AT&T’s DIRECTV Problem: The Customers Speak Out!


AT&T’s DIRECTV has lost more than four million subscribers since the telco giant purchased the satcaster in 2015. (The TV service had 20.2 million at the time of the takeover, but now is around 16 million.)

In the last week, I have written two stories detailing some of the issues causing the defections, and laying out some possible solutions to curtailing the losses. The two articles have generated dozens of thousands of pageviews as well as nearly 60 comments from subscribers.

For many customers, particularly those who have subscribed for several years, AT&T’s stewardship of DIRECTV is a sore subject. Their comments reflect a longing for the pre-AT&T era when the satcaster’s executive team (General Motors, Hughes, News Corp., etc.) took great pride in running a satellite TV service. Now, they say, AT&T seems more interested in launching new streaming ventures (AT&T TV, HBO Max) rather than serving an audience that has demonstrated remarkable loyalty over the years.

I thought it would be interesting to print some of the comments posted at the end of the two articles to illustrate this dissatisfaction, and perhaps give AT&T’s executive team something to ponder:

“First thing AT&T HAS to DO is MOVED its Customer Service BACK to the USA.
It will NEVER get better with it’s HORRIBLE Overseas Service. And definitely consider SELLING the Company. I don’t believe they have their heart in TV and NEVER will.
Closing down Satellite service will really HURT Millions of Rural Customers. They can NOT count on internet TV with all it’s BUGS to be a success now.” — “Tom.”

“I totally agree with moving customer service back to the US. I live in the country. I don’t even have internet or a computer. At least when I had Dish if I call and said money was a little tight they would give me a credit for six months. AT&T won’t do anything to help their customers. My contract ends in May, will be moving back to Dish.” — “Kimberly.”

“We will never be able to depend on streaming. As soon as (AT&T) bought Directv,  it went downhill. You used to be able to call with a problem and get a technician who quickly solved your problem, now you get someone, usually with a heavy accent, insisting on telling you a scripted answer. I’ve been a customer for over 20 years, I already know how to reset the receiver, etc. The last time I called I knew my receiver was broken, but it took about 40 minutes to FINALLY get transferred to a technician, 10 minutes later they agreed it was dead and set up the shipment of a replacement. Now I’m seeing messages that tv channels are going away. If this downhill slide continues I will have to jump to Dish.” — “Debbie.”

“I went that route. 24 yrs.with DIRECTV. I would of stayed if they offered me what they were offering new scribers. Plus, I couldn’t understand customer service. It will be two years at a better rate with cable. Then Antenna service here I come.” — “Frank.:

“AT&T ruined Directv. Plain and simple. Ruined customer service. Ruined calling and getting promotional discounts. Even paying the bill you aren’t sure if you are paying the phone bill or DirecTV. I have been a customer for 17 years. Was the best service out there. I have DVR’s in 3 different locations. That is the only reason I haven’t switched to Dish Network. AT&T GO AWAY and stay with phones and internet. You suck at TV.” — “Tom.”

“Great comments, customer since 1994 and can’t get customer service for my traveling antenna, at&t does suck.” — “Lauren.”

“They did ruin a very good service..(rumor) has it, it only acquired DRV was for their technology UI AT&T is mental. 16 year subscriber thinking of calling it quits since AT&T is clueless with Directv, too many issues to name on here… AT&T I hope you burn to the ground.” — “Nemesis UT.”

“AT&T stop playing games with your customers give top shelf service because customers are really everything! Do something about the weather interruptions, like free heaters or shields for snow. Choice packages and no passing calls around when customers call all for under a hundred dollars a month. Oh yeah stop the damn India customer service reps that nobody can understand.” — “Randy.”

“I have been a DirecTV customer over 20 years and AT&T longer. DirecTV was a great company until acquired by AT&T. Calling customer service was no problem whatsoever. Now you can barely understand what they are saying, but even worse is getting any kind of satisfaction from them. I have my wireless service with them, internet & satellite with AT&T. They recently talked me into combining 2 of them but in doing so they somehow screwed up my e-mail account: the one I have been using for over 10 years. I cannot get logged in because somehow they did away with it. And it was this e-mail account where I got my bill each month since I had went paperless. I stayed on the phone over an hour, talking to 4- 5 different departments but I cannot get my e-mail account back. And it is this account I use to log into my NFL Sunday Ticket. They screw up everything they touch. I really believe they are trying to up dissatisfaction with DirecTV so switching customers over to some AT&T TV service will be easier.” — “Dennis.”

