DIRECTV: Will AT&T Change the Name?


Q. I’ve been a subscriber of DIRECTV for over 10 years and I read that AT&T is changing its name to AT&T TV or something like that. It’s just a name, but it bugs me because I absolutely hate AT&T. Is it true that DIRECTV won’t be DIRECTV anymore? — Cleve, Sarasota, Florida. 

Cleve, I feel your pain. Since AT&T purchased DIRECTV four years ago, the satcaster has lost roughly two million subscribers, and many tell me in e-mails and other communications that it’s because of AT&T. They say the company’s customer service has dramatically declined, and that AT&T doesn’t seem to understand why people subscribe to a TV service in the first place.

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Now, to your question, AT&T has publicly flirted with the idea of changing the DIRECTV brand name to AT&T for a few years. And recently, the telco announced that it’s changing the name of its live streaming service, DIRECTV Now, to AT&T TV Now. The switch is expected in the coming weeks.

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But what about DIRECTV, the satellite service? Will it also be renamed to AT&T?

It’s quite possible. In fact, DIRECTV’s Twitter customer service account yesterday hinted that a name change could be coming soon.

“We’re moving soon!” the @DIRECTVService account tweeted. “We’ll update you with a new support account when the time comes.”

There would seem to be little reason why @DIRECTVService would need a new Twitter handle unless a name change was in the offering. But we’ll see, and if there’s a name change, we’ll report back here.

Update on August 16: @DirectvService has been changed to @attcares – no word on whether this portends a name change for the entire service.

Until then….

Happy Viewing!

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— Phillip Swann


10 comments on “DIRECTV: Will AT&T Change the Name?”

  1. When do we get our local channels back? We’ve been without ABC & NBC for 2 months now. This is very frustrating and it seems nothing is being done. Terrible customer service, especially for the price we pay monthly. 4 calls to Direct TV and 3 orders for antenna (separate times). Each time they take info and say previous order has shipped. Not true! We got no email with order number (as they said we would get) and no antenna. If we could switch to cable, we would, but it’s not available in our area. This is ridiculous. Nexstar and Direct TV need to at least give us updates. Are they even negotiating or just leaving us hanging? Terrible way to treat customers.

  2. Latest Problem with AT&T is they LOVE their name, AT&T
    Everything they own is – NAMED – AT&T.
    AT&T Landlines, AT&T CELL Phones, AT&T U-Verse,-TV, AT&T-U-verse Internet,
    When you get your bill they ALL show AT&T in the Return window and maybe inside you might find which Division it is from in Extremely small print.

    Takes time to figure which bill goes with which service.
    They also LOVE to BUNDLE. That way they really get you confused.
    DON’T EVER Bundle !!!!

    How much are you paying for WHAT. Then try (In a Foreign Language to UN-Bundle)

    I got the shaft and paid my land line bill thinking it was my DirecTV bill.
    That got cut off for NON payment. Took 2 weeks to get the TV turned back on,
    (MANY Transfers, to Call Centers all over who knows where)
    Then they CHARGED me a RE-Connection FEE of $25.00 plus a service FEE of $10.00

    AT&T needs to RE-Name their Bills and Services.


    Print these Names on RETURN envelope Window and in LARGE Print on TOP of BILL


  3. What if… and hear me out… what if AT&T stopped selling new Satellite subscriptions, and only did new and reconnects as the AT&T TV Streaming product. Let the Satellite customers churn off onto the streaming product, and let the high costs associated with legacy Satellite slowly shrink. AT&T needs to start the process of slowly taking customers off Satellite and onto streaming TV in locations where they know the customer can access it, then sell off whatever remaining Satellite business there is to Dish, or another entity, and let them deal with the high-cost (mostly rural) customers who can only access a product via satellite.

  4. A few flaws in that.

    1st the “Streaming Product” COST MORE if you take more that one streaming service. to get the channels you want.
    2nd the Picture quality can vary depending on the Internet.service
    3rd NO DVR and HOME sharing feature.
    4th LOTS of Satellite Customers in the CITY, not just in the Sticks.
    5th DirecTV Satellite service was the BEST before AT&T took over.
    Maybe get them to sell it BACK to DirecTV and get OUT of the TV Business
    Cable is NOT such a good deal either.
    6th They could LOWER the cost if they did NOT ROB you for the Boxes that were paid OFF in your 1st year as a customer.
    7th STOP charging for HD service
    8th Get the government to put a CAP on what PROVIDER steel from customers with their INSANE RATES.
    They ROB you with the HIGH RATES them make you watch commercials most people don’t want. They should ONLY be allowed one or the other. NOT BOTH
    9th KILL ALL Off Shore Customer Service. ONLY have it in the USA

  5. Where do I need to start I feel the same as most frustrated I have been with Direct TV for 20+ years When AT&T took over it went to crap I have a lake cabin that I have also with my home device Recently I had a cable cut accidentally Called they sent a technician out from Denison Texas and fixed it Both my places are in Oklahoma Turned on the next day I have Texas local channels ? I spent over 24 hours off and on and 2 technicians and a supervisor that finally got it fixed after 9 weeks Fed Up AT&T need to get out of this All the phone calls are overseas They don’t understand and you can’t understand them Just Saying Thanks for letting me Vent Jackie Cantrell Tuttle Ok & Kingston Ok 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. You said it quite well.
      Wish Trump and the FCC and his DE-Regulation GANG would do something.
      But that is just wishful thinking with TRUMP !

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