Coronavirus: Will There Be Refunds For MLB.TV & Extra Innings?


Q. Now that Major League Baseball has delayed the 2020 season because of the Corona virus, will there be refunds for MLB.TV and Extra Innings on DIRECTV and Dish? — Ike, Amarillo, Texas. 

Ike, as you note, Major League Baseball has suspended all play, including spring training and the opening of the 2020 season, due to concerns over the Coronavirus outbreak. League officials have not said when the regular season will begin, but many baseball writers have speculated it won’t be until mid-April at the earliest.

I’ve received several e-mails today from subscribers to the league’s pay package of out-of-market games, MLB.TV (online for $121) and MLB Extra Innings (available for around $183 on pay TV services such as DIRECTV, Dish, Comcast, Verizon and Charter.) They are already demanding refunds for the entire season, or at least, a partial refund for the first two weeks of games.

It’s likely that both the league and the pay TV ops will issue refunds at some point for missed action. (The league and TV companies have not addressed the issue yet, but they have said they won’t issue refunds for game tickets until it’s clear the games will be affected.)

However, the problem with giving a refund now is that we don’t know how many games will be missed.

How would MLB or the pay TV services calculate what the refund should be at this point? If they say they will refund 10 percent for let’s say 16 games (roughly 10 percent of the season) that are not played, they could have to turn around and issue another refund later if the league decides to suspend play further.

Then if the second deadline for the season opener is not met, they would have to do it again. And maybe then again.

It could get quite ridiculous.

Obviously, it makes sense for everyone to wait and see exactly how many games are not played. Then MLB and its pay TV partners can issue one refund that will definitely cover what a subscriber missed.

Make sense?

As for subscribers to the NBA League Pass package of out-of-market games, it’s less likely there will be a refund because the league is now promising to play out the rest of the season when teams return. That could change, of course, but that’s the current plan.

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— Phillip Swann

8 comments on “Coronavirus: Will There Be Refunds For MLB.TV & Extra Innings?”

  1. My MLB-TV is through Amazon Prime at the $123 rate. It renews for 2020 on 3/20. Will be interesting to see if they do the renewal or hold off unti season start is decided. I am watching archived games to feed my baseball addiction so I guess it is fair to do the renewal. Guess I’ll find out and report next week.

  2. I’ve already been charged $121.00 for for the whole season. They need to refund ALL of it. Then IF the season resumes people can decide if they want to renew. As it is the greedy mlb is making millions in interest off our money. I could use that money in these uncertain times. I will NEVER subscribe again.

    1. I completely agree with a complete refund immediately. Then subscribe again if you chose to. Obviously, they won’t do that because probably such previous subscriber’s second subscriptions would not match or succeed the current level. Though maybe because of a hunger for MLB they would virtually match, or pass the current or normal level of subscribers.

      Regardless of that analysis, or guesswork, obviously the simplest and fair path for current subscribers is a complete refund. Then in the future they could decide to subscribe or not.

  3. I agree with Melvin. They should issue refunds now and then when the season resumes, we can decide on whether or not we want to renew based on how many games are left – that would be the best good faith move on MLB’s part – Now I am unemployed due to the coronavirus and could use the money more than ever

  4. I totally agree with refunding the money to all that have already paid. This does not look like it’s going to be resolved any time soon. We should get our money back and then decide for ourselves to sign back on to the service IF/WHEN then season begins. Please MLBtv, do the right thing…

  5. If you paid with a credit card, call them and have them do a charge back as simple as that. We didn’t get what we paid for. The credit card company will take the money back from mlb.

  6. No it doesnt make sense repay all of it and give people the opportunity to make a decision if and when the season starts. You guys sit on you hands with this one your going th o loose alot of buisness IMO

  7. FYI….I called MLB at 866-800-1275, hit 3 for billing and spoke to a very nice lady who chatted it up with me for a bit about my favorite team. She said the refund should show back up on my CC in 5-7 days – simple as that (hopefully) I will check back with them if not 🙂

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