AT&T TV, the new Internet-based TV service designed to replace DIRECTV, does not carry the regional sports channels of 11 Major League Baseball teams, including the Chicago Cubs, the Boston Red Sox and the World Champion Washington Nationals.

That’s according to AT&T TV’s channel finder found here on the service’s web site.

Since AT&T TV expanded its offering nationwide this week, many industry observers have noted it does not carry the NFL Sunday Ticket, which is still a DIRECTV exclusive. AT&T says AT&T TV is now its primary TV service, but the missing Ticket might give some sports fans pause before subscribing.

However, they might have even more reason not to sign up when they hear that AT&T TV does not carry the regional sports channels for 11 different MLB teams, including:

SportsNet LA (LA Dodgers)
Marquee Sports Network (Chicago Cubs)
AT&T SportsNet Southwest (Houston Astros)
MASN (Washington Nationals, Baltimore Orioles)
NBC Sports Philadelphia (Philadelphia Phillies)
AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Pirates)
AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain (Colorado Rockies)
NESN (Boston Red Sox)
Root Sports (Seattle Mariners)

(AT&T TV also does not carry the channels carrying the Toronto Blue Jays because they are based in Canada where the service does not operate.)

Considering it’s relatively new, AT&T TV could add at least some of those channels in the coming weeks, particularly the four that are actually owned by AT&T. But with MLB’s opening day less than three weeks away, their omission is currently glaring. DIRECTV, AT&T TV’s sister video service, carries all of them except for SportsNet LA, NBC Sports Philadelphia and the Blue Jays.

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— Phillip Swann