Hulu Adds 4K Titles On Two Devices

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Good news. Hulu has taken a small step into the 21st Century by adding some 4K titles to its lineup.

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The bad news, however, is that the 4K offering only includes Hulu original programs such as The Handmaid’s Tale and Catch-22. And Hulu’s 4K feature is only available on Apple TV streaming devices (5th generation or later) and the Chromecast Ultra.

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Still, Hulu’s decision to resume 4K programming is a good sign for fans of the new picture format. In 2016, the streaming service introduced a smattering of 4K titles on the Xbox One S and PlayStation Pro. However, it never expanded 4K capability beyond those two devices, and in 2018, without explanation, it stopped offering 4K on them as well.

Hulu’s top streaming rivals, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, have offered 4K programming on most devices for several years.

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If you own an Apple TV or Chromecast Ultra, take note that Hulu says the minimum bitrate required to watch its original programming in 4K is 16 Mbps. (In contrast, Hulu says 6 Mbps is needed to watch programming in high-definition.)

— Phillip Swann

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