“They should lower their price and include premium TV channels at low price. Current price with included TV channels not worth it unless you upgrade. But people don’t want that overpriced and then service will be interrupted for unknown reason. They offer me Direct TV with internet bundle 50MBPS internet and its F**** slow. They should just make it the lowest 200MBPS with the same low price they offer for the 50MBPS.
TBH I just wanna cancel this Direct TV and just have the internet. Internet somehow works okay at 50MBPS. But the Direct tv is useless with the channels included.” — “Marvin.”

“I just left Direct after 17 yrs. I loved it. I got several credits for referring new customers. But I knew trouble was coming the day they announced ATT bought them. Lies and more lies for months about changes they made. Customers are just not as stupid as they thought. So many things I loved about Direct went away. When I called it was “we don’t offer that anymore”. Finally I did something I thought I would NEVER DO I went back back to Comcast. Its OK but I wish who ever SOLD DirecTV would buy it back.” — “Gail.”

“Been with Directv for 24 years. What was once golden is now dog poop.” — “Stefan.”

“I agree with all the above complaints about Directv and AT&T. I’ve been a Directv customer for almost 10 years I’ve been there only for the NFL Sunday ticket. The price increases, the package and channel changes are happening more frequently. The NFL has said it’s taking away Directv from there strangle hold on us, I hope so. There basic package does not include ESPN or fox sports so even if you buy the expensive Sunday ticket you have to pay extra for Monday or Thursday night football. Don’t do it.” — “Dan.”

“Don’t do it. I got it at one price from them next month it went up 30 dollars Don’t trust them at all and because they want to become a streaming only company we don’t have half the channels we signed up for. oh they did raise their price 3 times just in last few months and customer service is horrendous.” — “Terry.”

It goes on like that, and on like that, and on like that.

In previous years, if I wrote an article somewhat critical of DIRECTV, I would get numerous responses saying I was being too tough on it. But those days are gone. Customer dissatisfaction with AT&T as the owner of DIRECTV is pervasive, and possibly, permanent.

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— Phillip Swann

70 comments on “AT&T’s DIRECTV Problem: The Customers Speak Out!”

    1. I got DIRECTV a year ago but have canceled my contract due to I was promised all these channels for $42.41 a month & now it’s going into year 2 & they’ve raised my bill by $40.00 so now I would be paying $82.41 a month & not get half my channels. And every time I try & call customer service I have (“NO CLUE”) what they are saying to me. I’m definitely going back to Dish. Worse mistake I (“EVER MADE SWITCHING TP DIRECTV”)… (“IT SUCKS & ALL THEY DO IS LIE”)!!!

    2. Could not agree more. 10 years of price increases and lost local channels with no credit, went with streaming service. Took them 2 months to acknowledge return of equipment

    3. AT&T is horrible. They charged me twice and refuse to give me a refund even though I proved my payment with my bank statement. They lie, lie. They are criminals. They won’t bundle me when agent told me when I haVe my cable ,my Internet, and home phone, to call this number and have them bundle me ..they won’t bundle me. They give me the runaround and they keep playing games and they lie to you. not a good company… I would run if I were you unless you want one big headache talking to many many agents and getting nothing done they are a scam company. Unpredictable, irresponsible, unreliable, cheaters, liars . I’m even thinking of filing a lawsuit on them based on intentionally inflicting emotional distress on a senior, financial entrapment, Breaking/ broken promises, misleading me for financial gain etc. etc. .. then they wonder why people are leaving ha ha . Going to Dish! At least their decent. Anyone cable is better than AT&T. Never got a response from AT&T regarding my credit. They don’t communicate with you. They don’t leave notes on your account for the next agent to follow through. Everything is premeditated and Orchestrated. Don’t sign up with them. It’s a locked in prison trap.

