AT&T TV & DIRECTV: The Customers Speak Out!


AT&T this week expanded its offering of AT&T TV to the entire nation. The telco, which has lost roughly six million video subscribers since buying DIRECTV in 2015, is hopeful the Internet-based AT&T TV will stop the bleeding, and possibly bring new customers on board. (To learn more about AT&T TV, click here.)

Earlier this week, I wrote a few articles detailing what makes AT&T TV different from  DIRECTV, and what the company plans to do with its sagging satellite TV service in the coming months and years.

The articles prompted an avalanche of e-mails and reader posts in response, all of which were critical of AT&T. (I mean every single one.) I thought it would be interesting (and possibly even informative for AT&T) to publish some of the more colorful ones here. (And if you would like to join in, you can offer your comment at the bottom of this article.)

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“(AT&T TV is) the same service with fewer features (than DIRECTV) at the same price. We ARE….AT&T!” — ‘Drake.’

“They just don’t get it. The costs (for AT&T TV) are higher than competitors (with the box fees) even during the promotional rate. More importantly, these days there are too many options for rationale people to commit to a contract that, after promotional period, requires you to pay whatever they want even if/when they delete your favorite network(s) because they can’t get to an agreement, or quit and send them a check for no services for the duration of the contract.” — ‘Jay.’

“This (AT&T TV) sounds like ATT Uverse all over again…..” – ‘Michael.’

“Does AT&T even know/understand that the point of many satellite users is that they CAN’T get cable of any type and thus can’t get ‘streaming’?! Jeez. Wonder how many of the users are of this type and are totally out of luck when satellite service is shut down in the future?” – ‘Lee.’

“I have been with Directv since 1998. I have Verizon FIOS for internet and phone. I keep Directv due to frequent days long power interruptions in my area that can effect FIOS. ( My backup generator powers my house so I can power Directv ). So if ATT won’t support satellite anymore why would I go with an ATT product when I can just go with FIOS TV?? Who does the thinking at ATT??” — ‘Thomas.’

“Directv was the standard and AT&T has killed it. Pathetic.” – ‘Stefan.’

“At&t forgot who the customer is. You are the worst and I can’t wait to get rid of all my other crappola.” — ‘Rick.’

“If AT&T WOULD DROP ITS PRICING and concentrate on better customer service I don’t think it would have hemmoraged (sic) all the subscribers. It’s a shame. Maybe Dish will buy it from AT&T? With 16 million active subscribers I just don’t understand why it is willing to lose all that revenue, plus I hate streaming.” – ‘Bill.’

“What do you do when you have competence, you buy it and you destroy it that’s exactly what AT&T did with DirecTV I used to work as a technician for DirecTV and I used to love their customer service the product used to be such a wonderful product. now I don’t think that AT&T will sale DirecTV to the other competence no… AT&T will buy Dish Network to do exactly what they did with DirecTV destroy it.” – ‘Arturo.’

“It is a dam shame that I have been a customer for over 16 years on a fixed income and you people have the adassaty (sic) to raise my bill from $80.00 to $144.96 a month. Also like other people have said,you call Direct and you get to speak to someone who can’t speak ENGLISH. They keep telling me that I should change package. What the hell is wrong with you people. Give your loyal customers some perks. Looking for a different provider!!!!!!” – ‘Edward.’

“Why the hell did at&t buy direct tv if all they were going to do was destroy it? Direct tv was fantastic till at&t got their grubby mitts on it.” — ‘Gina.’

“AT&T drove me crazy. They said after everything was installed, cable ( Direct tv} home phone, hot spot wireless internet, to call them and bundle together. They never bundled me. They kept raising the price, played games and refused to bundle me because they make more money charging you Individually. That’s not what they said when I spent an hour with them on the phone. As soon as they got my debit card number, everything changed. They want me to pay for all their cord cutters, passing their loss to me. I cancelled them right away, and changed my debit card. They lock you in a prison contract, then they pound on you for higher prices. No more damage control contracts for me. Bye cable…had enough of your dishonesties.” – ‘Betty.’

“AT&T peed on Direct tv and told them it was raining,” – ‘Betty.’

