Why Is DIRECTV Raising Prices?


Q. I read your article about DIRECTV raising prices again and my question is why, why, why?!! They do this every year. Don’t they understand that many of us are fed up and might cut the cord? — Tom, Gaithersburg, Maryland. 

Tom, you’re right. AT&T, which owns DIRECTV, has revealed that, starting next month, it’s raising prices for both the satellite TV service, and its other pay TV outfit, U-verse.

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For DIRECTV, the increase will range from $1 a month to $8 a month, depending upon the package. There will also be an increase in the Regional Sports Channel fee by as much as $2 a month. (For more details, see our article here.)

AT&T says the price hikes are necessary to offset the escalating cost of acquiring programming.

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“Because our programming costs went up, we have to raise our monthly prices for select packages starting January 19, 2020. You’ll see the new pricing on your bill,” the AT&T notice reads.

In case you don’t know, pay TV providers, such as DIRECTV and U-verse, have to pay the networks to carry their signals. And it’s a fact that the networks are demanding more money every year. That’s a major reason why the two pay TV operators have raised their prices every January for the last several years.

But there is something different about this year, which perhaps AT&T doesn’t understand or chooses to ignore.

Many DIRECTV subscribers, such as yourself, are ready to drop their service. They’ve had enough with the rising prices, and what they perceive is poor customer service from AT&T.

I receive countless e-mails from DIRECTV customers that express a desire for AT&T to sell the satcaster to another company. They say if AT&T doesn’t stop raising prices, and in their view, continue to lower the quality of service, they are cutting the cord.

It should be no surprise that since AT&T purchased DIRECTV in 2015, the nation’s top satellite TV service has lost a net of nearly three million customers. The advent of cord-cutting is certainly a cause, but dissatisfaction over AT&T may be just as important.

So AT&T is taking a major gamble in raising prices once again, no matter how necessary it may be due to programming costs. For many subscribers, it could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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— Phillip Swann

26 comments on “Why Is DIRECTV Raising Prices?”

  1. I dropped my DirecTV service three months ago in favor of YoutubeTV and haven’t looked back. I was a 10 year subscriber of DTV, but when their service started going to crap after AT&T acquired them, I started looking for options.

  2. AT&T said when it bought DirecTV, it would be in a position to “LOWER PRICES”
    What Happened ?

    AT&T says the price hikes are necessary to offset the escalating cost of acquiring programming. ? Something is Missing

    Then they sent ALL their GOOD Call Center Operations overseas.
    That was when it started going SOUTH.
    NOW it is in FULL THROTTLE, Leaving Earth and closing shop.

    Kinda reminds you of Trump

  3. If the top ranking executives at AT&T and DirecTV would lower their MEGA MILLION DOLLAR BONUSES they could drastically lower the cost to subscribers.

  4. I called to find out if my service contract was done which it was when they asked if Wanted to upgrade to higher internet speed. Little did I know they just roped me into another year contract.

    1. Did you know DirecTV does NOT provide “INTERNET” ?
      They are part of AT&T and “ROPED” you into a “higher” speed on their
      “U-Verse” half baked internet (Bundle Scam)
      U-Verse uses the OLD Original “Copper Pair” Telephone wire
      from your old phone service witch is slow, un-less you “might have” Fiber.

  5. If my DVR doesn’t stop forcing my recordings to allow commercials. I’ll be cutting the cord real quick.. Not being forced to on demand as I pay too much for that. Id rather give 2 extra bucks to Hulu and drop DVR. All i need is a channel box. So stop it or after December I’m gone.

  6. I went to the lowest package because my rates went so high but I hardly had any channels worth watching so for the holidays I went up a package and my bill over doubled plus they are trying to charge me 2bills in one mth…$229.a mtg.This is more than my light bill and most of the movies are old reruns.
    I was very satisfied until AT&T took over…i will be looking for another service!!!

  7. I want to drop my service but they have me over the barrel because of a 2 year commitment. I am on a fixed income and haven’t had 2 bills the same in 18 months. Every time I call, if you can get through, I get a run around and get my adjusted occasionally but it is a fight. When my 24 months are up I am cutting the cord and finding a company that knows what they are doing with TV services and customer friendly.

  8. I contacted direct TV almost a year ago and got my bill lowered,with no interupsion in service.here it is a year later my bill is still$114.00 a month they promised me my bill would if been $69.00 .I’m done I’m looking at dish or something else we live in the country what else is there.

  9. I dropped them after spending years with them because of the constant price hikes. Went to Dish Network. AT&T need to get themselves sorted out, or they will end up being reduced to nothing

  10. They raise it I am gone ..I already pay way to much I will be going with dish .already looked into it ..with all the people that have at@t and you guys charge the money you do please..us small people can’t afford if now

  11. my contract with DirecTV was up on December 10th after numerous Bill increases over the past 7 years, bad customer service. I signed up for dish with their 2-year price guarantee mr. I got dishes. Package and internet for less than Directv want it just for the satellite TV

  12. Att has destroyed a once proud company.
    There total lack of respect for customers is unprecedented.
    I was with direct tv for over 20 years once att took over customer service decline.
    Customer service continues to decline as AT&T mgmt team rakes in millions of dollars.

    1. You think Directv is BAD, ,
      You should “try” to deal with the Telephone side.

      One Correction:
      AT&T’S customer service did NOT DECLINE,

  13. Dropped my Direct TV today after 22 years. Got an email that the prices were increasing. I’m outta here! Streaming with FuboTV and love it! Way better quality and lower prices and remove the ugly dish and cables. Happy, Happy, Happy!

  14. I just switched from DirecTV after 21 years to Dish Network. Dish had a better channel choices, better equipment for almost 1/3 the price. They were like Direct TV used to be, they were very appreciative and keep giving me discounts. We RV a lot and probability is still important.

  15. My AT&T direct tv just raised my bill to a 3% hike incredible now that everyone has lost jobs. These company don’t give a crap about the country situation instead they are taking advantage of the situation.

  16. We switched to Dish Network at 1/2 the cost after 21 years with Dirctv! A, T, & T is running Directv into the ground!! JMHO.

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