    4. I am hooked on the NFL , however at&t so bad, I gave it up after years &years of direct TV at & t is the worst customer svs I cancelled my subscription , I would have stayed if direct TV still owned it Bob ny

    5. Customer since 1999, you think that this would get me some respect from their overseas customer service reps, who are stuck on that damn script and not giving me the run around like they did yesterday and the day before.
      If it wasn’t for my wife, I would’ve canceled the service yesterday.
      Better get with the program, because Millennials don’t watch TV like my generation and I followed my kids move on this front, just trying to get my wife aboard and will be cancelling my service.
      Customer service used to be great before AT&T now it sucks big time.

    6. I’ve had DirecTV for as long as off and on I’ve always counted on for TV and as soon as AT&t started to squeeze in yes customer service rotten their billing department messed up their bundle package is not understandable the people that work for customer service and you couldn’t understand not just because you had a heavy deep voice on the other line is because they were from india-pakistan wherever that the broken English came from but if you can’t understand it and you ask for a supervisor and that supervisor his English is just as bad as the last that’s just a piece of it I have recently got a bundle package because my old bundle package had worn out it was coming up to the end of February so two weeks prior to it I signed up for another bundle package that was supposed to be 146 and some change wow somehow the phone that was only thirty bucks a month the internet that was only $25 a month and the DirecTV that was only 86 or $89 a month had turned into phone at $45 a month internet at 60 bucks a month and I still got my bundle package from DirecTV at $86 so the reason that I jumped back to DirecTV was because they had the nice packages and bundle deals but yes they do treat their customers bat I mean real bad can’t use the word I’ll but they treat them like they don’t need them no more and when you try to get a new bundle package the only good bundle packages are for new customers and since your AT&t phone and internet is separate from DirecTV when you get that bundle package you got to talk to both of them because they’re not understanding why my AT&t is supposed to be lower than my DirecTV package so as far as anybody else yes and is he there time to tell AT&t go somewhere else or we have to find something that’s better than AT&t / DirecTV.

  1. Phillip Thanks for Re Printing the Comments.

    HOPE AT&T’s Stephenson and GANG Read them.
    But Don’t have much hope in them FIXING anything.
    They Need to SELL DirecTV before it is too late.
    DirecTV WAS the GOLD STANDARD in everything they did.

  2. Three times in the past year I’ve had to fight to get my bill below $90 bucks which is my absolute threshold, including changing my package downward. This last time, my new bill of $88 a month lasted 2 months before their annual January increase. That’s it for me. I paid up for February, and then I’m cancelling. YoutubeTV is my next stop.

  3. Yeah I cut to cord from DirecTV in Jan 2020. The huge bills and little value were just out of hand. Customer service was horrible and mostly overseas until the moment I asked to cancel. Then I go a series of 3 of the most helpful reps you could ask for. I was off a promo rate for two years and I had 4 increases in a year’s time. Att stopped investing in the technology and have set it up to die unfortunately. I use YoutubeTv and Disney+, I haven’t missed anything yet.

  4. We have been DirecTV customers for 19 years as of this month. The service is being cancelled at the end of the current billing cycle. We received an offer from Dish for a $300 gift card and we will be cutting our price nearly in half for the first two years.
    I just paid. $141 this month and we don’t even have any of the movie channels, or the NFL special channels, only Have the channels that are needed so my husband can watch Nascar. DirecTV is losing its lifeblood. It is not losing the gravy, which are people who will come on and stay for a while and leave, they are losing their meat and potato customers.

  5. I was a 16 year customer of DirecTV, they sucked bad after the At&t takeover, I switched to Dish a year ago and I have never looked back, quit happy.

    1. Yeah now the only way that you can get a deal from AT&t DirecTV is if you get their phone service and that 60 bucks a month minimum and you know that will go up so you can’t get a cell phone so you going to keep getting your bill jumped up every month before if you paid online you didn’t have any late charges now if you don’t pay one day after online with your credit card they charge you $9 late fees can’t wait to leave and I’ll never look back either

  6. We pay a fortune fo direct tv and we dont it get any movie channels. It’s hard for us we are retired and tv is our only recreation. I do the yard work in summer but my husband has had two hip replacements
    He needs the tv more than me. We buy groceries once a month. We scrape by to have the tv. The only way I can send this is because my daughter furnishes my phone. I can at least look up things I need to know.

  7. Thanks for printing these. We have had DirecTV for almost 25 years and it seems like all that happened is price increases. More so now with AT&T. I have trouble every month logging in to pay my bill. Also HATE the “your bill is due soon” email, no s**t Sherlock, only been paying it for that date for years.