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— Phillip Swann

64 comments on “AT&T TV & DIRECTV: The Customers Speak Out!”

  1. AT&T taking a pounding for ruining DirecTV and now rolling out another streaming platform that requires a contract!  Randall Stephenson needs to come out from his Yacht once in a while and mingle with the real people to understand how we live and what our needs our. These companies are getting so big and disconnected from their customers that it is close to Government control of the supply chain.

    1. Direct TV understood to sell at the height of company value! But Att knew what they were doing also! Att gives customer service a bad name! I was offered SundayTicket max promotion, that I wouldn’t believe but what was offered and what I got was a excuse! The customer service said the agent forgot to enter the proper information and I paid Max all football season! Has anyone been been forced to pay for whole home service when you have one tv or how about regional sports network for $10 per month! Att is the arbitrator if you have a complaint! Ha Ha! Att on my list is the most lying , deceptive and strong arm crook companies out there!

    2. I quit AT&T when I refused to have a home phone for 75.00 for basic service. I dropped them for cell service because their coverage was horrible. Now I hear they bought direct TV, another one bites the dust.

  2. I have 50 years in electronics, 24 years as a directv dealer til att kicked all of the local dears out in dec. 18, it is sad to watch a company being torn apart at the seams, these folks do not have a have the knowledge on how to run any kind of a company, we need to put a push on atsc 3.0. it is time that the govermnet splits big companys up again.

  3. I have been with Directv since 1995. At that time my bill was $41.19 per month. I had to get on a waiting list in order to get my first receiver and dish because they were in short supply. I did the installation myself. It is pathetic what At&T has done with this company. My last bill was over $200. I have no extras such as HBO. Showtime. etc.I do have A DVR.I am tired of subsidizing the new subscribers. AT&T does not understand anything about customer loyalty. All they want is to get you singed up so that they can stick it to you.
    Buyer beware!

    1. Had Direct tv since 1999 as well & loved it till AT&T bought it. AT&T sucks !! Hope Dish buys them, i dumped their phones & went to Verizon
      Im still stuck with their internet untill someone else comes in
      I’ll get them.
      Their own employees say they suck & are destroying Direct tv.

    2. Absolutely nailed this on the head. I too was with them since 1995. $50 a month. Each year I’d renew. After ATT bought Direct TV they let 75% of Direct TV’s workforce go, paid off the Direct TV executives (they got their stock options and buyout packages – set for life) and sent support offshore. My last bill without HBO, Showtime, Movie Channels was over $240. I was month to month and quit before the next billing cycle (as their NEW policy is no partial refunds). Bought 4 streaming boxes and purchased streaming service for $45 a month. It’s like I stepped back into the 1990”s again. I have 400 movies recorded & saved and bought Netflix (which I can float to others by the month) for $8. Why would ATT think anyone could afford $2,400.00 a year TV bill. That’s ridiculous & ludicrous. But THAT’S AT&T today. They bought Direct TV for $39B and have been trying to sell it for $9B for 2 years. No takers.

  4. I never had one problem with Directv in the many years as a customer…Now, since at&t took over, major problems with billing & rude “customer service” reps…terrible company!…i’m going to be a former customer very soon…

  5. just completed the 2 yr. req. for DirecTV and Viasat bundle. Was lured by the $200 Visa card offer, which I never received, and the longest 2 yrs. of my life as no one could seem to “fix” the issues. Returned to WAVE this morning and so happy I have!

  6. It is clear to everyone, except the Federal Trade Commission, that AT&T purchased DirecTV to destroy it. They will do the same with Dish. I will keep my DirecTV until it is finally destroyed, mostly because of the NFL package, and that is too bad. AT&T is the one that should be destroyed (financially). Somebody please buy DirecTV from them!! And fire whomever is in charge! What a bunch of Adam Henry’s! They obviously hate people. The WORST customer service. They are the Spirit Airlines of tv.

  7. Been a customer with Direct TV since 1982. Never switched companies cause the increases get just where I’m at now.
    You change the packages and increase price, a widow living on limited income at 72 years old, give is senior citizens a discount instead of an increase.

