2 Reasons NOT to Mount Your TV Above a Fireplace


Q. I’m old enough to remember how big and clunky TVs used to look. They would take up the whole living rooms! But I love the sleek design of today’s new TVs. I just bought a new LG OLED TV and it’s so super sleek! But here’s my question: I want to put the TV on an empty spot above my fireplace in our big room, but a friend of mine told me it’s a bad place although he couldn’t really explain why. Can you clarify this for me — Ed, Big Spring, Texas. 

Ed, my wife sometimes watches the home remodeling shows and in each episode it seems like I see the TV mounted above the fireplace. And I mutter ‘no, no, no’ every time I see it!


Two reasons.

1. It Could Give You a Headache
Whether the set is mounted on a wall, or just sitting on a stand, the center point of the screen should be directly in line with your eyes. From that vantage point, you will see the best possible picture from your set.

You know you have it placed correctly if you could draw an imaginary straight line from the screen’s center to your eyes when you’re sitting in the chair in which you normally watch TV.

If you mount the screen too high on the wall, your eyes have to adjust to focus on the center point and, consequently, your viewing is not as smooth. You will feel like you are constantly adjusting your seat position and that’s no way to watch TV!

Plus, if the set is mounted above your eye level, you will indeed have to crane your neck to watch it. That may be okay for a few minute, or even a 30-minute sitcom, but try watching a two-hour movie that way. (If you do, bring a bottle of Advil. You will get a headache!)

2. It Could Make Your ‘Cool TV’ Hot
Placing your TV above a fireplace mantel is common sense-dumb. If it’s a working fireplace, the heat from the fireplace could do damage to your set. That’s why every TV manual warns you to keep your set in a cool place, right?

Now if it’s ‘fake fireplace,’ one that doesn’t emanate heat, this isn’t a concern. But the ‘line of sight’ issue still is. So, take it from The TV Answer Man, don’t mount that TV above your fireplace.

I’m sure many of you will disagree with me so you can post your comments below

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— Phillip Swann

2 comments on “2 Reasons NOT to Mount Your TV Above a Fireplace”

  1. This brings up a point about architecture. House designers are creating models where the idea is everyone is going to sit around and talk. But in reality people are going to talk about what they just saw on TV!

    Too many houses have a small amount of wall space off in one corner or the only place available is the area above the fireplace….. The reality is the family room center is the TV and they should be realistic!

  2. We have had ours over the fireplace for 10 years now without any issues and absolutely love it there. We use a TV mount that allows the TV to be tilted forward slightly. Sitting 10 foot back we do not have headaches, neck aches, or adjust our seating position.

    The size of your room will determine if mounting above the fireplace will make sense. For open concept rooms this provides excellent viewing from the kitchen or other locations without furniture interfering with the view. Family members walking by the TV or children playing also will not interrupt your view of the television. Most living rooms use the fireplace as the focal point in the room and as such makes very good sense to mount above the fireplace. Prior to installing definitely check the temperature above the fireplace with a infrared temperature gun..

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