Coronavirus: Will There Be NBA League Pass Refunds?


Q. I don’t think the NBA is coming back for this season because of Corona. So my question is if we will get partial refunds for the NBA League Pass plan? I would think they would by at least $20 or something like that. Right? — Eric, Phoenix.

Eric, the NBA last week suspended all games in the 2019=2020 season after two players tested positive for the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

The league did not say when the teams would return to the court, but Commissioner Adam Silver said he hopes to play the remaining games as well as the regular playoff schedule. There is roughly one month left in the schedule.

I’ve received several e-mails about NBA League Pass refunds, as well as refunds for the MLB.TV and MLB Extra Innings plans. (Major League Baseball has also suspended play due to the Coronavirus.) I addressed baseball’s situation in this article so allow me to explain what will happen with the League Pass.

At this point, there will be no refunds because, as I stated, the league’s policy is that the season will pick up where it left off when the players return. Now that could change, of course. The Coronavirus crisis is a quick moving one and what we know today could be radically different even a day from now.

But as of now, Silver says the games will ultimately be played so there would be no need for refunds.

I will continue to monitor both the NBA and MLB pay package situations and report back here if anything changes.

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— Phillip Swann

4 comments on “Coronavirus: Will There Be NBA League Pass Refunds?”

  1. If the games are played that’s one thing. If they are not then I would expect a refund or credit toward next seasons pass!! If not then I will never purchase the NBA package again. If You expect to be paid for nothing! YOU ARE A TOTAL JOKE!!

    1. I agree, I buy every year 200. For my husband now the games are not gonna be played why not give a refund or credit next’s years games. If no refund or credit, you will lost me as a customer, I’m sure you could care less but I’d hope you’d be on the right side of this for your loyal customers. Thank you Ruby Harris a comcast customer.

  2. I agree, a credit toward next year would be fine but if no refund and no credit and / or refund, I would expect a Class Action lawsuit to follow. They simply cannot take your money and not provide the service ( the full season service ).

  3. At&T turned off many league passes and told me it would be 99.00 to turn it back on.We are lifetime Lakers fans and invested in much merchandise over the years now NBA is ripping off their fans .AT&T states and I quote it is not us that is terminating your league pass it is the NBA.We paid in full 199.95 in October. Will never do this again or trust the NBA.

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