  8. I cannot stand At&t, had so many problems back when I had a cell, business and home phones. I was so disappointed when they bought out DirecTV, I knew it would go downhill and it did. I cannot get internet where I live so have to have satellite TV or antenna and of course limited channels with that. Back when they didn’t have channel 6 they sent me a new box and an antenna but it never worked well and the box freezes up 2 or 3 times a month. I am so over talking with them and getting crappy service I will be trying Dish. I hate the idea of a contract but even though I get a discount with DirecTV my bill is over $100 with so special packages. This discount runs out soon and the bill will increase by $30.00. I can get a better deal with Dish.

  9. I have been a long-time customer of DirecTV. Over 25 years, & I loved it. But once ATT&T bought it the service & pricing have went downhill. There are charges for everything without any explanation. I know and expect prices to increase as companies like Disney (ESPN) keep buying the competition & make us pay for it. That said DirecTV goes beyond increases & charges for “HD” for every receiver. Loyal customers are the first to get screwed. Calling someone is an adventure as their representatives are difficult to understand and are totally there to sell u new stuff, not fix existing problems. I am slashing my packages & yet expect their smaller packages to be hiked as well. YouTube is looking very attractive now. I could add my Amazon Prime to it.

  10. Have had DirecTV for over 10.years ATT bought them yo screw them as they were their competition and as usual, in today’s world. If they are better than you then kill them.
    I hate ATT. There customer service is crap. Their retail stores are run by bumbling idjits. They have no knowledge to answer any questions. One month they in billing screwed up my payments which cost me 50$ more . We have ATT wi fi and like the tv commercial it sucks. They took my wifi payment and used it for DirecTV and paid wifi with my DirecTV monies. After 6 hrs of yelling at non english speaking folks , we settled it.
    Now they have gotten rid of Preimum sports packages that I pay for with my 254.00 Premium package. Saying Ican only have regional .That’s BS they got rid of their ATT sports stations but still show them as being part of packages.
    They have screwed up my dvr one time I could’ve 5 programs now lucky I get 3.
    And their logo pops up on my screen. My reception cuts out even when not storming. Like it stops.and seconds later resumes. It’s like they are screwing it up do we go with their Super Duper new ATTV.
    want nothing to do with a 2 yr contract with this same company who put Ma Bell out of business years ago. Carol Schubert pissed off in Illinois.

    1. Is AT&T “Wifi” another Division of AT&T ?

      One thing AT&T will SCREW with you is:
      AT&T’s plan to Name ALL their Products “AT&T” on your bill.

      You DON’T know what you are paying for.

      Is it AT&T: CELL Phone, DirecTV, U-Verse TV, Land Line, AT&T TV, Wifi, U-Verse Internet, etc.
      Get the idea. They want to CONFUSE You.

  11. At&t are ripping people off and lying. They bless you for money you don’t owe and by far is not be shut down for the abuse and careless way they steal money from the elderly. I hope they go bankrupt. Just thieves. Poor service anyway. They should have stayed with what they know. Anything else sucks

    1. They should have stayed with what they know.

      AT&T Even Destroyed that. The Bell System. “GREED”

      If they had let competition operate,
      and let you BUY your Rented Phones.

      They would probably still be in Good Shape.

  12. I agree with mostly what everybody’s saying they’re destroying DirecTV if I didn’t want to watch football so bad I would drop them too I’m going to check into other ways of getting NFL Sunday Ticket I think I found one I’m not going to reveal it here right now but I think I found it in so I may be dropping AT&T and DirecTV cuz they’ve absolutely ruined DirecTV just like everybody else says AT&T needs to wake the hell up and remember who pays their salaries we do just like to athlete we pay their salaries does out the fans athletes wouldn’t be shit while without customers AT&T wouldn’t be shit they need to pull their head

  13. Been a Ditectv customer for 19 years. I knew when AT&T purchased it it would be a disaster and I haven’t been disappointed. Customer service is awful as most dont even know the system well enough to trouble shoot. They give the same standard recommendations no matter the issue. They updated the menu 2 years ago, using the customers as guinea pigs with all the problems there were in the update. And for over a year now there are recording issues after a rain storm interrupts signal. I understand the loss of signal during a storm, but when it rains in the afternoon and recordings are disrupted the rest of the day its ridiculous. They claim it’s an issue at the house and send out technicians, who come out, test everything, and say it’s a software issue. But nothing ever gets resolved when you call back and tell them that. They dont give a damn about the customer anymore, just how much they can get. Their prices have gone thru the roof and their customer service, once lauded on TV as the best in the industry, is now the absolute worst.