    1. My mom had DirecTV for 25 years and her equipment was out of date so she wanted to get a DVR to record movies and everything they made her sign a new two-year contract to get that DVR but they did not give her the promotions that they were giving everybody else for getting new service and basically I feel getting a DVR when you didn’t have one you should never have to sign a new contract she’s been a devoted customer for 25 years and now they’re making her do this I’m sorry that’s BS.

  8. I was tricked into Direct TV. Was told I could bundle tV,internet, phone.They never set up Internet. Despite being told I lived where I could get it pre install. When I tried to cancel, was told I had to pay buyout. AT&T is horrible. I cancel service, my girlfriend adds it back. I have given up. If I call them I tell them to shut the service off. They in turn call her and offer some amazing deal. Stuck in the Country

  9. I cut the cord with direct tv after 23yrs. I love my AT&T phone service but I refuse to pay the price of Direct tv while customer service is next to zero. AT&T you sunk the direct tv ship all by yourself. Stick to what you know and you will be fine.

  10. Wow!! I thought it was just me. I’ve been a customer since 2003. One AT&T bought out Directtv, everything has gone downhill. Customer service is horrible, internet is slow, packages are too expensive. If the plan is to make us choose a streaming service, please note it will NOT be wit AT&T.

  11. Direct was a great company with leading edge technology. Att cant keep it working, their tech and customer support staff, keep saying a planned fix is in the works.
    Att really isnt up to this task.

  12. Horrible customer service, no one helps u. Have not been able to record with thiese crappy old boxes but won’t replace them without our purchase of new ones. When contract is up, we r done with them. Probably just cancel our service early to avoid more headaches!!!!

  13. the worst thing att and direct tv has done was decimate their dealer base.independent dealers.the same dealers who put directv in business.there was a time when we could do installs,upgrades or other work that was needed.all that changed about 1.5 years ago.when out of nowhere they
    decided they didn’t need the dealers any longer.they cancelled our contracts cut off our show room accounts and put our clients out on a string.when they called and needed work or equipment we had to tell them you have to call directv.not only were they destroying directv they were destroying our business also.our clients were always first.this is the worst mistake you made.we were the backbone of directv. people do not trust you any more

  14. Let me echo the frustration with the poor customer service. I know offshoring looks good on paper but the service provided to the customer suffers. Price has increased, service decreased, and channel changes are to much for this customer of nearly 20 years

  15. I cancelled my subscription with direct tv when i didnt recieve the promo $300 Visa credit card! Customer service asked if I had the original paperwork and how did I get the service, I said yes I have the paperwork in front of me and read off what it stated and offered. Customer service said they couldn’t honor that! This wasnt my first time complaining about this issue! Was told another time well that was before att bought directv and couldn’t honor that because it was before att acquired DirecTV! Or they couldn’t find that order! I suggested I could fax my original order or subscription to you! Said that wouldnt be necessary we cant do anything about subscriptions before att that it was with DirecTV. Hmm you bought DirecTV right? Then it should transfer over to the new owner! Customer service Im sorry sir, but there’s nothing we can do ! Honor your promo! You expect me to pay my monthly bill ! But do i hve to honor that since att bought DirecTV?
    Antonio loyal customer!!!

  16. AT&T had no business buying Direct TV and trying to run it themselves. What they did was run it slam in to the ground and are now ready to abandon it in favor of streaming services but they sure as heck can’t provide enough broadband coverage to power it. I had all of AT&T’s services but just couldn’t take it any longer with the constant rate increases while at the same time the quality of the services were decreasing. Switched back to cable and ported my numbers to Verizon and aside from it being expensive; it’s worth it because the quality is better.

  17. I have been with DirecTV since before it was DirecTV , I lowered my plan because of the high price so I am now stuck with a 2 year contract , I have had to get a Technician to come witch takes forever when calling and I do mean forever having to talk to these scripted
    idiots when it never did before att. When this stupid contract ends so will my DirecTV.

  18. Two days ago I called at&t concerning my DirecTV. I had place it on a seasonal hold. The representative instructed memto pay the $8 and my next bill will show the prorated amount . I did just that.
    I then received an email that my account was past due and would be suspended. I called, I was on the phone for an hour and a half with 6 different transfers to different people that could help me but really couldn’t. The last one told me o had to pay the full month amount BEFORE she would discuss my concern, that it had been sent to collections! This after the person before her said for me to wait the 4 days for my next bill to generate that he has made the corrections but I just had to speak with them in collections to solidify it. Nope ,she said I had to pay the full amount before she would talk anything else. Needless to say, when I return to my home after the winter,. I will be cancelling with at&t and I will absorb the ” early termination fee” just to be rid of them!

  19. I have been a DirecTV customer for 20 years. I will be switching to Dish. I knew by the day I heard att was taking over it would be ruined. I cancelled att phone service bc each month the bill continued to increase with no explanation. Here we are experiencing the same now with DirecTV. There is no customer service. Only prescripted answers from a foreign language. Att ruins everything they touch. Buckle up bc the flood of customers leaving isnt over.

    1. The Dish installer is on the way as I write this. We were subscribers since 2003. They wanted $500 to upgrade us to 4k. Dish is giving us free 7 tuner equipment for less money and I’m getting the RedZone Channel. To get RedZone DirecTV wanted me to get Sunday Ticket & the Super Fan add-on, a $400 purchase. Goodbye DirecTV and hello Dish Network.

  20. I’m going on a 18 months with direct and I’m ready for my contract to end. I’m paying more and less channels, spent over an hour on phone with agent yesterday who told me my receiver was having connection problems cause it wasn’t in it’s original location but told her it’s worked for over a month so I knew that wasn’t the problem. She had another receiver sent out and it’s doing the same thing so had to call and have a technician make a house call. They don’t listen to the customer and think we don’t know anything. I actually got better service with the live chat then I did on the phone call. Direct is going downhill fast. At&t obviously doesn’t know what their doing.

  21. Direct tv is terrible I have been a customers for years and now that want to charge you to update your equipment that’s what they tell you when you start having problems and then you have to renew your contract. I would rather go to another Cablevision company. They are all about making money

  22. I have been with DTV since they bought out Primestar. DTV is still rotating TV programs through their channel lineups that I am sure I have watched way back on Primestar. Hardly any new programs, just repeats that are shuffled to another channel number. So tired of seasonal reruns that are run on different channels. Bring back 60-90’s movies that are out there and were good. Change you customer service to America, so it can be understood and give your long term customer a a break.

  23. I have been DirecTV for 20 years. I agree that Att has been the problem. When they lose Sunday Ticket they lose me too!!!

  24. I worked for them before att purchased them and still do.Att is about stock holders and saving nickels and dimes. Charts and graphs and the bottom line is now everything. Even how often the trash is emptied in the office has changed. There is virtually no employee empowerment there at all. If you deserve a credit
    for something unless it’s for the most paltry amount it must always be approved by a manager (often hard to find, prepare to be on hold).Before if you were a loyal customer that paid his bill on time it meant something and we’d thank you for it. We have actually now been told not to mention the word” loyal” because it may cause a customer to feel entitled to something. Free movie channels, small loyalty credits gone. You often have to be transferred because of the many inefficiencies that exist in the customer management systems. It’s shameful at times how us legacy employees are forced to treat customers that have been with us for years. Directv was about the brand and having customers want to tell their friends they should get us. Those days are gone. Att is about new products and services that they can market. On the bright side as far a new technology goes Att can’t be beat so if that’s what you like then we are the one but don’t expect the best customer service once you have it.

  25. I left DirecTV and thankfully I did because they continued to go up on my bill, I was paying over 200.00 a month. I signed up with Dish and my bill is over a 100.00 cheaper and the quality of the receiver’s and interface is so much better than DirecTV.

  26. I have been a Direct TV customer for 14 years. I was thrilled with them until AT&T bought them. It has been downhill since then. I Complain about service and the constantly increased price and they offer a short 3 month discount on one service or free service I don’t want for a couple months. I am only with them now for Sunday ticket but can’t rationalize all the additional expense and frustration . They ruined a perfectly good company. I am switching back to cable next month.

  27. I have tv, internet and phone. Every week something goes wrong and tech support is enough to set your hair on fire, they transfer you to at least 4 different people that speak little English until it’s so maddening I give up. Who can we complain to?

  28. They suck. Everytime you look your cost is going up. Multiple channels show the same shows. And then all the darn commercials. No service when it rains or bad weather. But you are still charged.

  29. I was a 12 year customer and left due to bad customer service and increases in price. I save over $120 now using YouTube TV.

  30. We’ve been subscriber since 2003. Their customer service since the Takeover has been abysmal. Now, their competitor is giving us 4K service for free. This after DirecTV insist on charging US $500 for the same period on top of that we’re getting more channels and premium channels at a lower price. It’s a no-brainer. They brought this on themselves.

    1. I forgot to mention that the installer is on their way as I write this. I am also getting RedZone Channel. My monthly bill for 290 channels plus the sport package will be $125 or ~$20 less than DirecTV for fewer channels and no sports package. To get RedZone DirecTV wanted me to get Sunday Ticket & the Super Fan add-on which is a $400 purchase. So I am getting a free Hopper and 2 Joey’s with 4k service, something DirecTV wanted $500 for. On top of that Dish Network’s equipment offers 7 tuner recording. So on top of everything Dish has much better equipment. I just visited my Niece in Seattle and she has Xfinity. Her service blew me away. DirecTV’s service is like stone knives & bear skins in comparison. Pathetic. They are fortunate to still have any subscribers.

  31. AT&T screws up everything that they touch. As a long term customer, I am shocked at the lack of good US based customer service. The fact that they can’t speak English and that they are reading from a script because they have no knowledge. My bill was $181 and change last month. Paying more and more for less and less. The only salvation is for them to get out from under AT&T.

  32. After 16 years, I’m cutting the cord with AT&T Directv. Sooooo tired of calling overseas for problems. It’s not their employees fault!
    I subscribe to Amazon’s STARZ, Cinemax and Showtime, and I’m saving a lot. Don’t need the DVR box either because that’s why I was holding on for so long because I had so many favorite movies saved. AND, I purchased the entire 10 seasons of Friends on Amazon so the heck with the upcoming HBO Max at $14.99/month! HBO movies are so repetitive and old. Never anything to good to watch anymore. Plus, Amazon posts amazing daily deals on new movie purchases. I have an unbelievable library of movies now! The price of their boxes are outrageous. Do you know there is a $3 monthly fee just to be able to move from room-to-room to watch TV? A customer rep told me this a while back because I insisted on knowing what that fee was for. AND the $8.99 for sports that was shoved down our throats that we are forced to pay EVEN though I don’t watch sports??? You were once great, but are now HISTORY!

  33. I surspend my service for 90 days due to working oit of state. My service was to be turned on 31 Aug. When I did arrive back home 8 September it took 2 HOUR’S to turn my service back on. Then they started charging. Me from 31 August. Then the lady ADDED ON HBO SHOWTIME ETC… September bill $ 104.00 October bill $280.00. Nov bill $180. PEOPLE I had to go straight STUPID on THEM. I cancel all of the HBO SHOWTIME in September 9 1018. FRUAD on my ACCOUNT customer service JEN told me DON’T call back cause the results will be the same. THIS WITCH was no help. Custome service is located in THILAND. AND THE BATTLE continues to this day. 7 feb 2020

  34. I have had to call customer service twice within the last year. Neither time were my issues resolved. I agree that customer service needs to be moved back to the US. One issue was my receiver. I was willing to pay for a new one. I’ve had it forever. I think the service reps are too focused on the call center script and don’t understand the issues they ate called about. I’ve been with Direct for over 12 years but seriously considering some other option.

  35. I’ve been with DirecTV for about 10 yrs. I sometimes get the Sunday Ticket at football season in which I got this past season. Okay the season is now over and my husband was on the phone with them for a technical issue the other day and before hanging up he asked how much was our bill. It was an outrageous amount and he asked why was it so high still without the Sunday Ticket and these fools said we were being charged for an early renewal of the Sunday Ticket!! “Early renewal!!” Who does that? We’re not promised tomorrow so why would we pay for the Sunday Ticket 7mos early……I’m done!

  36. I contacted AT&T 2 days ago. I was paying $161.00 a month then in January it went up to $210.00. When I called them I was told I have a grandfather account since I’ve been with them since 2005. The lady kept telling me there was no way she could lower my bill. I told her I was considering canceling my service. She told me again there was nothing she could do. I asked for a supervisor. She connected me with a specialist in older accounts. I told this lady we are on a single fixed income. I cancelled 2 of my premium channels and she gave me a 30.00 credit per month for 12 months. Without any premium channels I would still be paying over 100.00 a month. I live in a rural area and don’t have much of a choice. I have had AT&T home service for over 42 years. I have home, DSL, Directv and cellular service with them and this is the best they can do. I’m very disappointed with the whole company.


    1. Feb. 26, 2021 is the end for me after years of at&t and direct tv
      After increases time and time again ,poor service,raining no tv service reruns on everything during this pandemic. They should reduce the cost during this time. I am so disgusted with the whole company can’t wait until the contract is up

  37. I too have been with DirecTV for 10 plus years..the customer service was always what kept me around. I always thought Comcast was better, but the customer service and price was well worth the loyalty. Since ATT&T has taken over the service has eroded and the price has increased with same service. It’s a shame, because you can tell…THEY DON’T CARE!!

  38. Been a customer since 1994. Was 19.95 a month. Granted times have changed. So has the service. AT&T is terrible. Sad thing is I still have the same package I started with 26 years ago only now my bill is $135/ month. That really bites!

  39. I have been a DirecTV Customer since 2002. I have had NFL Sunday Ticket the entire time. I used to love DirecTV and their superior technology but since AT&T bought them they have gone down hill fast. The software upgrades in their DVRs too them about 5 years back in time. They eliminated a lot of great features, made it tougher to navigate and find information in the menu. Their customer service has gone down hill. Hold times have increased and getting passed around on the phone had increased. They took the best things about the company and ruined them.

    I’m still with DirecTV because of the NFL Sunday Ticket but I have been considering cancelling for a few years.

    1. LOTS of TRUTH in your Comments.
      The DVR’s “so called Up Grade” was BAD NEWS.

      1st: They eliminated a lot of great features,
      made it tougher to navigate and find information in the menu.
      HOW TRUE is a REAL PAIN to navigate this Disaster.
      Bet Trump had something to do with this.
      Sounds like his handy work

      2nd They ELIMINATED the Caller ID on your TV Screen,
      for Us who still have LAND LINES. MANY still do.
      Remember who supplied LAND LINES, and CID, (AT&T,)
      Takes AWAY their most convenient feature to half way manage ROBO CALLS.
      then RAISES Prices till Customers FLEE (4 + Million since 2015)
      Just from DirecTV, Not to mention the Land Lines. (LOTS MORE)
      Then AT&T scratches their head, “Where did all my Customers go”

      3rd Someone should be Prosecuted (Stephenson AT&T CEO)
      for setting up The OVERSEAS Call Centers.

      Anyone have any Ideas how we can Get them MOVED BACK to the USA ??

  40. This is why the government should have never approved the purchase. They straight up lied. It hasn’t led to lower prices and better competition. They continue to raise their prices and tell customers to go elsewhere if they don’t like it. May drop Direct TV AND my AT&T phone service. Maybe more customers should drop BOTH to teach them a lesson.

  41. I agree I called to resolve an udyr issue took 7 calls, three managers and 5 disconnects and still no resolution. Run fast and far do not use them.

  42. AT&T and DirecTV suck. We switched everything to them 2 yes ago. All the Bill’s were different each month, and someone overseas is not who I want to talk to to explain these added charges. Different every month. Couldn’t even go to local franchise for help. Absurd is putting it mildly. Went with DISH so far so good. AT&T keeps coming up with bs as to why customers are leaving in droves. Read some of this & you’ll know why.

  43. Had direct tv for years then they changed to the dreaded AT&T. We were out of some favorite channels for months and was told we would get credit.. never did. The prices seemed to triple with AT&T. My bill with directtv was like 50-60 a month AT&T takes over with in 6 months I had 3 jumps in my pricing. Costing over 130.00 for no package change. Since I had a grandfather plan… i wouldn’t never change it … for ANY of their promotions.. cause i Knew what that would cause,,,T R O U B L E!!!! I don’t understand why they have non speaking English people answering their phones. You ask for a supervisor.. and you know it’s not a supervisor. Like Come on. Needless to say. I cancelled At&t will never go back to direct as long as AT&t over priced asses are over it.

