Netflix this week (February 16-22) plans to add 10 new TV shows and movies to its streaming lineup, including eight originals.

The new titles will include season one of The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia, a Netflix original comedy/drama series starring Pauline Chavez as a brilliant 15-year-old rocket scientist who moves in her uncle so she can work for NASA; volume three of The Chef Show, a Netflix original cooking series starring director/actor Jon Favreau who shares recipes and techniques with fellow celebrities; Babies, a Netflix original documentary that examines how infants discover the joys of early life; and Gentefied (pictured above), a Netflix original comedy/drama series featuring three middle-class Mexican-American families who fear their neighborhood will be overrun by rich people.

Here is the complete list of new titles coming this week to Netflix streaming:

Monday, Feb. 17
The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia (Netflix Original, season one)

Wednesday, Feb. 19
Chef Show Volume 3 (Netflix Original)

Thursday, Feb. 20
Spectros (Netflix Original)

Friday, Feb. 21
A Haunted House
Babies (Netflix Original)
Gentefied (Netflix Original)
Glitch Techs (Netflix Original)
Puerta 7 (Netflix Original)
System Crasher (Netflix Original)

Saturday, Feb. 22
Girl on the Third Floor

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— Phillip Swann