A Comcast technician who tested positive for the Coronavirus after he made several house calls in Bloomfield, New Jersey has died from the illness, Cablefax.com reports.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time. He’s been a valued member of our Comcast family for 34 years, and he will be deeply missed,” a Comcast spokesperson told the industry news site.

The technician, who has not been identified, made several home service calls in Bloomfield from March 3 through March 6. There is no evidence that any of his customers have tested positive for the virus, but Bloomfield officials said last week they are working with Comcast to identify potential victims and determine their status.

“I am urging residents to take the threat of this virus seriously and am asking that you remain in your homes with the exception of essential travel,” said Bloomfield Mayor Michael Venezia. “Any residents who were serviced by this technician will be contacted by our Health Department if they have not been already, and we will walk residents through the next steps depending on the circumstances of each interaction.”

The Comcast technician was placed in quarantine in a local hospital after getting a positive test for the Coronavirus.

The cable operator issued this statement following the news of his positive test.

“We have notified the customers and employees who may have had direct contact with him before he became ill to encourage them to contact their health care provider or local public health department if they feel ill. The health and well-being of our employees and our customers is our top priority, we are following CDC guidelines and have already taken the appropriate steps to protect our employee’s health. We are also working closely with local Public Health Department.”

Comcast (along with other pay TV services) is continuing to do in-home installations and service calls, noting that its workers are following CDC guidelines. However, at least in one New Jersey town, the fear that an encounter with a home installer or service technician could lead to a serious illness has likely risen today.

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