Comcast said today that it’s now uncertain if it will broadcast next month’s NFL Super Bowl from Miami in 4K.

The cable operator’s Twitter page said this week that it would carry it in 4K in response to a question from a subscriber on Twitter.

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“For the first time the Super Bowl will be broadcast in 4K Ultra High Definition,” tweeted @Comcastcares, the company’s customer service page.

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But a Comcast press contact said this morning that the @Comcastcares rep was operating on “inaccurate information.”

Update, January 23: Comcast says it will air the Super Bowl in 4K after all.

Comcast had a similar miscommunication prior to Fox’s first Thursday Night Football broadcast in September. The cable operator said it would carry the games in 4K, but didn’t when the games started.

The cable operator also recently said that it will show the LSU-Clemson college football championship game (Monday, January 13, 8 p.m. ET) in 4K.

To watch that event in 4K, Comcast subscribers will need a 4K-enabled set-top from the cable operator as well as a 4K TV.

That is, if Comcast actually shows it in 4K.

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Altice (Optimum), the cable operator, and fuboTV, the live streaming service, do plan to offer 4K broadcasts of the Super Bowl. DIRECTV is also expected to do so, but has yet to make an official announcement.

If Comcast switches again, and says it will offer the game in 4K, we will update this post.

— Phillip Swann