Q. I heard about a channel on a TV service that has beautiful, beautiful women jumping around in bikinis. Do you know what this channel is. and what the TV service is? The channel had something do with a candy name, if that helps you. And it’s on the Internet. — Tony, Las Vegas.

Update: Pluto TV removes the Eye Candy Channel.

Tony, it sounds like you are talking about the Eye Candy channel, which is on Pluto TV. Before I tell you more about the ‘candy channel,’ let me explain what is Pluto TV.

Pluto TV is an online service that has roughly 200 channels — and they are all free!

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Even better, Pluto has some of the coolest channels you’ll find on the Net. For instance, there are speciality channels for Baywatch, Mystery Science Theater, Doctor Who, Unsolved Mysteries, The Addams Family, Degrassi High and several other cult shows.

There’s also a slew of news channels such as CBSN, Chedder, MSNBC and CNBC (the content is recent, but not live); a gaggle of sports channels (Stadium, Fox Sports, World Poker Tour, Big Sky Conference, and Glory Kickboxing); and a collection of comedy channels (The Onion, Cracked, FailArmy, Cats 24/7, Stand-Up TV and RiffTrax TV, the sequel to Mystery Science Theater, starring the original cast.)

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There’s even a channel devoted to pot enthusiasts called THC which largely features people sitting around smoking marijuana though every imaginable device. (And some I would guess you couldn’t imagine if you tried.) There’s also a bunch of ‘geek’ channels such as CNET, Nerdist and Hive. (It’s a coincidence that I’m mentioning the two categories in the same sentence.)

But I’ve been saving the best for last, at least as you might think what is best.
And that is…The Eye Candy Channel.

The Eye Candy Channel, which is produced by a company called Kaloopy, based in Southern California (where else?), airs one video after another of a beautiful woman, in various states of undress, dancing, jumping, and sometimes, rolling around the floor or beach in apparent imminent ecstasy.

As you can imagine, it’s a channel that must be seen to be truly appreciated, and I suspect many of Pluto’s male viewers have watched it to the point of great appreciation. For your reference, the Eye Candy Channel is on channel 594 on Pluto

So, Tony, that’s the scoop on Pluto TV, and the Eye Candy channel. Pluto is available at Pluto.TV and via apps on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV (4th generation) and several other devices.

Happy Viewing!

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— Phillip Swann