  14. We are on Social Security and can no longer afford the basic DirecTV charge of $75 per month. The non-stop commercials are an insult. Call the non-English speaking customer service idiots and you get nothing but frustration. We are close to dropping the monster and intend to be without any TV but will rely on radio. Corporate greed is a clear and present danger.


  15. My bill went up another ten dollars..
    It’s a crying shame… Like they say it’t all about the money not about the customer… Going to have to make a change….soon… Like tomorrow..

  16. Have been a DirecTV customer for longer than I can remember. It was a service that offered the most for the money. Ever since AT&T purchased it…. it just SUCKS. There’s no member loyalty, no promotional discounts, and the service has some BS increase EVERY month! Time to say “buh-bye”! AT&T sucks!!!

  17. It is sad that at&t I so out of touch with the people they are trying to market to, ever since Randy took over, every decision he has made has caused the company to lose more money and go deeper into debt, it is shocking the board of directors didn’t remove him years ago. this pricing for Att TV is no different no one is doing to pay that much for streaming TV in this day and age. as a stock holder I am very afraid.

  18. At&t your a joke. You took over direct tv and totally destroyed and great service because you became greedy. I have been a loyal customer since 2000, and never asked for anything special and was treated really good before you took over. I was going to get your phone and bundle but that will never happen now. Your actions are typical big business greed, and wish you sell out direct tv to someone who cares and wants the great customers you have and had. The only thing I can hope for is you fall flat on your face with your new streaming and adventures and they come back and bite you in the ass.

  19. I totally agree with everyone here! Been with Directv for years and it just gets worse! I had the choice package for a year for $74, the year was up and they increased it to $150, I can’t pay that on a limited budget so I called them in November and yes, talked to numerous people I couldn’t understand (I’m not prejudiced but I can understand my 2 year old granddaughter better than I can most of these people) then after you tell them what you need they still don’t understand you, GRRR! Anyway, after MANY phone calls trying to get my package dropped to the cheapest one that I could afford which has nothing on it, and 2 months of complete utter BS I finally have a package I can afford for a year but what happens when the year is up? Throughout all of this hate and aggravation and many hours on the phone, being charged $400 to move my satellite dish (which still where it’s been since I signed up)and even having 2 accounts going at one time (somebody in all this BS reactivated one of my old accounts so had 2 active accounts)I did finally get something accomplished, for how long? Who’s to say, maybe next month I’ll have more accounts, or maybe they’ll raise my rates AGAIN! It SHOULD NOT be like this, there needs to be much better customer service and packages that offer a lot of programming for a reasonable price and NOT somebody that raises your rates whenever they feel like it and there are people like my sister and I that live out in the country that don’t have a lot of options, something definitely needs to be changed! The way I look at it, directv has millions of subscribers, WHY do you need to charge SO much? Cut us some slack and give us some deals so we want to stay with you instead of trying to bankrupt us and GET RID OF THE 2 YEAR CONTRACTS, WHY should we be penalized for NOT being able to pay the higher price after a year! Some of us live out in the sticks with our only entertainment being tv!

  20. Have been a Directv for many years , but since AT&T took over , its trash. I keep them because it’s the only good option in my area , best thing they could go is to sell Directv to Dish , at least they know how to handle the satellite business.

  21. AT&T have no customer service they expect the customer to resolve their own outages call the call center no one speaks English at least English that can be understood. What happened to customer service and having a loyal customer. This is not something AT&T obviously doesn’t value.

  22. We got directv and our package was to be around 60 a month and now it’s 100. We are having some hard times and called about getting an extensiononline our bill and they said ok and then 3 days later they shut it off and said that we never called to get the extension. And now they are saying our bill is $208.

