaker. I can no longer watch my DVR remotely. Let’s not talk about the picture freezing issue. If Sunday ticket goes so will I.

  12. You said they haven’t changed the TV channels….they’ve actually dropped quite a few channels along with raising the prices..I learning how to use Roku and very soon it will be bye bye Directv robbery

  13. They did not tell the truth and the prices keep going up, every since ATT took over. It’s terrible and if the wind blows you loose service. I am looking for a different provider

    1. I recently purchased an LG smart t v. When u connect Internet to it…you have over 186 free channels.
      Also other channels like Prime, Hulu, etc. that can be added to watch. Good Luck!

  14. The price keeps going up and when you call to ask why they give you the run around. I have been a Direct TV customer for awhile. Not happy with anything. They lied to there customers when A T&T took over. They keep loosing customers and wonder why.

  15. AT&T are liars. They promised me a $250 gift card for signing up for a bundle. Never got my $250 told I’m no longer eligible. I was told for 3 months it was in the mail. Lol.

  16. Been a DirecTV customer since they were owned by GM, I Think? I’m old, broke and living on SS and Medicare and used to be able to negotiate a better price because, but getting harder each year? Seem to remember when Senate investigated cable TV and promised to change to pay for what you get? I get close to 300 channels and watch about 10 most time? Lot of channels have same programming at same time? If someone came up with a pay for whay u want, they’d have a winner??

  17. At&T / DirectTV has poor customer service using off shore workers who are not knowledgeable regarding the service and VERY HARD to understand. I had to file an executive complaint with the office of the President due ny service was suspended 2 times when my account was current from day one of service. Black OUTAGE, wrong channel lineup. Steady increases on monthly service.

  18. I first joined DirecTV in 1995 and kept it until 2019 because AT&T had completely ruined it by then. It used to be my favorite company until it was bought by one of my least favorite companies. The last straw was when they stopped offering streaming of your DVR recordings; I used that capability a lot when I was traveling for work. Under AT&T they went from the GenieGO which DTV eventually evolved to work pretty well to the capability built into their Genie DVRs which was always sporadic. Eventually they just dropped it all together.

    After trying the motorhome lifestyle for a couple of summers, I had another great reason to drop DTV. With AT&T I had to buy a separate subscription at full price to get an SD signal to my motorhome. Dish TV, on the other hand, offers a motorhome solution for $7 per month with the same programming you have at home, in HD.

    Goodbye, sadly to DirecTV. And good riddance, happily, to AT&T.

  19. Direct TV was the company I used for 18 years until AT&T took over it went down hill. Prices sky rocketed, programs changed & they dropped channels as well new films/shows/sports. Constant interruptions on system with crappy updated as well recorded programs interrupted. I closed my account and took my business else where. If Direct TV drops merg with AT&T and go back to their own system, then and only then will I come back!

  20. I have been a direct tv subscriber since they came out.. seems like it was in the mid 90s. My bill crept up to 190 a month and I called them.. previously they would work with you over pricing and save you money for a while. 2 months ago they told me the only way they could save me money was to turn off my HBO and cinemax… so as of last week I have a new dish network system with the price locked in at 91 dollars including tax for 2 years. ATT has absolutely ruined Direct tv.

  21. I am so disappointed in directv and att bill are too high will not low there package that why customer are leaving you every month your bill is different. You all need do something you will not have any customer

  22. Actually att has you … they promise 1 thing and never deliver. They keep raising prices when air should be free. I’d like to go back to the antenna days, but I can’t I have a contract…the old bait an old switch deal..I really do not like the company and the customer service stinks. Plan to spend at least 3 hrs. Trying to talk to a human.

  23. AT&T locks you in for a two year contract without your knowledge. Breaking THEIR contract cost a person $407.05. Total rip off!!

  24. When I got att/direct tv. It had all my channels at a great price. All of a sudden I needed extra boxes for each tv to get those some of the channels I originally got in bundle. Of course price went up little by little. With no premium channels went up continously. Canceled one the other would go up. And vice versa. Ridiculous! Your not the only game in town! Antennas are still great! Especially if you dont watch 200 plus channels. My son pays almost 300.00. He only watches sports

  25. Yeah! Dont even get me started on contracts! You’re in a contract to them but not them to you. They change contract prices all the time.

  26. I have been a Direct TV customer since 2009, when I moved from North Carolina to Georgia, and now Virginia.
    I have DirecTV so I can see my home team, the Carolina Panthers, play during the NFL season. I hate mergers. With any merger they always say the same thing. “It will be better.” As usual “it” is not better. The government used to look after the consumer, somewhat, but now, all they care about is creating money generating monopolies again. So, in addition to living with price increases, and diminished customer service from AT&T/DirecTV, all of a sudden, being a Sprint customer, I now live in a domestic roaming area!!!!! T-mobile acquired Sprint on 01 April 2020. Sprint wasn’t the best carrier, however they were improving, now my service is much worse. I get “no subject” for every incoming text. I keep having to restart my phone, and or turn off and on my roaming feature in order to read any text. Sending a text is almost impossible. If I wanted to be a T-mobile customer I would have chose them for my mobile service in the first place. I hate mergers!!!

  27. I have been a DirecTV technician for 18 years. DirecTV was well run with A+ customer service, few price hikes, and good employee retention.

    AT&T came in and changed everything even though they didn’t understand the business. Customer support moved to Phillipines which killed customer service satisfaction because customers couldn’t understand them and they lacked verbal and technical skills. This caused too many unnecessary truck rolls because of not having proper equipment or arriving to a problem that should have been fixed over the phone in minutes.

