Q. I thought my Spectrum cable service was supposed to add the ACC Network last week, but it hasn’t. What’s up with that? Why don’t I have it? — Luna, Lebanon, Connecticut. 

Luna, you are right. Charter, which delivers your Spectrum cable TV service, announced last week that it would add the new ACC Network to all Spectrum markets on September 6. But there are two reasons why you, and many others, still don’t have it.

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1. Charter is behind schedule.
While the cable operator has added the ACC Network in most markets, it says the channel now won’t be added until September 10 in some areas, such as Connecticut. Charter has not given a reason for the delay, nor has it informed subscribers that there would be a delay unless they contacted the company’s customer service department. That has triggered considerable confusion among Spectrum subscribers who expected to be able to watch their favorite ACC teams by now.

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2. Charter is playing hardball with former Time Warner Cable subscribers. 
Charter also says that former Time Warner Cable subscribers who have yet to switch to Charter plans will not get the ACC Network in their legacy Time Warner plans. (Charter purchased Time Warner Cable in 2016, but it has allowed some TWC subscribers to keep their old program packages.)

If they want the ACC Network, they will have to call Charter and officially switch to a Charter programming package. Some former Time Warner Cable customers are balking at that, saying the Charter plans are more expensive.

The cable operator has also done an inferior job of communicating reason two, which has caused even more confusion.

Luna, hope that clarifies the situation a bit.

Happy viewing!

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— Phillip Swann