  23. There are many examples of companies, like Bain Capital for instance, that would buy another successful company, then use that company’s credit to take out huge loans, leaving the acquired company to pay back the loan, which it can’t. It gets pushed into bankruptcy, but the acquiring company doesn’t care. They have the money and none of the responsibility to pay back the loan.

    Could that be what’s happening here?

  24. Wow.. I thought it was me.. My bill changed from 55.90 to 140.00 . Was always told to call back for promotions..they he none. Every call was answered by a non English speaking person that didn’t understand my question and or was reading a script and I didn’t understand their answered.. I loved Directv when I first got it in 2017.. I say lets go back to texts and free tv ..

  25. We have been DirecTV customers since 1997. My husband installed our first dish when you were able to buy everything at RadioShack. AT&T has totally destroyed DirectTV’s brand, customer service, and pricing. When you would call customer service you were always helped with whatever problem you had. Now you’re lucky if you got someone who answers the phone who actually has a brain. I used to be able to refresh our receivers by going to the DirecTV website. Can’t even do that anymore. Plus to pay the bill online with AT&T is a monumental effort. I am not a big fan of streaming so I would never go in that direction. However, I told my husband if we get one more price increase on DirecTV, we’re going to switch to Cox cable TV. Cox is our internet provider and has wonderful customer service and reasonable pricing. AT&T sucks! They have massacred DirecTV!

  26. Bill increase every month..Never know what to expect..Rude as hell. Add additional channels without permission and hell to get off..The worst in the business.

  27. This price increase is almost double for the same package I had before. I have AT&T now and the concept is great and what I need . The price however is getting ridiculous .

  28. I agree with everything everybody has said here. I didn’t read them all, a bunch from the top down and bottom up. I never heard anyone complaining about COMERCIALS! There are as many minutes of comercial time as program time. I quite cable and satellite TV because the amount of commercials was driving me crazy. I’m now a streamer! Netflix has diddly for comercials, History channel online has less comercials then History channel on att/direct TV.
    We used to get TV for free when we all had TV antennas. When cable and satellite came along they offered us comercial free TV, but, we had to pay for it. Heck ya we all said, I’ll pay for no comercials!!! Now look at what we have, all these companies are taking advantage of the stupid people who just keep paying up. If we all got together and boycotted these companies for a short period of time we could show them whose boss!

    1. I have no respect tor my new Atttttt crap. Rude none speaking English customer service. I feel they laugh the minute we get off the phone with (us) the (customer). Such abuse. Totally exhausted of being drained in my pocket. Empty feeling. Calling these people is a waste of time. I always have to calm down for hours after calling these people. I’m glad I’m not the only person that feels this way.

  29. I had DirecTV since it started. Was a huge fan. I had the largest package they offered with 8 DVR boxes all bundled together for $99 a month plus the price of the boxes. And was using Time Warner as my internet provider once they sold out to spectrum their service was horrible..I had a salesman call me and tell me that if I went with AT&t as my internet provider I would get free installation upgrade all my DVRs and my price would stay the same since my contract had run out. Installation was not free my price doubled and I told him to come take their stuff out of my house. I will never do business with AT&t in any way whatsoever. I’m cord cutter now..And now I use WOW for my internet gigabit connection for $52 a month and use Roku for everything because it has a physical remote. YouTube TV for home and work great for sports if you like that. Philo for those other cable channels that my wife likes $20 a month. Hulu commercial free, Disney plus ESPN bundle $16 a month. Hdhomerun over-the-air antenna tuner. $59 one time purchase.Plex for the DVR for over-the-air Media server and Netflix.Oh and Amazon prime because I have Amazon prime. No contract on anything. NFL needs to do something about their contract they have with DirecTV which is a joke for the NFL.
    AT&t will eventually fail because they have nothing to offer. Their customer service is a joke….

  30. At&t don’t live up to what they say? Loyal customers don’t get a break. They have to many sports channels to many advertisers nothing to watch that you haven’t already. I’m seriously canceling my account. I’m on a fixed income just like some others. I’m 78yrs old can’t afford $ a month.

