Q. I was thinking of buying a new 4K TV to watch the World Series. But then I thought, hey, is the World Series even in 4K? So is it? — Otto, Chincoteague, Virginia. 

Otto, Fox, which is producing and broadcasting the 2019 World Series, is now offering the American League Championship Series games in 4K. (The 4K broadcasts can be seen via pay TV providers such as DIRECTV, Optimum, Verizon and fuboTV as well as the Fox Sports apps if you have an Apple TV 4K device or Roku 4K-enabled box.)

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However, Fox has not said that the World Series will be in 4K. And considering the Fall Classic begins in just nine days, it’s highly likely that the network would have disclosed that by now if it were. (Fox revealed that the ALCS would be in 4K several weeks before the series began.)

Update: The 2019 World Series is not in 4K.

So if you’re looking to buy a new TV specifically to watch the World Series in 4K, well, that’s not a great idea.

But there are two reasons to buy a 4K TV now:

1. There are baseball and football games now available in 4K!
As noted, the ALCS is in 4K so if you buy a new set today or tomorrow, you can catch the rest of the series in the new picture format.

In addition, DIRECTV, Optimum, Verizon and fuboTV are now offering NFL Thursday Night Football games in 4K. (The 4K games can also be seen on the Fox Sports Go app, again via Apple TV and Roku.) Those four pay TV providers, and Comcast, are also airing some Fox college football games in 4K, and DIRECTV and Comcast are providing select ESPN college games in 4K.

(Note: If you don’t subscribe to one of the pay TV providers, fuboTV, the live streaming service, offers a 7-day free trial, a great opportunity to check out its 4K coverage without paying a dime.)

2. TV makers will likely offer World Series deals.
Some set manufacturers often lower prices shortly before the World Series begins to clear out inventory. The discounts are usually reserved for older model TVs. But you  might find a great deal in the next week at your local electronics store, or an online site such as Amazon.

Otto, hope that helps. Happy viewing!

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— Phillip Swann