Did DIRECTV Have An Outage Last Night?


Q. I couldn’t watch DIRECTV last night because I kept getting a lost signal message on the screen. What gives? Is this because of AT&T? I’ve really had it with them and I think it’s time to get another TV service. — Cathy, Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Cathy, you are not alone. Thousands of DIRECTV subscribers last night stormed the social media sites to unleash their anger over losing their satellite picture during primetime hours.

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“Service with @DIRECTV is an absolute JOKE! Wonder why people are switching to Hulu? Firestick? Netflix? Etc…Lost signal for over 2 hours! A disgrace!” wrote @KabesAZ on Twitter.

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“You guys got all that money and can’t figure out how to get your TV to work,” tweeted @headchopper.

And several DIRECTV subscribers said their problem became worse when they tried to call the company’s customer service line.

“Wow @DIRECTV your customer service sucks! Used to call and have issues resolved timely. Now still on f’in hold after 45 minutes while your message estimated 10 min wait! Receiver stuck on 98% complete step 2 receiving satellite info!! For the money I pay!!! WTH,” wrote ‘James Ward.’

DIRECTV’s Twitter customer service team responded quickly to the complaints, saying a cut fiber was causing the interruptions.

“…because of a fiber cut, some customers may be experiencing service interruptions. We are working as quickly as possible to restore service,” @DIRECTV wrote.

The company never explained how the fiber became cut, but wrote at 8:33 p.m. ET that the problem had been resolved.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, Kevin. It should be working now,” @DIRECTV told one upset customer.

It’s unclear how many DIRECTV subscribers were affected. However, if a fiber was cut, it’s likely a large number of homes lost their signal.

DownDetector.com, which tracks company outages, reports that nearly 1,000 people were complaining on social media sites at the same time around 7:30 p.m. ET. The complaints began to escalate around 6 p.m. ET, according to the site, and a search of Twitter posts.

The technical snafu is the latest headache for AT&T, which owns DIRECTV. Since the telco purchased DIRECTV, the satcaster has lost a net of nearly three million subscribers, leading to speculation it might sell the service.

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— Phillip Swann


22 comments on “Did DIRECTV Have An Outage Last Night?”

      1. As soon as I can I’m getting away from Direct TV after tv was up and running my remote stopped working so my tv is stuck on Fox 15 can’t change the channel or nothing. Poor as company for sure

      2. We live in a rural area and have no choice but DirecTV. They are a monopoly that charges outrageous prices. I hate them!!! As a free market, something should give. The cable companies won’t bury their lines in rural areas because its not financial worth it to them. They want to make their money in the cities. Screw the farmers and rural people. Something or someone should step in!! $200 a month with no internet or phone service, just satellite?? 😤😤😤😤

    1. I had the same question. Perhaps that is how they maintain a geosynchronous orbit – They tether the satellite to the earth with a very long piece of fiber optic cable… LoL!

    2. Probably just the best excuse they could dream up in a fast second.

      Some on the signals go thru Fiber to the UP Satellite,
      but don’t believe it cut ALL service to millions of customers.

      Remember AT&T Hates customers
      and will do or say anything to PISS OFF Customers.
      Having their Customer Service OFF Shore (With NO or limited English)
      also helps make problems WORSE.
      Explains why Millions of customers BAILED.

      Just hope for a Christmas Present. “AT&T SELLS DirecTV”

    3. Had increasingly annoying audio and video interrupts FOR MONTHS on DTV until today when we switched to DISH….and…ps..DTV told us a month ago our monthly bill would go from ~$46 to $143..

      What ???????????????????

  1. Every since At&t took over, the customer service sucks, my bill has increased. I only watch 7 channels out of the whole freaking 200 channels and my bill is 190.00. At&t are not trying to give any discounts . I was told that I could just get hulu or amazon prime since I only have a few channels that i watch. I dont know why i have to pay a sports fee when I dont watch sports at all. I will definitely be cancelling my service as soon as I decide which provider I am going with.
    #Fed up customer!!!😡😡😡

    1. You are subscribed to the WRONG Package.
      CHANGE to the “SELECT” Package.
      Has 155 Channels for $ 58.99
      and NO Sports, NO sports FEES and Most of the regular channels.

  2. DirecTV is the absolutley the worst service ever from their programming to their customer service. How in the hell are they still in business?

  3. I live in Mississippi and i got thier service through a promotion through walmart i was promised 250 back i received the walmart card for 125 but AT&T have been giving me the run around since july about this card so im looking into getting a firestick this company needs to go out of business

  4. I would like to get out of both att and direct tv…long story..i was swindled..and lied to with two…att people who walked in my house with direct tv..when they came to install…i am a senior..this is senior abuse….tey talked me into att phone..took my boost phone and said if I wanted my phone back in a week..they would bring it back…gave me a number never answered..its been a mess…i want out of both free..and I want my boost number back….released from these two contracts for free

  5. Dear AT&T, PLEASE SELL DIRECTV!!!..Maybe some of the 3,000,000 customers you lost will come back. I have had DIRECTV since 2001, and I don’t want to change.

  6. Wow. Really, I can’t believe people are complaining about an outage. Omg. It was only out for a few hours. Don’t listen to all that streaming BS. Streaming services have a lot more outages, plus a lot of buffering, plus steaming is only good if you have good internet, and they still have outages. And Yes. Its at&t’s fault because they are making satellite changes and it’s no different than rearranging your TVs around that is an outage too. There is more to life than being stuck on tv. Switch providers, go ahead, you’ll be calling back to get directv reinstalled. Trust me I know. I’m a directv installer and they all come back.
    Just Remeber that we are #1 in tv picture quality, get off your tv, n phones, and try bonding with your siblings, when they leave this earth, there no fixing that.

  7. At and Direct TV are horrible. Bill goes higher. Poor customer service and they cant explain why your bill has increased. But they auto withdraw the money from your bank account before they send you your bill

  8. On my lat bill we were charged an extra fee of $69.99 for a pay per view football game that we didn’t watch. They said it was ordered on a remote so they won’t refund it. Has this happened to anyone else?

  9. They charged me $69.99 after I called and told them I didn’t watch football. When I called again, she looked on my acct. and found where I had declined it and it was taken off my bill immediately. Just being nice about a mistake on your bill will get it taken care of. My big complaint is, they keep raising my bill without notice. I told them to put it on my acct. that if they raised it once more, I was cancelling. I am waiting to see what happens this month.

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