Q. I am very mad. I have Charter Spectrum and I just looked for Fox Soccer Plus and I couldn’t find it in my lineup. I’ve had it for some time and I pay good money for it. So where the Hell is it?!! — Dave, Brooklyn. 

Dave, as you know, Fox Soccer Plus is the TV home for numerous U.S. and international soccer and rugby matches including the German Bundesliga, DFL soccer, the National Rugby League, and Aussie Rules Football.

Charter, also known as Spectrum, has carried the sports channel in several programming packages for years. However, three days ago, the cable operator removed it from its HD Pass, Sports Pass, Spectrum TV Gold and Digi Tier 2 plans, and made it a separate channel that requires a $10 a month fee.

If you want Fox Soccer Plus now, you can add it by calling Charter at 1-866-363-6376. Charter says you may need to update your current TV package to add the channel.

If you are interested in learning more about Fox Soccer Plus, you can see the channel’s lineup for today by clicking here. 

In other Charter news, the cable operator has added the new Black News Channel in select markets.

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— Phillip Swann