Q. I have Charter Spectrum cable and I read that I was going to get the ACC Network. So last night, I turned it on and what do I see? Nothing! Nothing at all. What the hell?! Why wasn’t it on? — Tulo, Los Angeles.

Tulo, you are not alone. A large number of Charter/Spectrum cable subscribers have posted angry messages on social media sites since the ACC Network launched last night at 7 p.m. ET. They say they can’t find the channel anywhere in their lineups although the cable operator and ESPN, which owns the ACC Network, said last week that it would be on Charter.

So, what happened?

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Two things.

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One, Charter is saying now that the channel is only available in ‘ACC markets,’ presumably areas where (or near) ACC colleges are located. Markets outside the ACC, such as Los Angeles, will not get the channel until next month.

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“The ACC Network has been launched today on Spectrum services in some areas but not all. In areas where it is not available today it will be available 9/6,” the cable operator tweeted last night.

There may be logistical or marketing reasons for the delay, but Charter has not offered a fuller explanation. In addition, neither Charter nor ESPN told Charter’s customers prior to the launch that non-ACC markets wouldn’t get the ACC Network until September 6. That has left a lot of customers quite confused and angry.

Second, Charter also says that former Time Warner Cable subscribers who have yet to switch to Charter plans will not get the ACC Network in their legacy Time Warner plans. (Charter purchased Time Warner Cable in 2016, but it has allowed some TWC subscribers to keep their old program packages.)

If they want the ACC Network, they will have to call Charter and officially switch to a Charter programming package. (Of course, that’s if they are in an ACC market. If they are not, they would have to wait until September 6 even if they switched to Charter.) It’s unclear how many Charter subscribers are still on TWC plans, but it appears to be enough to generate a lot more angry posts on social media.

Bottom line: This is a mess that could have been prevented with some better communication from Charter, and perhaps ESPN.

Final note: Numerous DIRECTV subscribers have also reported having trouble watching the ACC Network. They say their screens indicate that they have to order the channel by calling DIRECTV. However, when they call, DIRECTV turns on the channel without an additional purchase.

Other subscribers who live in non-ACC markets say DIRECTV customer service reps are telling them they need to order an additional package of sports channels to get the ACC Network.

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— Phillip Swann