AT&T Audience Network Ends On May 22


Q. I got a notice from AT&T saying that the Audience Network is going away. What’s up with that? And what will happen to the shows on the channel? Are they gone, too? — Sheila, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Sheila, it’s true. AT&T just announced that the Audience Network will be canceled effective May 22, 2020.

“Effective May 22, 2020, AT&T Audience Network will sunset its linear and streaming broadcasts. We regret any inconvenience,” stated an e-mail sent to subscribers of such AT&T TV services as DIRECTV and AT&T Watch TV.

AT&T first said last January that it would close the Audience Network sometime in the spring, but did not reveal a termination date until now. The company plans to turn the channel into a ‘barker channel’ highlighting programming that will be available on HBO Max. (HBO Max, expected to launch next month as a streaming service, will offer the HBO catalog as well as other shows for $14.99 a month.)

The Audience Network debuted on DIRECTV in November 1999 (under the name, Freeview) and over the years it’s been home to such original shows as Friday Night Lights, Passions, Damages, Mr. Mercedes (pictured above), The Dan Patrick Show, Loudermilk as well as repeats of cult favorites such as Mad Men and The Wire.

It’s unclear what will happen to current original programs on the channel, such as Mr. Mercedes and Loudermilk, but it’s possible AT&T will continue them on HBO Max.

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— Phillip Swann

23 comments on “AT&T Audience Network Ends On May 22”

  1. DAMMIT. One of my favorite channels. No commercials, smart original shows, interviews, concerts. Audience channel has it all and now we’re getting screwed. DirecTV may lose us as customers. Paring down all of the good content and leaving us with more and more crap. Time to start shopping around…

    1. That’s their plan. They are looking to get out of the TV business all together. They have been losing serious numbers of customers because of the streaming services such as Disney, Apple, etc.

    2. Most definitely I am now going to drop my dish TV and only going to use a special that Cox telecommunication is giving for no contract for two years same pricing 100 megs a terabyte bite of downloads for 4495 that includes the router!I want only have to add to streaming services and it will be so much cheaper! Time to cut the cable

    3. I agree. Why pay Direct tv for so few choices and so much old stuff? I loved Mad Men at 6 every night. New to me as I missed it years ago. We may learn to stream.

  2. What the heck yes and crappy phone service to . Too much money for that im poor and can’t afford it once a month pay check you at.att should have to live on what I live on

  3. Yes, I received an e-mail about AT+T TV Now Network will sunset it’s linear and streaming broadcast. So, what does that mean for the broadcast channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, SNY, YES, MLB, MSG and many more. How will I be able to get these channels.

  4. Why would we want to lose an alternative channel just to make room for more pay channels like HBO Max. Very unhappy

  5. I’ve having more having more and more problems with understanding my bill when it comes to paying AT&T home phone, added to my AT & T DirecTV Satellite, and also all these paying channels that I chose to have if I wanted to watch certain shows or good TV series. The bill just keeps getting bigger and bigger and now they want to take off the channel that has shows that I watch. What is my alternative? I mean do I cancel and go to spectrum, which I’ve had in the past and I don’t like. Or I’m now being told about canceling that and just getting some kind of Hulu box or something box I can hook up to my TV myself and still get all the channels I want I’m just confused I need help to know what is my alternative. I don’t believe I’m locked into a contract with AT&T DirecTV, however my house line phones are under AT&T. Help? Mr. G in Summerville, SC.

  6. The brilliant “Mr. Mercedes” has been one of our favorite programs. We cannot afford an additional $15 per month. What else can one say but we’re so disappointed and angry

  7. ok, creative. remember, you can ‘use/stream’ off of another persons ‘dtv account.’ persons that have a symbiotic relationship, (trusting family, friends etc) providing the user name and password. (and the owner can even refine the account/limit/block the sharers channels access. you can also co-op it with several trusting friends to lower costs. tablet or pc, and output hdmi to your tv. ok? no charge for the info! haha!

  8. They seem to have pulled all the old episodes off of the AT&T TV App as well. No review of Condor season 1 any more, and I can’t figure out where Condor season 2 is supposed to be housed at. Google seems to think. 4 episodes are already out, but can’t figure out where?!?!?!?!

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