Q. I’ve been having problems with Netflix. The sound sometimes is behind the video and sometimes the video stops playing and then starts again. I’ve noticed a similar issue on my YouTube TV app. Do you know how I can fix this? — Della, Landover, Maryland. 

There are several reasons why you may be having streaming issues, from a slow or faulty Internet connection to a loose HDMI connection to server issues at the streamer’s end.

But in many cases, the problem lies in the app. Yes, the app.

Sometimes, the audio and video on the app can get out of sync after you use the Fast Forward or Rewind button, particularly if you use it several times in a row. The app can also start exhibiting display issues if you input multiple commands in a short period of time, such as Play, Search, Back, etc. The app has difficulty catching up with all the varying instructions and basically stops functioning.

So what can you do?

Delete the app, and then re-install it. I know. I know. That means you will have to type in your password and user name again after the app is downloaded. But it will be worth it if it resolves your problem, right? I have found that deleting and re-installing the app is often the answer to a streaming issue.

And, if you continue to have problems after re-installing the app, then you will know to focus on other possible causes such as your Internet service or cable connection.

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— Phillip Swann