Q. I want to see the new HBO show, Watchmen, which is based on the comic book. I loved the comic book! I don’t have HBO. Is there a way to watch Watchmen and get HBO without paying so much money? It’s $15 a month. —  Justin, Corsicana, Texas.

Justin, you are right. HBO is now running a new TV series called Watchmen on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET. The show, which is based on the comic book, tells the story of an alternative universe where superheroes are treated as the bad guys. The nine-episode series, which stars Regina King, Don Johnson and Lou Gossett Jr, among many others, will run until December 15.

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HBO, whether it’s from a cable or satellite provider, or streamed online at HBO Now, does cost $15 a month. So, Justin, is there a cheaper way to get the premium channel so you can get your Watchmen fix?

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Well, the cheapest way is to persuade someone who already has HBO to give you his or her user name and password. Yes, you could watch either the streaming edition of HBO, called HBO Now, or the pay TV version of the premium channel, called HBO Go, with someone’s user name and password.

Here’s how it works.

If a friend with a cable or satellite subscription has HBO, that person can get a user name and password from his pay TV service that also permits him to watch HBO Go, which can be viewed via an app or the HBO web site. And that friendly individual can give you the user name and password so you can watch HBO Go as well.

The same goes for HBO Now, which is the channel’s standalone streaming service.

Instead of paying $15 a month, you could get a HBO Now subscriber to give you her user name and password.

Now, you might be thinking there’s a catch, right?

Well, there is. While HBO has done little to discourage password sharing, some people believe it’s not ethical. After all, you are essentially cheating HBO out of $15 a month by getting it for free.

So, before ringing up that old friend who has HBO, you might want to ponder on that a bit.

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— Phillip Swann