Comcast has announced that it’s now offering free Video on Demand programming from several networks and streaming services including Showtime and Epix to help Americans staying at home due to the Coronavirus.

“This is an unprecedented time and we want to be there for our customers to help make the time they’re spending at home easier with free previews from our network, studio and streaming partners,” said Rebecca Heap, Comcast’s senior vice president of video & entertainment.

The free Video on Demand lineup includes Showtime, Epix, CuriosityStream, History Vault, Grokker Yoga Fitness & Wellbeing, The Reading Corner and DOGTV.

Comcast video subscribers with X1 or Flex set-tops can access the free programming by saying ‘Free’ into their Xfinity Voice remote.

Here is a description of each network/service that’s now available for free, and how long it will be free:

X1 customers can watch all Showtime series and movies including Billions, Homeland and Shameless for the next 30 days. Xfinity Flex customers will be able to watch select originals such as City On A Hill and Kidding during that time. (Pictured above: Claire Danes in Showtime’s Homeland.)

For the next 30 days, X1 and Flex customers can watch the full EPIX catalog of movies plus original series including Godfather of Harlem, Pennyworth, War of the Worlds and Belgravia, premiering April 12.

Three hundred award-winning documentaries and series on science, history, wildlife, adventure, travel will be available for free for the next 60 days.

The favorite channel of dogs (and many dog lovers) will offer Video on Demand content for free for 30 days.

Grokker Yoga Fitness & Wellbeing
Xi and Flex subscribers will have free access to 30 days of expert-led video classes in fitness, yoga, meditation and healthy cooking.

The channel devoted to all things past will open its VOD vault for free for 30 days. Series will include Modern Marvels to specials about ancient cultures,

Kids Room
For 30 days, your children will have free access to such popular children’s series as Bob the Builder, Polly Pocket, and Strawberry Shortcake.

The Great Courses Signature Collection
For 30 days, the VOD service will be free with educational video lectures on everything from photography to psychology and guitar to genetics.

The Reading Corner
The kiddies will get 30 days free of reading videos on themes such as spring, holiday, school and nature. The vids, which are targeted to children up to 10 years old, include  Donuts: The Hole Story, This is a Book Full of Monsters, and Beauty and the Beast.

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— Phillip Swann