Hulu Live last night experienced its second major technical snafu this week with thousands of customers again taking to social media sites to express their frustration over being unable to watch their favorite shows.

According to the customers, the problem began around 9 p.m. ET when they were met with on-screen error messages when they tried watching certain shows. And if they were able to begin watching, they experienced numerous technical snafus such as no sound or picture freezing and sputtering.

It’s unclear how many Hulu customers were affected, but, which tracks online outages, recorded nearly 5,000 people simultaneously complaining about Hulu at the height of the issue. Subscribers to both Hulu Live and the service’s subscription Video on Demand offering posted complaints.

Hulu’s Twitter customer support team acknowledged the problem shortly after midnight on the East Coast in responses to complaining subscribers.

“Apologies, Paul!” Hulu told one customer. “Based on the info provided, it sounds like you’re being affected by a known issue. No updates to provide, but we’ll def share your report. For now, we can suggest using your Hulu credentials here: as a possible workaround. Thank you!”

The complaints began to subside this morning around 3 a.m. ET, suggesting Hulu had resolved the issues.

On Monday night, Hulu experienced a different technical problem when customers said they could only watch around 10 channels in their 60-channel lineup.

That issue lasted two or three hours before it was resolved.

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— Phillip Swann