    The employees took pay hits and lost bonuses because of impossible to achieve goal matrix. Further techs could no longer request work orders for say a neighbor that saw the van and ran over for help. We could no longer instantly build an order and help them. The neighbor would think we were lazy or uncaring then even worse spend 2 hours on the phone to finally get a tech days later.

    Add to that the price increases, glitchy software that sometimes left new installs with no tv for hours, DirecTV definitely suffered from very poor management.

    From where I sit it appears AT&T bought DirecTV for the customer base. AT&T could care less about the technicians because they are going to syphon off all the customers they can convert to streaming internet TV then sell off the remaing customers to Dish Network. There is no way what AT&T accidentally screwed up DIRECTV. AT&T are transitioning it’s customers for streaming and just barely putting up with the technicians and their dishes temporarily!

  28. At&t service sucks! I’m cancelling my service as soon as COVID-19 stay at home ends. I’m overcharged, not receiving service I’ve paid for, and you can’t get anyone on the damn phone!

  29. True prices went up I was paying 86$ for yrs they changed to At&t price went from 96$ to 108$ it’s not even a bundle also only got the basic channels my daughter in law got a bundle with Suddenlink and she’s paying 106$ I’m fixing to change companies

  30. at&t has also laid off thousands of technicians across the country since trumps tax reform. Even though it was stated at&t would hire more workers because of the new tax reform. All lies!

  31. I was a customer of DirecTV for 14 years and just cancelled two days ago due to a huge price increase. They made it super easy and didn’t even care. It was like they held the door open and said don’t let it hit you in the (_!_) on the way out.

    1. Make sure you get a cancelation number . I had to talk to them 3 different times After my contract was over about turning off my service

  32. Good one.

    What happened to BRINGING Customer Service Jobs “BACK to the USA” ????

    AT&T couldn’t afford to hire more workers now that is has LOST 7 Million Customers.

  33. I had Uverse from AT&T although not the best I was somewhat satisfied since I didn’t want a dish mounted to my roof. When the two companies merged their was confusion when calling with issues. Five years later the companies still can not all hold hands and get their act together and now have a dish planted in my yard. If you contact the company you get the same “reading from the monitor response” but each associate will give you a different spill. I had to make two BBB complaints in order to get someone to listen. Can’t say that I will keep this service really only need WiFi since there is very little on TV that is worth the money.

    1. You got that right. They NEVER had their act together

      What do you get thru WiFi ?

      What did the BBB do to get them to respond ?

  34. “ AT&T has dabbled with mobile-only TV services, such as AT&T Watch, but there has been nothing ‘special’ for DIRECTV customers.”

    I’m sick of AT&T and DirecTV and the ridiculous prices but we do have Data Free streaming via the DirecTV app since the merger.

  35. Since at&t took over i when 5 months without cbs a local station and had to pay to watch my shows and my bill is 250. 00 a month and it was 180 with direct been with them for 22 yrs but now we are cutting back on it and going to a lower package or leaving the altogether my husband said that they s*cks

  36. I was promised 250.00 in two gift cards but never received one of them and my bill was suppose to be 79.00 dollars a month for a year and not after a few months did it start being more im cancelling my service next month

  37. DirecTV is the worst since AT&T bought them. My contract is up in September and I absolutely can’t wait for it to be over. I am going somewhere else. Every month for the past 6 months I have had to call for problems with my bill for being charged with stuff that was supposed to be cancelled that they never did and they kept charging me. No one knows what they are doing, the bill keeps going up, channels are always disappearing even though the package stays the same. They cancel channels but our bills go up and packages stay the same and their customer service sucks. Can’t wait until I can say bye bye.

  38. AT&T is the biggest liars out I was a customer of ATT almost 40 Years Until they got direct TV. Very hard to get us customer service represented. you have to pay extra for their equipment you are leasing their equipment. If you don’t carry a extra insurance plan on
    their equipment they will not fix anything even though you are leasing the equipment you have no choice. Wait there is more It Took 3 times To cancel my service after the contract was over There’s more but just not enough Room on here

  39. There customer service sucks.i called because I have lost all 3 jobs and no money coming in wanted to make some kind of arrangements spoke to someone in the Philippines basically said they were making exception. Mailed the check on the 21 of april. They cut my service on may 4. Was on the phone for over 1.5 hours spoke to 5 different people they were located in the Philippines Caribbean south florida. Been a customer for over 30 years never been late. No one cared said they never received Check gave them date check number etc,said they had to wait for check my word wasn’t good enough. Asked for supervisors got run around finally hung up.
    Received an email asking to participate in a survey. Boy were they sorry.

  40. How about a CLASS ACTION SUIT! I got dtv in 2003. It was so good for awhile..now it sucks. Can’t stand the tactics of ATT. They were horrible in new york and just continue to get worse and get away with their disgusting business tactics. I thought when i left new york i would not have to deal with such a low-life,no conscience,horrible company and the powers that be to enforce their lies and corruption of the hard working people who just want to be treated fairly in their country…the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. So where is our government to protect us against such disgusting companies as ATT???? People only we can stop all this if we stick together and yell at our officials in charge. It’s only going to get worse if we don’t speak up and get rid of companys like ATT…who doesn’t give a ——- about us. SPEAK OUT,WRITE,MAKE CALLS, We can’t keep,little by little, losing our AMERICAN rights to scum like this!!!

    1. WELL SAID.
      But who are you going to write to ?

      The FCC is NOT going to help us.
      Look what they did to Net Neutrality

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