AT&T this week expanded its offering of AT&T TV to the entire nation. The telco, which has lost roughly six million video subscribers since buying DIRECTV in 2015, is hopeful the Internet-based AT&T TV will stop the bleeding, and possibly bring new customers on board. (To learn more about AT&T TV, click here.)

Earlier this week, I wrote a few articles detailing what makes AT&T TV different from  DIRECTV, and what the company plans to do with its sagging satellite TV service in the coming months and years.

The articles prompted an avalanche of e-mails and reader posts in response, all of which were critical of AT&T. (I mean every single one.) I thought it would be interesting (and possibly even informative for AT&T) to publish some of the more colorful ones here. (And if you would like to join in, you can offer your comment at the bottom of this article.)

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“(AT&T TV is) the same service with fewer features (than DIRECTV) at the same price. We ARE….AT&T!” — ‘Drake.’

“They just don’t get it. The costs (for AT&T TV) are higher than competitors (with the box fees) even during the promotional rate. More importantly, these days there are too many options for rationale people to commit to a contract that, after promotional period, requires you to pay whatever they want even if/when they delete your favorite network(s) because they can’t get to an agreement, or quit and send them a check for no services for the duration of the contract.” — ‘Jay.’

“This (AT&T TV) sounds like ATT Uverse all over again…..” – ‘Michael.’

“Does AT&T even know/understand that the point of many satellite users is that they CAN’T get cable of any type and thus can’t get ‘streaming’?! Jeez. Wonder how many of the users are of this type and are totally out of luck when satellite service is shut down in the future?” – ‘Lee.’

“I have been with Directv since 1998. I have Verizon FIOS for internet and phone. I keep Directv due to frequent days long power interruptions in my area that can effect FIOS. ( My backup generator powers my house so I can power Directv ). So if ATT won’t support satellite anymore why would I go with an ATT product when I can just go with FIOS TV?? Who does the thinking at ATT??” — ‘Thomas.’

“Directv was the standard and AT&T has killed it. Pathetic.” – ‘Stefan.’

“At&t forgot who the customer is. You are the worst and I can’t wait to get rid of all my other crappola.” — ‘Rick.’

“If AT&T WOULD DROP ITS PRICING and concentrate on better customer service I don’t think it would have hemmoraged (sic) all the subscribers. It’s a shame. Maybe Dish will buy it from AT&T? With 16 million active subscribers I just don’t understand why it is willing to lose all that revenue, plus I hate streaming.” – ‘Bill.’

“What do you do when you have competence, you buy it and you destroy it that’s exactly what AT&T did with DirecTV I used to work as a technician for DirecTV and I used to love their customer service the product used to be such a wonderful product. now I don’t think that AT&T will sale DirecTV to the other competence no… AT&T will buy Dish Network to do exactly what they did with DirecTV destroy it.” – ‘Arturo.’

“It is a dam shame that I have been a customer for over 16 years on a fixed income and you people have the adassaty (sic) to raise my bill from $80.00 to $144.96 a month. Also like other people have said,you call Direct and you get to speak to someone who can’t speak ENGLISH. They keep telling me that I should change package. What the hell is wrong with you people. Give your loyal customers some perks. Looking for a different provider!!!!!!” – ‘Edward.’

“Why the hell did at&t buy direct tv if all they were going to do was destroy it? Direct tv was fantastic till at&t got their grubby mitts on it.” — ‘Gina.’

“AT&T drove me crazy. They said after everything was installed, cable ( Direct tv} home phone, hot spot wireless internet, to call them and bundle together. They never bundled me. They kept raising the price, played games and refused to bundle me because they make more money charging you Individually. That’s not what they said when I spent an hour with them on the phone. As soon as they got my debit card number, everything changed. They want me to pay for all their cord cutters, passing their loss to me. I cancelled them right away, and changed my debit card. They lock you in a prison contract, then they pound on you for higher prices. No more damage control contracts for me. Bye cable…had enough of your dishonesties.” – ‘Betty.’

“AT&T peed on Direct tv and told them it was raining,” – ‘Betty.’

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— Phillip Swann