Q. I’m new to streaming and I was wondering if Netflix has a free trial so I can try it out. And if they do, how long is the free trial? — Edie, Santa Monica, California. 

Edie, Netflix now is offering a 30-day free trial. The streamer previously has offered 7-day free trials so now is a great time to give it a spin.

To sign up, go to Netflix.com and choose a plan and payment option. There are three programming plans:

* $8.99 a month – You can watch unlimited SD (standard-definition) programming on one screen at a time.
* $12.99 a month — You can watch unlimited HD (high-definition) programming on two screens at a time.
* $15.99 a month — You can watch unlimited HD and 4K programming on four screens at a time.

You will need to set up an account and post a credit card number. But you will not be billed until your 30 day free trial expires. For example, if you signed up today, you wouldn’t get billed until June 5. However, if you cancel prior to June 5, you won’t be billed at all.

Netflix says it will send you e-mail reminders when your free trial is close to expiring in case you’re worried about forgetting. (Happens to everyone.)

Edie, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann