Q. I read your Super Bowl story, but I was wondering if Charter Spectrum was going to have the game in 4K. They are a really big cable company and it would seem like they would — Rene, Santa Monica, California. 

Rene, it might seem like Charter Spectrum would. After all, it’s the nation’s second largest cable TV service after Comcast. But Charter will not carry the Super Bowl in 4K.

Asked this week by a customer on Twitter if the game would be in 4K, Charter’s customer service team tweeted:

“Currently we do not offer 4k streams for any channels. Our HD channels would be 1080i.”

That’s right. Not only will Charter not have the Super Bowl in 4K, the cable op doesn’t offer anything in 4K. Again, hard to believe, isn’t it?

So, who will offer tomorrow’s Super Bowl in 4K?

DIRECTV, Dish, Comcast, Altice (Optimum), Verizon, RCN and the live streaming service, fuboTV.

The game will also be streamed in 4K on the Fox Sports app on 4K-enabled Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV devices. (See our article for more information.)

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— Phillip Swann