Q. I’ve been looking for DIRECTV Now on the Internet this morning and I can’t find it. Do you know what happened to it? There’s just stuff about AT&T, which I hate! — Cheryl, Cincinnati. 

Cheryl, don’t worry. The DIRECTV Now live streaming service still exists, but it has a new name: AT&T TV Now.

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AT&T announced a few weeks ago that it would change the DIRECTV Now name to AT&T TV Now. And this morning, it made it official. (Sorry if you hate AT&T, but they do own the live streaming service and can do anything they want with it.)

Everything else is the same. Just like DIRECTV Now, AT&T TV Now still has two base packages for new customers: $50 a month and $70 a month. And it still has the old plans (“Live a Little,” “Go Big” etc.) for customers who subscribed prior to the pricing and packaging changes it introduced earlier this year.

So why did AT&T change the DIRECTV Now name?

Since it purchased DIRECTV’s satellite TV service in 2015, AT&T has hinted that it wanted to put all of its TV services under the AT&T banner. (In addition to DIRECTV, the satcaster, and the newly-named AT&T TV Now, AT&T owns the U-verse TV service.)

The company believes that AT&T is more powerful than the DIRECTV brand name, which certainly is arguable considering DIRECTV accumulated more than 20 million subscribers over 25 years.

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But that’s what AT&T believes. So, today, DIRECTV Now is no more.

Now the question is whether AT&T will change the name of DIRECTV itself.

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— Phillip Swann