DIRECTV vs. Nexstar: Can You Get a Refund?


Q. I am so damn mad about not having my local CBS station! Is there anything I can do? Can I get a refund from DIRECTV? They are not giving me all my channels! Channels that I paid for! — Gina, Lafayette, Louisiana. 

Gina, as you note, on July 3, DIRECTV lost more than 120 local stations (including your local CBS affiliate, KLFY-TV) due to a carriage dispute between their owner, Nexstar, and AT&T, which owns DIRECTV. The stations include network affiliates for CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and the CW. (The blackout also affects the AT&T-owned DIRECTV Now and U-verse.)

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The fee fight has left viewers across the nation irate, and demanding satisfaction. While there’s no indication that the blackout will end anytime soon, there at least might be a way to get some of your money back.

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AT&T says it will offer a “temporary” price adjustment for DIRECTV AND U-verse subscribers who are missing their local channels.

“You may qualify for a temporary adjustment in pricing as we continue to fight on your behalf to deliver the content you want at a value that also makes sense to you. Use these links to sign in and check for any personalized offers,” AT&T says at its web site.

How much is the refund? And who exactly ‘qualifies’ for it?

AT&T does not offer further details, but DIRECTV subscribers have posted messages on social media sites saying that they have received $10 credits. That may not seem like a lot, but $10 is better than nothing. Right?

Gina, hope that helps. Happy viewing!

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— Phillip Swann

13 comments on “DIRECTV vs. Nexstar: Can You Get a Refund?”

  1. I decided since Directv does not want to carry my local channels, I no longer need to do business with them. I’m pulling the plug. My antenna works just fine and the programming is free.

  2. They did give me a $ 10 discount on my bill. Also they give me a antenna to get my local channels. I hooked it up myself it was easy to do. Dont like it hanging on my wall and the wires.But I get Ksn get to watch my shows. The antenna was freeand it was here in one day.

  3. Direct TV waived the disconnect fee month before my sign up day, by my pointing out the contract I signed was for the complete Network line up. IMy point was that the contract was void since they changed the available viewing. Then I saved almost $40 by switching to Hulu live. So far the change has been good.

  4. I live in Spartanburg SC and our local CBS station is owned by Nexstar. I am sooo pissed off about not having CBS. Only reason I have not switched to DishNetwork is because there isn’t anything worth watching in evenings. BUT if not resolved by Labor Day weekend I will be saying goodbye to AT&T/DirecTV. Please keep us updated because Nexstar and DirecTV sure aren’t.😡😡😡

  5. If this issue isn’t resolved by September when the new season starts I too am going to Hulu. The only reason I haven’t is because I have recordings I want to watch before I disconnect and it’s summer,(reruns). Please keep us advised. I am in North Myrtle Beach SC. They will give you a credit, you just need to call! Paying $169 a month you should not have to deal with this! Ridiculous!

  6. Dropping at&t, DTV, just as soon as MLB ends. Not only did we lose cbs, but entire programming sucks. Movies are constantly repeated, refuse to get ppv, for same reason. We carry Choice pkg and MLB. Out if that we watch 10 channels. Better Viewing from Netflix and prime video. We also subscribed to CBS app for 2.99 mth. Throwing DTV in garbage where it belongs!

  7. We began a commitment to DTV the last part of June. On July4 we have no CBS. We demanded our station back by calling the provided contact number numerous times.
    We were delighted to get up Sunday and have our Wanetv back. But half way thru Y&R our screen went black again on Mon. Aug. 13.
    Your greed and ruthlessness is astounding! You must have espoused trump’s business models! I am throughly enraged at your cruel, ruthless practices. We made an enormous mistake engaging with AT&T and DIRECTV! So once again I DEMAND OUR CHANNEL 15 be restored!!!

  8. From what I see you guys are blaiming at&t and directv for loosing the channels. It was CBS who pulled the channels off their line up. CBS wanted a whole lot more money from att to show their programming. They were looking out for us customers. If they payed CBS what they wanted than out bills would go up. They were trying to prevent that. Like some of you said. With an antenna CBS would be free. CBS does not seem to understand that. I did call CBS and they said they pulled the stations off the air. Yes I too missed my programming but I also know AT&T was also trying to save me money by not raising my rates. I did complain and got the $10 one time credit.

  9. I have all my channels back and then some. Directv sent me a free OTA antenna that I connected to the receiver. I now have CBS, nbc, the cw, but so much more.

  10. When we had Dish they were having a dispute with our local stations, they shipped us an antenna overnight. Maybe Direct Tv should do the same thing.

  11. I complained about 6 weeks ago – talked to a rep in the Philippines – she said I couldn’t get any credit and said she would send an antenna. I didn’t get either, so I had to purchase my own. It has been very exasperating since AT&t took over Directv. I am a long time customer wishing there was a less expensive alternative to get some of the shows my wife & I like.

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