Hulu last night suffered a major technical snafu with its live streaming service with thousands of subscribers complaining on social media sites that they couldn’t watch more than 10 channels in their 60-channel programming package.

The problem seemed to begin around 8 p.m. ET last night when Hulu Live customers began commenting on Twitter and Facebook that they suddenly lost most of their channels. Downdetector,com, which tracks online outages, indicated that the highest number of online comments regarding Hulu occurred around then.

“@hulu_support and @hulu where are my channels in my live guide? Missing about 80% of them!” tweeted Steve Skelley.

“I just got Hulu and now this is happening? I go from cable which had so many more live TV shows with A GUIDE. Tonight I have a guide with THREE PROGRAMS LISTED!!. I regret I regret I regret!” commented Darla Selka. “FIX IT!!!!!! &!#@&?:%$!# !!!!!!!!!”

Some Hulu customers posted video evidence of their primetime frustration:

It’s unclear if the issue affected all Hulu Live subscribers, but the streamer soon acknowledged the issue after the complaints were posted. And after roughly two hours or so, Hulu said the problem could be fixed if subscribers rebooted their streaming devices.

“Thanks for hanging in there! After being made aware of this behavior, our teams took the necessary steps to get the live guide back to normal. A quick reboot should get you in good shape again, but please let us know if that’s not the case for you!” tweeted @Hulu_support, Hulu’s Twitter customer service team.

Hulu never explained what caused the issue, but shortly after midnight, Hulu subscribers began posting messages on Twitter indicating the channels had been returned.

“Thank you @hulu_support all live tv channels are now working. Thank you for the reply,” said Rick Johnson at 12:24 a.m. ET.

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— Phillip Swann