YouTube TV says Sinclair has agreed to a temporary extension that will keep the Fox regional sports networks in YouTubeTV’s lineup today while the companies continue to negotiate a permanent agreement.

The live streaming service announced earlier this week that the channels would be removed today because it could not reach a new carriage pact with Sinclair Broadcasting, their owner.

However, @TeamYouTube , the company’s Twitter customer service page, tweeted last night that Sinclair agreed to a temporary extension in the current contract.

“Fox RSNs and Yes Network are still available on YouTube TV as we have agreed to a temporary extension. We’re currently working to reach an agreement and we’ll let you know as soon as we have more info. Stay tuned!” YouTube wrote.

Sinclair has yet to issue a statement regarding the negotiations so it’s unclear if YouTubeTV’s tweet is accurate. The channels are still on YouTubeTV, but they were not scheduled to be removed until today at a time uncertain.

The Yes Network continues to post a notice at its web site saying YouTubeTV may lose it.

The Fox regional sports channels offer live games from a few dozen professional sports teams including the New York Yankees on Yes, the San Diego Padres on Fox Sports San Diego and the Cincinnati Reds on Fox Sports Ohio.

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— Phillip Swann