DIRECTV vs. Nexstar: Will Sunday Ticket Be Blacked Out?


Q. We are still without our CBS station here in Raleigh. So it looks like the football games won’t be on for us on DIRECTV. But I have a question. Will the CBS games on the NFL Sunday Ticket be blacked out, too? That would really, really make me mad. — Rami, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Update: The AT&T-Nexstar blackout is over. The two companies have reached a deal. See this article for more information.

Rami, as you note, DIRECTV, U-verse and AT&T TV Now have been without more than 120 Nexstar-owned local stations (including your CBS affiliate in Raleigh) since July 3 due to a fee dispute between the broadcaster and AT&T, which owns the three TV services. The stations include network affiliates for CBS, ABC, Fox and ABC.

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The blackout is making football fans particularly nervous with the NFL regular season scheduled to start on September 5 with Thursday night action between Green Bay and Chicago. (The game will air on NBC. Sunday afternoon games, which begin on September 8, will be on Fox and CBS.)

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We don’t know if the dispute will be settled by the first kickoff next week. But some Nexstar/DIRECTV viewers are saying on social media sites that they might subscribe to DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket so they can still watch their favorite teams regardless of what happens.

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Well, here’s what you need to know about that.

If you subscribe to the Sunday Ticket, you will be able to see almost every CBS and Fox Sunday afternoon game regardless of whether your local Nexstar station is blacked out on DIRECTV.

Yes, almost.

As usual, your local broadcasts of the NFL games will be blacked out on the Sunday Ticket, even if you can’t watch those local broadcasts on DIRECTV.

For example, Rami, let’s say your CBS Nexstar station was airing a game between the Patriots and Jets. Even though you couldn’t watch it on that CBS station because of the fee fight between Nexstar and DIRECTV, you also couldn’t watch it on the Sunday Ticket.

You will be able to watch games that are not being broadcast by your local CBS and Fox stations. For instance, if the Chiefs are playing the Colts, and your CBS station isn’t airing that game, it will be available on the Sunday Ticket.

I know this may sound unfair, but DIRECTV is legally bound by league rules to blackout the local broadcasts regardless of whether those broadcasts can actually be viewed on its service.

Rami, hope that clarifies the situation. Happy viewing!

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— Phillip Swann

20 comments on “DIRECTV vs. Nexstar: Will Sunday Ticket Be Blacked Out?”

  1. You will still be able to watch the local CBS game on the Sunday Ticket Mix channel. Not the best solution, but better than not seeing it at all.

      1. Ditto! This is RIDICULOUS! I’m researching other providers & will switch immediately if Thursday night’s game isn’t aired in Direct TV. NO WAY am I rewarding them for abusing their customers by purchasing NFL Ticket.
        Any idea when we’ll know about Thursday night’s broadcast?

  2. Is there away to get NFL Sunday ticket without a dish? Where I live won’t allow me to have one. It’s an apartment complex. I live in Oneida NY.

    1. I’m spending about 49 bucks for you tube tv so I can get fox and NBC for the NFL games and college. I wish we can use direct tv. I could care less about transmission fees. This crap started when at&t came on the scene.

    2. I’m right behind you! And screw my credit rating I’ll ditch my contract as well since they can’t provide the services I signed up for. I don’t care what they say about contract can change it anytime based on stupidity. I paid more and more for their services over the years they can suck it up hand-painted provide their customers with what they expected to get!

  3. I have been without Internet service in my area for 10 weeks in the list 5 months. About done with AT&T and direc TV now. But it’s AT&T now And we have less channels for more money. I have been a customer for a long time 20+ years, it seems the longer you’ve been with them the worse service you receive. And to not have a contact number for DirecTV now although they are owned by At&t is just absurd. All a gimmick.

  4. We have been without Wavy 10 since 4 July, yet we still pay our bill on time. What can be done? Can all the customers in Tidewater sue Nexstar and AT&T to fix their issues

  5. What about ABC NCAA football games? Alabama vs Duke and Auburn vs Oregon this weekend. Very bummed out! Can anything be done?

  6. I found you can watch it on the online web viewer for your local affiliates like NBC. I’m not sure about CBS or ABC and fox but if you have a current subscription to cable provider you can log in with those credentials, such as DirecTV and still watch the game. NBC is blocked out for us currently and I am beginning to get nervous as well butts I went to and was able to watch the game at its regular broadcast time.

  7. I have been on the phone with DirecTV, about this for over a month now. Just the other day I was told that they have a LCC (local channel connector). They said they would send me one and then I could watch any on Fox (nexstar) by just hooking it up to my receiver.

    I am skeptical about it for one whether it’s legal and second it’s been 2 weeks since it was supposedly sent and I still haven’t received it

  8. All the money AT&T makes. Now they black out local channels. It’s ridiculous and uncalled for. Get it straight AT&T stop being so cheap. Start thinking about your customers who help keep you in business.

  9. This is a bunch of bull crap you are basically taking away all the Packers game that we can’t watch and some of the Badgers games. I’m so mad at nexstar this is ridiculously enough get it over with please

  10. I called last week and I was told that it would be back on by the end of the month. Seeing is believing. They asked for my email address and said they would contact me once it is back. They said that way I would not have to make another phone call. I think they just wanted to tell me anything to pacify me and not bother them anymore. If it is not on by end of month I am done. It’s all about the all mighty dollar. I do agree that everyone should leave AT&T. This is ridiculous.

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