  31. I timed it. For every 10 minutes of air time, 6 are commercials, the same commercials, then may 4 minutes of the program you are watching. Worst between 4 to 9 PM. We pay to watch ads. Platforms say its Dir TV fault. Dir TV says its TV platforms fault


  33. I had my direct for a year which ended my contract when I moved I was going to cancell after over an hour on the phone with direct I was promised a free install and pricing because they said I was a preferred customer then a month after my install they draw 258 out of my bank account I call they say it’s for the install I explain I was told it would be free if that’s not the case I want to cancell direct told me you know your under contract I flipped so not only did I get charged for a free install which was 199 not 258 I was charged I told them why would I sign a new contract all I got was there’s nothing in the notes needless to say come July I will cancell like I wanted to in the first place. It’s a shame what at&t has done to the customer service I used to work for direct and they would have fixed this. No wonder they are loosing money. I also changed my card number

  34. The pricing is ridiculous!! They act like they will save you money switching from cable when all they do is rob you. I switched to the lowest package possible which says 155 channels but its all infomercials trying to sale things or just repeated crap channels. I may have 15 good channels and pay over $100 for junk.

  35. I HATE AT&T! Worst customer service EVER! If I wanted to stream I would go to another company
    Only reason I’m with them is Direct and it’s gotten so high not sure about that.
    Only thing I am sure about is that I will NEVER have anything else with AT&T! So get rid of DIRECT. It will push me to find service with another company.

  36. I dropped Direct TV and when my contract runs out with AT&T phone service, I will be done with them for good. They lied and promised me if I got the phone service then my TV bill would NEVER go up. 6 months later it more than doubled. When I called to complain the man I talked to said the woman should not have lied just to make a sale. They would not work with me either. So I dropped them. They then e mailed me and offered a price that was100 dollars cheaper. I am already with another company. So no deal.

  37. I have been with and am still with Directv since 1994. AT&T has terrible customer service. I try to contact them as little as possible. The original DTV customer service was great. I canceled my cell phone with AT&T because of lousy service. I would cancel my internet with them if there was an option.
    They also own CNN. Look what they have done to it.
    I am embarrassed because I live in Texas where AT&T is based.

    Please someone buy Directv. It is a great product. I will not use AT&T’s new streaming service.

  38. I love DirecTV! Dish was terrible. I have all the channels I truly enjoy. I’m retired and DirecTV fills my extra time when I watch TV. Please don’t discard DirecTV. It’s the best service. Their tech support always helps me when I have a problem. I’m not technically literate and they are very patient and guide me through any problem I have. KEEP DirecTV!!!!!!

    1. I think you have them MIXED UP.

      Their tech support always helps me when I have a problem.
      they are very patient and guide me through any problem I have.

      DirecTV Does NOT have Tech support.

  39. AT&T killed the value of DirecTV , I switched back to them a few years back and never got my $200 gift card , when I called they said that someone must of not clicked a box when they took my order over the phone , I told them I wanted out if my contract since they breached it , they said I had to pay a penalty . I dropped them as soon as contract was over . Then I moved , no cable TV worth a darn here ( all channels but a few are 720p or 480p ) so I had no choice but to use them again , this time I never got the 100$ gift card , this time I was told no one checked the box when I ordered over the phone , and that it was too late to get it now .
    They won’t let me out of the contract to switch to the streaming service . The reason I want to switch is because the signal I get now Pixelates all the time , they have sent 2 people out and no one can fix it . Being with Direct TV since 1996 when I self installed , I can see how cheap and small the LNB is . I told the tech that that small cheap LNB has got to be the issue , and he had no idea what an LNB was .
    If I had another choice I’d take it , being forced into retirement recently from a work injury , I can’t afford to do anything but either drop em and pay the penalty , or live with the crap they call a digital signal until my contract is up , then I will go back to an antenna on a pole , and curse at the lack of 4K on the TV . ( Which is why I dropped the local cable company here , Xfinity !! You missed a very large town out here in New Mexico , thou my 300 Mbps is faster then I had back east and 30$ cheaper per month )
    Is there any way to stream TV and get certain channels without paying an arm and a leg ?

  40. I was a loyal customer of Directv since 2006. I loved it. Then At&t came along and blew up my satellite dream. I left and switched to Dish, which is not up to Directv’s level as far as the remote and guide go, but At&t kept raising my payments. They have no clue how and what to do for their customers. They forget that they are surviving because of their customers. They seem to think that their customers are there for them.