  44. I was a new customer signing up for Direct tv. The deal they promised me was HBO free for a year and the NFL Sunday ticket same The other premium channels for 3 months and a $300 visa gift card. That was April last year. I didn’t ever receive a bill paper or paperless I payer first 3 months and I called them a week before to shut the other premium channels off or I would be charge for them too and still hadn’t receive gift card they had the wrong address and email on me. Then sure enough the next month my I’ll was double what should have been (they were charging for the other premium channels ) I told I was not going to pay I cancelled them within a week they shut my TV off they still never sent me a bill or nothing cuz I wanted to know what I was paying for. They still had wrong address. They turned my TV back on after I say I would pay back due and I wanted to see a bill and my gift card oh and by this time they said it was $200 NOT $300 I never did get my bill or gift card and about a week and a half later tv was off again. I told them they need to get there equipment that was in August never have and no that’s going against my credit they want me to hold up my end of the deal but they can do what they want hate at&t they are a joke

  45. It’s so sad but so real. We’ve had directtv in my parents house for something like 20 years. Now for the past year and a half my dad has been asking me what streaming services will cover everything he’s going to lose from canceling directtv. AT&Ts service has always been terrible, ever since we switched to them for internet it’s been problem after problem. Personally I feel that directtv hasn’t always provided the best service, but it was definitely better before at&t bought them.

    1. We just hit the 20 year anniversary with Directv and now, because of how poorly run it is under AT&T, we will break with them un May as soon as our contract is up. Back in the day, Directv would contact us to offer an anniversary gift. Those days are long gone. AT&T destroyed Directv’s great reputation. So sad

  46. I’ve been with DirecTV for 20 years and since AT&T has took them over they have went downhill FAST!…customer service sucks and they are price gouging their customers on tv and phone sides

  47. I agree with every single comment about ATT./DTV. I was one of the first customer in my area in 1990’s. It all went downhill after AT&T purchased DTV. I am now a dish customer, and I am not paying the $170 a month that was the final straw in January 2020. I wish I had the courage to cut the cord but I’m not convinced that is the way to go since TV is our sole entertainment. I knew when CBS All Access came out that TV was changing forever. The first time I couldn’t watch Big Brother without paying extra was just the start of how TV will be in the future. We’ll be buying a channel at a time

  48. Most of the issue is people wanting a premium product for less price or as free as possible. It happens with every cable company. You get a promotional offer with a contract stating the REDUCED price is guaranteed for a year. People still expect the same price 3 years after and if not they raised your bill. How can they raised your bill when it was the initial agreement? You think streaming is cheaper, but then you have 4-5 separate subscriptions ending up paying the same as staying with the ISP and it’s cable service; now your internet is not bundled which means it could be priced differently. The more products you have the more loyal you become to the company and the better the customer service Tier you fall on. 5 years after you think you’re paying too much but the new comers end up paying a higher price than me for being 5 years with the same company. There are additional fees that don’t apply to older accounts and are not disclosed in the advertisements… At&t did not break DirecTV, DirecTV was broken by cheap customers. Those who want a premium product for less.

    It’s like going to a Brazilian restaurant, and since you’ve been there before you don’t qualify for the 20% off you’re first meal promo.

    Again, same thing with Charter, Spectrum, Xfinity, etc…

    In regards to why introduce streaming services. In order to understand that we need to know a little of business, technology and marketing. People want lower priced original content. They don’t want commercials and much less garbage channels. This streaming service HBO MAX is for them. This is a different market. Such as wireline phones and wireless phones. Most people who use wireline are older generations. The at&t tv is the reason why they bought DirecTV according to what I have read doing a little research. DirecTV owned intellectual properties which included patents that would accelerate the growth of a product like sling or Hulu. However these streaming services are not compatible to enter channel numbers, pause live and rewind and other features. This is where this new at&t tv service come in. It’s meant to save the company money by not having to send a tech to install, it is portable for the customer, works with any internet connection, smart remote, remote with numbers and powered by Android so you can install other streaming options.

    This has been a long term plan for them which started prior to the purchase of DirecTV.

  49. I switched to spectrum because of the Horrible overseas customer experience after being wit them for 11 yrs with out a blink of an eye,one guy ask what can we do to keep you with us.i said give me somebody that can understand the words coming out of my mouth.

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