Q. I’ve been without my CBS station in Albuquerque since July and I can’t understand why it’s still off. I know there’s some fight with DIRECTV and the owner, but are they close to ending it? Please help. — Alfred, Albuquerque.

Update: The blackout is over. AT&T, which owns DIRECTV, has reached a new carriage agreement with Nexstar. Click here for more information.

Alfred, DIRECTV, U-verse and AT&T TV Now have been without more than 120 Nexstar-owned local stations (including your CBS affiliate in Albuquerque) since July 3 due to a fee dispute between the broadcaster and AT&T, which owns the three TV services. The stations include network affiliates for CBS, ABC, Fox and ABC.

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AT&T and Nexstar have been relatively quiet in the last few weeks, choosing to avoid the usual name-calling in a protracted programming dispute. That’s a good sign. But other than that, there is no indication from the two companies that they are close to ending the blackout.

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However, the calendar may be telling us something.

The National Football League season is scheduled to begin September 8 (a week from this Sunday) so that means that next week would be a logical time for negotiations to intensify. (The games air on NBC, CBS and Fox.) Both AT&T and Nexstar stand to lose if the games begin and a large number of viewers can’t watch from home.

That doesn’t mean a deal will be reached next week, but there’s a much better chance than this week which leads up to Labor Day weekend when fewer people watch TV.

So, Alfred, sit tight. We might get some good news next week.

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— Phillip Swann