  41. We have been Directv customers for over twenty years and have never had the service problems that we do until at&t took over. Our disconnect from the genie whole home receiver for no apparent reason. When we call we are connected to the Philippines where they don’t even speak English or know what satellite service is. Two weeks ago I had to call 17 times just to get an English speaking representative to get my bill straightened out. Customer service stinks and they insist you can’t be transferred to someone who understands you. It’s no wonder so many customers have left

  42. I have been with DirecTV since they were Primestar, believe me when I say that AT&T has DESTROYED it. The best thing I loved about DirecTV was that I could reach custormer service anytime, day or night. They were friendly and there wasn’t a language barrier. However, since AT&T has gotten their money grubbing hands on DirecTV, they have been concerned with only making money by hiring cheap labor and raising prices. I’ve had the same service since forever and my bill went from $89 to over $300. Total madness.

  43. How !!! Can a company raise prices when u are under contract?????why can’t the government step in?? To help us out.i wish they go out of business fast.horrible,cheating people.

  44. DirecTV had great techs. Great customer service. Great service. Can’t stand my cable operator (Cox). Flaky internet and TV. Hence DirecTV. AT&T moved customer service to overseas non English speaking idiots. Largely moved to contractors for techs who are sloppy and giving them bad name. Jacked up prices. Gave fewer cheap choices. Updated software and made it slow. Would not touch an AT&T box based on Android. Any consumer device based on Android sucks. Way better streaming options using built-in apps not requiring a lame Android box.

  45. Att sucks, DirecTV was good until att took over. They can never get your bill right, we have to call every other month for them to get it right and it’s still not right. HATE ATT. I have nothing good to say about them. How can they sucks people.🤕😡

  46. I only had DirecTV for two years, and it was the worst, most frustrating and longest two of my long life. I was lied to, stolen from and the customer service is less than a joke. I had technicians and supervisors to my home more than five times in the first two months. Ruined my siding. Charged me for one plan and gave me another. Everyone I called I spoke with supervisors who just lied one thing after another. Was told that my short service had so many pages to view they would review it and call me back. This was after at least being on the phone already for an hour. The companies they contract to call and get customers also lie one thing after another. Gave me pricing for one plan then set up the cheapest. I did not want premuim channels but they get you with the auto pay. You supposedly save five dollars each month, now that may not sound like much but on a social security check it adds up. So what do they do they charge me for all of them and then when I call and say this is a mistake, which was three days later, I was out of town, they say oh let me offer you deals! No just cancel and give me my money back! But no they will not do that.. I called at least twice a month the first year with complaints. And got nowhere. I could not wait until the two years was up. So how do they top all this. I call say I have paid up til the end of the month then I am cancelling. So idiot turns my service off that night. I call them and say turn my service on, he tells me let me see what package I can offer you! I tell him I have an account already and it is paid up, just turn it back on! He refused to turn on my service unless I agree to a new deal! Finally I get someone to turn on my service. Then a couple days later I get this woman wanting to know why I was cancelling and was I happy with my service! Are you serious? I told her they were all liars, cheats , idiots and they need people who can speak freaking English! I would tell anyone and never,NEVER use their service!! One day I will find an attorney that will help me sue them. I have proof of every accusation I make against them! I have recorded each and every call with each incompetent person I ever spoke to. I have dates and times. I can be very patient when it comes to justice. And one day I will have my say.

  47. AT&T … You do remember what it stands for, right ? American Telephone (1892) & Telepraph (1835) Co. is a very old company dealing with very, very old devices, closing in on 200 yrs. on one of them. They have most recently dealt with just the verbal telephone. So, from all the techs, family ‘n friends that I have talked to, at&t IS terrible, they know NOTHING of visual communication … Like the famous quote in the waal street movie, “Greed, it is all about greed !” … and that is why at&t bought DirecTV = $, $, $ !!

    Yes, we too are looking at leaving w/ the milkions of others ‘n find another service !! Soon !!

    It simply “more, with less !” or “cost more, for less product !!”

    Good-bye at&t !! 👏

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