DIRECTV: Why Your CBS Station Is Still Blacked Out


Q. I don’t understand why my CBS local station hasn’t come back on DIRECTV. I read that DIRECTV and CBS signed a new agreement. So why isn’t my CBS back on? — Robert, Fresno, California. 

Robert, DIRECTV and CBS last week did sign a new carriage agreement, but it only covers local stations owned by CBS. These are in 17 markets, which does not include Fresno.

Your local CBS station in Fresno, KGPE-TV, is owned by Nexstar, which is still fighting with DIRECTV (and its owner, AT&T) over how much money it should get for its signals. The two sides have been unable to reach a new agreement since the old one expired on July 3.

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Since then, DIRECTV has been without more than 120 Nexstar-owned local stations, including ones affiliated with ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.

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If you’re not familiar with how network affiliation works, this is probably a bit confusing to you. So let me explain.

The overwhelming majority of local network stations are not actually owned by the network. Independent companies, such as Nexstar, purchase local stations and then sign affiliation deals with the networks, which allows them to air their primetime, news and sports programming. The local stations fill the rest of the day’s lineup with their own programming, most of it locally produced.

The network affiliation arrangement is a good deal for the local stations, and the networks, but it requires pay TV providers to secure carriage agreements with several different owners of local programming. This is why a cable or satellite service may be without local stations in certain markets; they’ve been unable to come to terms with every local station owner.

Robert, I hope that helps. We will continue to monitor the DIRECTV-Nexstar fee fight and will report back here if the blackout ends.

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— Phillip Swann

43 comments on “DIRECTV: Why Your CBS Station Is Still Blacked Out”

  1. We have been without our local channels since July 4th. I am very frustrated and discussed with nextstar and DirecTV. We pay an extremely high monthly rate to have DirecTV and can’t watch our local channels. I have called and complained and nothing is being done to do a price adjustment on our bill. We are in the process of finding a new TV subscriber to change to and make sure we have our local channels. We have been customers of DirecTV for over 16 years. Such a shame these two companies can’t get it together!!!!

    1. I’ve been going through the same direct tv sent me a antenna it worked for a bit then the past 2 wks no ch10 ABC again 90% of my shows are on ABC . with direct tv 16 yrs also now leaving it. They don’t care. Personally I think they’re going to be claiming bankruptcy.

      1. Be careful when you send the receivers back to directv. Keep all your shipping receipts and tracking info. I fought with them for 3 months about equipment I sent back and I had all the proof.

  2. Well we are the people that are not getting updates on what is going on. All I get is that same annorying message. When I tune into channel17 If direct is not getting CBS back just let your customers know this. So we all can decide on what we should do. Many have already left att and directtv.

  3. DirecTV and Nexstar need to learn how to play nice and quit acting like children. Agree to terms and quit holding the subscribers as hostages. We are too far from the broadcast antennas, so we can not get the signal “over the air”. Not many options for us.

  4. Exactly we are paying for a service we are not receiving hopefully some high powered attorneys willl take them on for us little people that don’t matter to the big companies ..

  5. How do we contact Nexstar to protest this ASSININE “FEUD”? Nexstar in Albuquerque NM controls our content. As a senior in a Good Samaritan apt. bldg with no choice of carriers & on a limited budget I’m caught between a rock & a hard place!! LITERALLY!!! Obviously these companies care only about their bottom line & NOT their customers!!! I’m missing MANY of my favorite current programs & reruns, & TV is the ONLY entertainment I can afford!! Can’t the FFC step in? PLEASE HELP!!!!

  6. As soon as our contract is up I’m dumping DirectTV. I signed a contract with them against my better judgement because AT&T was not available in my area.

    Since they are not producing what I originally signed up for I consider that a breach of contract. I’ll hang in until our contract is up then goodbye DirectTV.

  7. When is NBC going to be back up in running in Tampa,FL it has been six weeks and I’m missing out on some special shoes.

  8. I agree with every body’s comments. I also have been a long time customer of directv. They need to compensate for the lost channels. I have called several times and they just passify me by saying it will end soon. Come on, it’s been over 2 – 3 months. I too am seeking another alternative!! Thanks for nothing directv/AT&T. You’re going to lose more money by losing customers!!

  9. DirecTv will send you an antenna which should give you access to the interrupted channels until they are up and running in your area. They are free and do not have to be returned

    1. I received my antenna today and still can’t see CBS, they told me the signal is to weak.. just makes no sense to me

  10. In the end directv, CBS and nexstar will all the money they want, always do!!! The customers will take the bite, again. With no compensationn for the time we still paid and received nothing. Just as well be dealing with the mob…… Oh wait!!!!!!

    1. You can call direct tv and talk to someone in the Loyalty department and they will send you an antenna free. I got one but mine doesnt work signal not strong enough.

  11. Here in texarkana, tx too, still havent got nbc. why are we having to deal with this? All this streaming stuff you have to have the internet and pay for using your data while still paying direct TV for the channel!!!! Really screwing us!!!!

  12. Hi thank you for your response about this, I am in Las Vegas my CBS has been off for over 3 months, it seems❗️
    I am annoyed and angry enough about this carrier or who ever it is that is this selfish!! I am looking into leaving Direct TV AT&T for someone that doesn’t deal with NexStar!!! I have called Direct TV several times inquiring and complaining.
    I spoke with a supervisor demanded answers and asked them to note, that i was “canceling” my service if CBS was not restored. He “lied” to me and told me that CBS would be back on that next day. Credited my account $10…… I am done ✅

  13. Direct tv will lose customers if the blackout doesn’t be up and running very soon cause it’s football season plus the stories that people loves to watch..

  14. I live in East Texas. We have not lost CBS, but we have lost NBC. Any word on this? I am disgusted and thinking of switching to Dish network.

  15. I live in Las Vegas NV I have been with the DirecTV for over 20 years this is ridiculous if I can’t get CBS in the next two weeks then i will switch over to cable.

  16. So, in other words, it’s all about corporate greed and has absolutely NOTHING to do with living up to DirecTV’s promise to deliver local area TV stations’ programming, right? A clear breach of contract! NOT what we as subscribers signed up for. Until this issue is resolved, I will be remitting a portion of my monthly fee. I will keep
    AT&T / DIRECTV abreast of any developments.

  17. Awesome bought a 29.00 dollar thing at Best Buy get a lot of stations Free. All locals free. Keep going cable and work yourself out of a job. Like Ma Bell did with the home phone.

  18. Bought 29 dollar device and now for free a lot of stations including all local channels
    Keep it up and loose all your business.

  19. Give all your customers a refund for services not provided in our contracts. Why should we pay for
    Something we are not getting

  20. CBS is still not on in Las Vegas 3 days after a DTV Supervisor Lied to me and said it would be restored the next day. Very unsatisfactory experience as an avid consumer!

  21. Blackout Sunday Nov. 17, 2019, for Patriots game! Would be happy to join a class action suit against Direct TV. New to this service. Big mistake. Didn’t realize 2 day “buyer’s remorse” clause. Who knows after 2 days if they want to cancel?! So we seem to be stuck for 2 years or pay $480 to get out of contract. SCAM!!!! We were told we’d save money. They didn’t really lie to us; they omitted a lot of information! We should have asked more questions and done more research. Felt rushed into the deal! Really pissed off!! One of our worst decisions ever. Buyer beware! Read the fine print!

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